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The MamaPop Biggest Loser Challenge: Week 9

The_biggest_loser We are 9 weeks into the cult of weight loss and I'm still in the lead so I declare myself the Charlie Manson of weight loss. I've down 29. Miss Banshee's down 27 and TwoBusy is minus 20 pounds. The story of the week, though, is THE PALINODE, who hit his goal. Right on, Palinode! You're an asset to the compound.

Manson"Weight loss is not primarily, an issue of your body, dig? It's in your mind, man. Your mind. Getting your body right. It starts in your MIND."


BHJ lost 5 pounds for a total of 29 pounds. I'm 1 pound away from my goal and I want you to know that joining a cult is a first step toward a better you.

Miss Banshee lost 4 pounds for a total of 27 pounds. "I think my stomach is shrinking. Or I'm over the hunger pangs. Or the crack cocaine in Monster LoCarb energy drinks is doing something to me. All I know is that people are starting to tell me that they can "see I'm skinnier" to which I say, after 27 pounds, you BETTER be able to see something. Jeebus, what am I doing this for if people can't see that I'm getting thinner? Self-pride? Fuck that shit."

TwoBusy lost 3 pounds for a total of 20 pounds."The pain and deprivation thing seemed to be working pretty well for me this week - like Ms. Purple, in the cloakroom, with the candlestick, I bumped my run up to 2.5 miles last weekend for the first time in... god, five years? wow. - and then, last night, my treadmill died. All I can say is: static electricity is not my friend. As a result of a variety of factors, we're not going to be able to get it serviced for at least 3 weeks, so going forward... I'm basically screwed. Awesome."

Aidan lost 2 pounds for a total loss of 10 pounds. "I wish I could say this was the result of exercise, but it's actually two things that did it:  1) nail-biting, appetite-reducing job stress; 2) reducing my drinking to once per week.  Also, the act of simply monitoring my weight helped to keep my goal in mind. I don't think I've dropped below 145 in over ten years."

Jurgen Nation lost 2 pounds for a total of 2 pounds. "WHEEEEEEE!  I wish I could say it was something positive, but I just started personal training again last night and that's too quick for any sort of loss.  It's the diet pills."

Mayopie lost 2 pounds for a total of 8 pounds. "I went against my better judgment and tried a little exercising. So not fun, but I felt okay. Probably going to do that some more. Even thinking about lifting some stuff, maybe drink some water. Dare to dream."

Out-Numbered lost 1 pound for a total of 6 pounds. "It's getting tougher to lose the weight because I've been eating a ton more protein. But my arms are starting to resemble cinder blocks. At worst, I will stay at this weight but be able to crush human skulls with my bare hands. I'm not sure what to do..."

Amalah lost 1 pound for a total of 7 pounds. "I have no idea how that happened. I was expecting a gain after a couple ridiculous food splurges and entirely too much alcohol. I...uh, did some squats and jogged that one time when my kid took off down the street? Honestly, I call shenanigans on this entire operation."

Jennie lost 1 pound for a total of 16 pounds. "I went away this weekend and really let myself eat whatever I wanted, but then came back and was good the rest of the week and managed to run 2.5 miles for the first time... Ever. So, it was both a good and bad week."

Karen lost 1 pound for a total loss of 6 pounds. 'I've been really trying on the food front. Next up, staying active."

Jodi lost .5 pound for a total loss of 6 pounds. "So this week was just a clusterfuck of busyness, tossed in with a drinking playdate with Amy (yeah), which caused me to miss my Tues work out, which I made up for on Wed.  This weekend is Michael's 5th birthday party, and I'm going to be surrounded by cookies and cake and ice cream, and I'm just hoping to hold it together."

Sarah and Sweatpants Mom remained the same for a total loss of 6 and 9 pounds, respectively. [snicker]

Kurt gained 1 pound for a total loss of 7 pounds. "(*shrug*) I have no idea what my body is doing anymore. It might as well be off harvesting coffee in Columbia or fishing the Yellow River ( which is a really bad idea given the pollution levels in that thing...stupid body.), for how in touch I am with it right now. I ate right. I even exercised a little. I am going through some stress. How much does that weigh?"

Amber gained 1.5 pounds for a total loss of 14 pounds. "I've been eating diner food all week, so this isn't a shock. I plan to get back to my red wine regimen soon."
Motherbumper gained 3 pounds for a total loss of 7 pounds. "Freakin' McDonalds is completely to blame ... well I suppose I could have made better roadside choices on the trip but my 4yo had other ideas. So I think I'll change the blame game name to my kid."

Collectively, we've lost 180 pounds. We've got 4 weeks and 112 pounds to go. To the finish line. To health! Drugs and group sex are so yesterday's cult.

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