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What the Chuck?! S3e12 - Jeff's Blue Period.

ChucksarahA lot seemed to happen in Burbank, this week, didn't it? Lies were redrawn, and then redrawn again, alliances were made, and Jeff was creepy. All right that last part isn't special. It's expected, really. But as we roll on toward the close of the top 13 episodes of this season we certainly seem to be aiming for some closure on a number of fronts. Let's hash it all out.

Now, up top, I do want to say, if you like this recap at all - even if you don't - you should also read the recaps of Dancing With the Stars and < a href="http://www.mamapop.com/mamapop/2010/03/breaking-bad-draft-aidanstacy-.html">Breaking Bad. Both are fantastic recaps, folks. Enjoy. But we're here for Chuck, right now. So what happened this week?

So Chuck goes to Washington to get his first orders from Beckman, now that he's a full spy, and meanwhile a Ring agent uses some device to get something out of the guy that Chuck killed (Casey killed him, but Chuck got the credit, remember) for his Red Test last week. Beckman says he is to go to Rome, all the details we got last week, really. Why is chuck surprised by them this time? I don't know. But he is. And it's fine, it's very Chuck. Still a bit annoying, but also very Chuck.

Beckman, as ever, has no patience for Chuck being Chuck. Something I truly like about her. She's the one character who seems to cut to the chase with him and make him shut up. Now, I love me a rambling Chuck, but it is fun to see someone make him stop for a change. Still, we find out on new bit: Chuck will get to pick a team and he is supposed to leave that night.

Huh. So Chuck, on his first assignment, is given a whole team? Not as part of someone else's team? Interesting, but I suppose Intersect Boy gets stuff. Chuck pushes by being Chuck and Beckman gives him a week off to relax before he is deployed. So Chuck goes home, to get Sarah back.

Let's go to Devon and Ellie. Is it me or do they exist to simply hang on the precipice of "Will they stay or not"? I mean first it was them going to Doctors Without Borders, then it was staying for Ellie's Fellowship and now they get back to Doctors Without Borders because of a year sabbatical from the Fellowship. The problem is they haven't had enough to do outside of telling us how they will/won't leave to make me care too much anymore. At least that partly changes this episode.

Devon sees Chuck coming back and is upset since he thought Chuck was off to Washington, as did Ellie. If she knew Chuck was back, well they might not go. Fine. Chuck, in the kitchen, talking to Morgan about how to win Sarah back. Insert Devon and now you have two people who want Chuck to get Sarah. Devon so that Chuck will go, and Morgan so Chuck will take him along to Italy and missions (uhm, no?!) ass Casey along for the ride, hoping to get on Chuck's team (uhm, yes?!) and now you have a whole new Team Bartowski. A scary Team Bartowski.

Chuck goes to talk to Sarah and she shuts him down. He's not the same guy, since he killed the guy that we know - and she doesn't - that he didn't kill. But since he can't tell her Casey did it instead, he's stuck and she doesn't believe him. Wait, what? She has asked him to believe all sorts of things about her that he might or might not like, on her say so. She won't give him an inch on this? Well, let's assume she is torn etc, and I Guess. Still feels a bit off for her.

Chuck goes off for round two, dinner. I love this. The freakish Team Bartowski manages to screw everything up and in doing so save Shaw. I mean is Morgan hadn't done the fake call the Ring operatives would've moved into the restaurant and endangered a lot of people. Also, without Morgan as a human shield Shaw wouldn't have gotten away so easily. Then Devon's tackle, a bit too much, but got Shaw free!

That's twice Devon has tackled spies for the wrong reasons. At least this time it worked out.

So now we get Shaw's Wild Ride of a plan. He'll swallow a tracker and then tell the Ring he turned, and this will lead them to the Ring's big base, where Beckman can call for an airstrike. Wait, what? In the words of Lethal Weapon "That shit is thin." But hey. Suicide mission for Shaw, right? So fine.

Guess he isn't a Ring plant after all. Ah well. So Shaw goes off, and Chuck comes in. Chuck gets word of the mission and locks Sarah into Castle so he can go save Shaw himself, because Sarah cares about Shaw. You know, that's nice but the reason, Chuck, you might've given was "He's a member of my team, too." Sheesh.

Except the Ring agents scanned Shaw with the same tracker remover they used on the dead guy and then made off with him. Well, how are you going to find Shaw now? Easy. You call the two guys who can stalk anyone. That's right, Jeffster! They were following Shaw anyway, thinking they could prove something. At the hideout, having no clue what they're there for or who or why really, Jeff and Lester babble at Chuck a minute. Lester offers Chuck some nunchucks. Chuck waves them off and waits until they leave.

Yes, just like last season, Chuck is wearing his vest with dart gun, knife and flashbang* grenades. Oh yes. I also have a soft spot for the jacket unzip reveal. Very superhero, there, Mister Bartowski. So Chuck gets into the Ring hideout with a Spies Like Us reference (and the code cracking was shown in the intersect before, in season two) and we're inside Ring.

