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Owen's Losing His Mind Again On Grey's Anatomy, Finally

Owen_hunt Thank God Owen is going crazy again. A major shortcoming of this season has been Owen's spontaneous and miraculous mental health. But now he's having flashbacks and behaving irrationally again and, really, is there any better recipe for drama than a surgeon losing his grip on reality? Doubt it. I look forward to Owen's spiral into the abyss, having faith that Yang's love will save him. It would save me.

Owen narrated this week too, which was pretty cool, because it called the veracity of the entire show into question. How much can we trust the ramblings of a surgeon on the edge? What if this whole season of Grey's Anatomy was merely the disjointed visions of Owen Hunt from inside some prison camp in Iraq? That would blow your mind. And George would be alive and the Chief would still be the Chief. The season would end with Shepherd and Sloan tearing through Iraq with no shirts and AK-47s, blowing up the camp, and saving Owen with a fistful of Zoloft and talk therapy.

I can't believe I don't write for this show. Shoot me an email, Shonda Rhimes.

TheGrimReaper So anyway, "Dying isn't easy". That's how Owen kicked things off. To tell you the truth, I've never heard anyone make the argument that dying IS easy, but this is Owen we're talking about. He can't tell the difference between a helicopter propeller and a ceiling fan. So let's take it easy on him.

The show's focus revolved around Kim, a young lady with lung cancer who wanted to die. She only had 6 painful months left to live so she asked Teddy to help her perform a physician assisted suicide. It was the formal process of Teddy intending to help a patient die that tore open the fabric of Owen's reality and the past came rushing in.

So then we're in this swirling collage of Kim and her husband making difficult decisions about how she should kill herself in the hospital and Owen clamping down on his buddy's neck in Iraq so he doesn't bleed out. Owen's arguing with his buddy back in Iraq to wait for help to come AND Kim, in the present, about how she should never give up because they might cure cancer tomorrow. His buddy's all sputtery, telling him to tell his wife stuff, telling him to let go of his neck, that it'll be okay. And Kim tells him "There's this thing that happens when death stops being scary. What starts being scary is hope."

It was some pretty tough drama. Owen lets go of his buddy's neck and his carotid sprays everywhere. Then you hear Owen's voice say "Living is better than dying. Until it's not." as Kim swallows a handful of barbiturates. Can you even imagine? That scene really fucked me up. I bet I watched it 10 times. Her husband drops the pills in her hand and she doesn't even hesitate. She just gobbles them up, hungry for death. Grey's Anatomy'll make you cry.

There was also these 3 guys who got hurt skiing off a helicopter. It could've been a really interesting exploration of the way people toy with death but the writers dropped the ball by making all 3 of them privately scared. Lame.

And then - guess what - Derek and Meredith are fighting. Yawwwwwwn. Callie told Arizona she wanted a baby and quite possibly killed their relationship. But then, in the end, there's of course only one antidote for all this death. And that's a good sweaty round of doing it. Sloan and Teddy stop talking and finally get down to business. Sex trumps death. Life lives on.

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Good Episode, although I hated that they killed off "Darlene." This on again/off again thing with the show is driving me crazy!!


I was so mad at Owen for not talking to Christina - he definitely needs to deal with some of this PTSD stuff! (I'm surprised his co-workers aren't more on the ball about noticing his symptoms!)


Geoooorge! I wish he was alive again.

I thought it was a weird thing that Arizona just assumed Callie didn't want kids either. She is usually so sensitive and smart. Perhaps Callie will heal her and show her that together they can be strong and brave while worrying about their children.



I think this season is really, really boring.

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