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The MamaPop Biggest Loser Challenge: Week 8


It's Monday. This post was supposed to go up Friday but I was probably running up a mountain or doing one-handed push-ups or falling asleep in a chair. Anyway, the standings haven't changed. Me and Miss Banshee turned in a pair of 0s to keep me 1 pound in front of her: 24 to 23. And TwoBusy shed another pound to creep a little closer like a sneaky tortoise: 17 total. Jennie lost 3 pounds for a total of 15 pounds. "LOST THE BABY WEIGHT, BITCHES. Only took a year and some change."

Jennie lost 3 pounds for a total of 15 pounds. "LOST THE BABY WEIGHT, BITCHES. Only took a year and some change."

This made me happy and I'm glad Jennie's our biggest loser on the week she lost her baby weight. Nice work, Jennie!

Amber lost 2.5 pounds for a total of 15.5 pounds. "I've been SO bad about 'working out' but good at tricking myself into exercise. 'Oops, I forgot to get a lemon for that baba ganouj I'm making - better walk to the store!' And the store is a mile away, so that ends up being a good brisk 30 minutes of cardio. I must emphasize, however, that this is all totally on accident, the trickery. I'm just really bad with remembering to put everything on my list, but my ass if better off for it.

Amalah lost 2 pounds for a total of 6 pounds. "Four more pounds to go. There is not a stitch of junk food in this house, unless you count gummy vitamins."

Palinode lost 1 pound for a total of 9 pounds. "As per the last couple of weeks, I've been enjoying a strict regimen of working long hours and feeling too anxious to enjoy putting food in my mouth."

Kurt lost 1 pound for a total of 8 pounds. "I don't know how I lost a pound. It's pretty much a Jesus miracle, except instead of turning water into wine, I turned 'eating bologna sandwiches' into 'lost one pound'."

Sarah lost 1 pound for a total of 5.5 pounds. I think.

TwoBusy lost 1 pound for a total of 17 pounds. "I only ran twice this week. My treadmill's in my basement, which we're in the process of partially refinishing. Which means I can't run without inhaling a day's worth of sawdust and basement goo fumes. Also, the sun got in my eyes and the dog ate my homework. And I was distracted by COKE KITTY."

Jodi lost 1 pound for a total of 6 pounds. "4 pounds to goal. Which, in my opinion, are the hardest pounds to lose. I signed up for this weight loss challenge at work and they tested BMI and body fat analysis and waist to hip ratio and a bunch of stuff I've never done before, or not since I was much heavier. Everything was normal, so I was really happy about that."

Miss Banshee lost 0 for a total of 23 pounds. "I have PMS and I'm as bloated as a Macy's T-giving day balloon. I am NOT TALKING ABOUT IT ANY FURTHER."

BHJ lost 0 for a total of 24 pounds. When you run 43 miles in a week and eat like a Buddhist monk, it's depressing to cash in a goose egg. However, this week I'm doing what all the experts tell you and dwelling on how I LOOK and FEEL as opposed to fretting about numbers. So, even though I didn't lose any weight this week, I did have an opportunity to be shirtless and not feel terrible, which, you know, is a pretty big deal. I had to get an ultrasound of my kidneys (to locate my issues somewhere between dehydration and cancer. Don't ask; I haven't heard.) So it turned out that my radiologist was this smoking hot little Asian woman and, even though I viewed her primarily as a professional, I did detect some subversive versions of her that hovered around viewing her as a sex object. But being a radical feminist, I of course engaged in rigorous battle with these thoughts and, regretfully, lost. She had such a sweet ass. So my point is: she said "Do you need a gown or are you cool with taking off your shirt." and, with my new body minus 24 pounds, I was, strangely - it was really weird - COOL with taking off my shirt so I said "I can just take off my shirt, baby", except I didn't say "baby". I'm ready for the beach.

Out-Numbered lost 0 for a total weight loss of 5 pounds. "OK, so I have hit a wall. I lost 35 pounds about 3 years ago and I know what it takes to do this. I've maintained my goal weight since then. The truth is, I don't really need to lose much more, if any. BUT I was really careful this week with my intake and I've worked out hard without missing a day. I know my body (So fucking sexy btw) and I should have lost about 2 lbs. The thing is, I've really ramped up my weight lifting. I've been doing heavier weight and also supplementing breakfast with a light protein shake on days I lift. I honestly think I'm gaining muscle weight at this point because my hot jeans ($200 Diesel) still fit perfectly (fine hot ass)."

Sweatpants Mom lost 0 for a total weight loss of 9 pounds. SPM had a rough week. She gets a pass. Like a Golden Ticket.

Karen gained a pound this week for a total weight loss of 5 pounds. Karen had a rough week too and she gained a pound of loving support from all of us here at MamaPop.

Mayopie gained 3 pounds for a total weight loss of 6 pounds. "I think my body has adjusted to the diet and is now storing pizza crust to sustain me. I was thinking about exercising, but that did nothing, no matter how hard I thought about it. I'll be upping my mental reps this week. As it turns out, starving yourself during the day and binging at night works for a couple of weeks, then your body hates you. I'm as shocked as anyone that it didn't work for the long haul. So I'm going to actually try exercising. Maybe drinking some water or something. Does water have high fructose corn syrup in it?  I hope so. It's a sad day, indeed.

Motherbumper is on vacation. Jurgen Nation asked for a bye week. And Schmutzie is one of the sweetest people I've ever met.

So that's another collective 8.5 pound lost for the week. The losses are smaller, but we continue to lose. The MamaPop Blubber number is going through some revisions due to some player shuffling and I'll post our progress on Friday for week 9.

. . . . .
BHJ looks at himself in the mirror and Jenna rolls her eyes.

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Karen Sugarpants

picking up the Shred again today, dammit.

thanks crew.


I blame you bastards for my choice to go on this strictly natural/organic kick. I'm also eating lower calories, meat once a day or less, and bread once a day or less. I have cut out all fake or processed foods and that includes Coca-Cola and the withdrawal is KILLING me. Unsweetened green tea just ain't the same. Even three cups.


Have actually lost four pounds this week and that is the first time I have actually lost anything in over a year. Ecstatic! But a little bummed as we are starting a Biggest Loser today at work. I really want to be able to count this four pounds darnit!

Snarky Amber

I lost another .5 between Thursday and Saturday for a total of 3 pounds lost for the week and a grand total of 53 since September 5th. This Red Wine Diet is really working.

Suzy Q

Congrats, Amber! This red wine diet...I need to know more.

(I'm still only down 6 lbs)

Snarky Amber

@SuzyQ. You just replace your normal dinner with one bottle of old vine zinfandel. Watch the pounds melt away! ;)


Snarky Amber - there's something to your Red Wine Diet. For reals! :~P


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