*Note about flashbangs. Someone emntioned to me "Chuck should've closed his eyes!" except flashbangs are designed so that it doesn't matter if your eyes are open or closed when they go off, they'll still blind you for a bit. Just sayin'.

Of course we were there a little bit ago with Shaw as he found out… Well D.J. nailed it last week in comments! Shaw is shown footage of Sarah's Red Test, which we saw in flashback last week. The question was who did she take out. D.J. guessed it right, and was alone in doing so, that it was Shaw's wife.

Shaw snaps like a snapping thing that snaps.

But back to Chuck who is racing time. The air strike is on the way. Chuck races in, dispatches the Ring goons and grabs Shaw… as Sarah drives up… as the building gets blown to bits! Did anyone think that Chuck didn't make it out with Shaw? Of course not, but that's all right.

Chuck finally gets to fully confront Sarah about how he feels, without interruptions. He tells her he loves her, simply. He talks to her, honestly and openly and then sets up the same deal as Prague. He'll go to the train station and wait and they can both quit and run away together. So finally they're both on the same page. Nice.

Sarah decides to go with Chuck and is packing when Casey comes over and tells her the truth about Chuck's Red Test. Finally, Casey remembers he can trust Sarah with everything. Sheesh. Anyway, Sarah had already decided on Chuck. That smile when she hears isn't a "I should change my mind," it is "I did make the right choice."

Except, Shaw wakes up. He comes to collect Sarah, quickly. Sarah who has just stupidly tossed her gun on her bed as she was going to leave. What? Why should she… argh, all right. So they go off, and we know that Shaw has nothing good in mind. Chuck is at the train station, waiting, and Beckman gets him back to Castle where she tells him that Sarah is missing, Shaw took her and oh by the way Sarah killed Shaw's wife.

Beckman says she didn't know, and I can buy that. Not that she had no way to know, but really, why would she check data like that? Chances are, without looking, Shaw's wife (who was infiltrating the Ring, remember) would've gone by codename, anyway.

But now we come to next week. We have to wrap up this 13 episode season arc, straighten everything out and pave the way for the 6 episode Season 3.1 to follow. Gonna be a big week, gang. Please remember, no spoilers, and that includes discussing whatever was in the preview for next week's episode.

But what did you think of this episode and where do you think this is all going for next week? Go, Team Bartowski, report!

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My crazy theory is that Shaw isn't blaming Sarah entirely (because didn't she tell him the particulars of her red test, so he would have recognized the whole bending over thing? or was that Casey? crap. I can't remember). Anyway, if in fact it was Shaw she told about her red test, I think he's actually taking her cross country to CIA/NSA/DNI to kick their asses and use her as a tool of some sort.

Adam P. Knave

She did tell Shaw, but he hadn't seen the footage ever before so he wouldn't have known about the fact his wife bent over to get something. Also, remember, Shaw's wife had infiltrated the Ring, so chances are that they had her killed by mistake. Beckman could've found out but who checks every kill and then every codename against every other just in case like that.


I agree that the Devon/Ellie thing is getting old. I think that Ellie needs to be doing something else, something more. She can be a really good character.

I wonder how they're going to keep everything in Burbank, and at the Buy More? It will seem strange to have everything moving towards a revamped team in D.C., only to have everything go back to the way it was in same-old Burbank. I guess what I mean is that they're taunting us with all this possible change and it will feel old and trite just to end up with nothing changing and nobody going anywhere. Therefore, there must be some kind of big change, yes?

Adam P. Knave

Maybe, maybe not. I could see, say... Beckman deciding that Chuck's new team is based in Burbank since the Ring is still a big threat and Shaw is out of the picture (if he is) and then Chuck adds Casey to his team and we're good to go. I think they're running out of ways and reasons to keep them there though, yeah. But losing the Buy More etc will really deeply hurt the show. I don't know what they can do that doesn't feel slightly forced or wrong for the show. But I also trust them, so we'll see next week and discuss it next Weds!


This episode was a little bit off for me. Still lots of fun to be had, but the budget cuts were showing, and the logic was even less logical than usual. Glad you mentioned the gun thing -- so when the landlord eventually has to rent the apartment out b/c Sarah skipped out of her lease, there'd just be a gun sitting on the bed?

Also, to be fair, in last week's comments I mentioned that the Sara's red test being Shaw's wife theory was someone else's... though I did find it likely. So, yes, I will take credit! Muahahahaha!

Adam P. Knave

Yeah and the worst bit of "Wait, what" that I didn't mention above is Sarah, trapped in Castle, grabs two wires that happen to directly control only the electricity in the thing that Casey is looking directly at. Uhm. What?

The budget cuts are showing, there is a lack of epic.


Ah, yeah, that was a ... magical moment, eh, Adam? LOL.

Still, we complain yet we love!

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