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What the Chuck - The Chuck Recap - Little Buddy!

3.9-Chuck-Phone-300x199[1]Oh man! Welcome back to What the Chuck?! the only Chuck recap here at Mamapop. This was a big week. Huge! Dare I say it: awesome! So we should jump right into recap mode and get to chattering. As always, spoilers will be found below, you've been warned. Today we discuss season 3, episode 9: Chuck Versus the Beard.

All right, guys! So let's start off with Chuck's flashing problem. To wit: He can't. So Shaw decides Chuck is benched and the rest of the team go off on a mission without the Bartowski of Team Bartowski. As Chuck puts it later "You're only as good as your last flash, huh?" Poor Chuck. After all this time, all this work, as he says, he gave up everything (with a great pointed look at Sarah) to become a spy and here he is benched. The guy can't catch a break these days.

And you can feel that over the season Chuck is heading for a break, of the kind that starts with "nervous" and ends with "down." So what does Chuck do? He calls the only person he thinks he can talk to: Devon. Devon is off on a small getaway with Ellie, lounging by the pool when he gets Chuck's call. Sadly, as much as we all thought Devon would be awesome knowing Chuck's secret, in a nice twist of character he can't cope with it. Somehow I just really dig on that.

S'anyway! Back at the Buy More, and boy is it good to see the Buy More again and all staffed up (with the except of Hannah who quit), Morgan calls Chuck out and fires him as a best friend. Harsh but fair, really. It's been over two years since Chuck could confide in the little guy and Morgan is fed up.

Now I admit when the show started way back when I didn't like Morgan. But over season 2 I really grew to enjoy what the character could bring to the show. So I felt for him, all this season. I was on his side.

Meanwhile we learn that some evaluators are there to possibly buy the Buy More. They're gonna interview everyone and see what's what and fire people if they want. Now, I admit, at first this sounded like an excuse to cut staff. I worried. But no.

Shaw and Sarah go to the hotel to find the Ring agents and try to find the "spy they want to turn" while Casey stays in the van. Quickly we learn Devon is the spy they want to turn. Man, Devon is not coping well with this, but I don't know that I would be either, really. Casey finds out this is all a plot and Shaw puts it together: The Ring wanted them out of Castle.

And then this shit kicks off! Morgan finding Castle! Morgan telling Chuck how they have to man up and save the world and be heroes! Chuck trying to protect Morgan and keep his secret! The Buy More deciding they won't be fired and will hold the store hostage! Wait, what? It's the Buy More, you know? It happens.

So the Ring capture Chuck and Morgan and Chuck is forced, in a wonderful scene, to admit he's a spy to Morgan. Now we all saw this coming, in some shape. Ellie or Morgan had to learn Chuck's secret. I thought Ellie, for a lot of reasons but Morgan makes more sense and they show us why. As Chuck goes on to explain everything, we can see that weight lift off him. He's smiling, he's the Chuck we all grew to love - back and better than ever. This is the Chuck who has his best friend to confide in and has an escape.

Sarah and Shaw try to get into Castle via Orange Orange and can't! Casey gets into the Buy More after proving his loyalties with one of those Casey speeches he's so masterful at. While Casey tries to get into the secret entrance, we have JEFFSTER! Rocking out with Fortunate Son. Bad-ass!

…and then a bit later Jeff saves Casey's butt. I love this stupid show.

Back with Chuck and Morgan, they're still talking, tied up and alone, and discuss Sarah a bit. Chuck relaxes. He smiles. He's CHUCK, ya know? And then the Ring agents come for them. Morgan mentions they're going to die. Chuck grins. And flashes!

And then he kicks seventeen types of Ring butt.

In Orange Orange the Bartowski-less Team prepare to detonate the base to preserve their secrets but the freezer door opens! It's Morgan!

"Bag 'em and tag 'em Sarah." Pause. "I mean, Agent Walker."

Chuck fights Shaw for keeping Morgan in Burbank and Sarah agrees. Morgan is cool with this, way more than Devon has been. Morgan thinks it is awesome and will utterly be worthy of Chuck's secret. Hooray!

Later, back at the ranch, Devon confronts Chuck and just looks worse and worse. I feel for the guy. So he then goes and suggests to Ellie they join Doctors Without Borders and go to Africa. It's a smart play but I will miss those two, I hope they wander back sometimes, you know?

Morgan and Chuck relax playing Duck Hunt and can joke about flashing. That sounds wrong. You know what I mean. And then…

Back at Castle. Casey studies the Ring phone. It activates. It rings. He picks it up and whispers "Hello?"

"Hello, Colonel Casey. It's been a while."

WHAT?! Is Casey a double agent? A triple agent? Mistaken for someone else?

To quote Dr. Who: What?! Whaaaat?! WHAAAAAT?!

Anyway to give the episode a good think: It feels very much like a return to form and that tends to make me wonder if we should brush off the first half of this story. But no, I think without the first half, the darker and darker tone, this wouldn't have worked. You need to go to the dark to see the light.

I also think positioning Morgan at the thing that "saves" Chuck is perfection. In season one we were told that's what he was. In season two we felt that bond a bit, but now we see it and feel it. Well done, all told. I was feeling this episode and am just excited for next week. What about you?

Please don't discuss trailers for next week or any future spoilers you might have. But let's talk about this episode.

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Adam P. Knave

I feel like they truly EARNED this episode, you know?


I agree with you completely! I was worried the show would plateau but it keeps getting better!


YAY Chuck! I think this was one of the best episodes to date, and great job Zach Levi on your directorial debut! So much to love about this episode, I think it's (dare I say) Awesome that everyone thought Devon would be able to keep it together with Chuck's secret, and that's obviously not the case. Then everyone doubts Morgan, but he's way more put together than Devon could ever hope to be. Yay for the little bearded man.

Sidenote: I love your recaps, but it is driving my OCD mind absolutely bonkers when you write "Elle" instead of "Ellie." Seriously, just reading it is making me incredibly twitchy. (I really wish I were kidding.)


Adam P. Knave

I fixed it for this one. Sorry about that. I swear my brain means Ellie but I keep dropping the i. Gah!

I think Levi was good but a bit showy, very first time director stuff. He has some moments that didn't feel QUITE like chuck but it was still a great debut for a director!


Yes, there were definitely some bits that made it obvious that it's his first time at the party, but over-all I think he did a great job. With time I can see him becoming a very talented director, I hope he gets to take the helm at Chuck again soon.

(And thank you for correcting Ellie's name. I am so embarrassed to admit how much it was bothering me.)

Adam P. Knave

OH yeah he def. did a great job, overall! Really the flash grenade scene was overdone and... something else bugged me at the time. But yeah. Good stuff.

And no worries about the correction! I'm glad for it, I'd rather it not be all wrong out there.


I WAS PROMISED SHIRTLESS HAIRY MORGAN! Gotdammit. And Ghostcrawler promised me a pony.

... Anyway, something is wrong with me, because there are times -- and this episode was one of them -- when I almost like Morgan and JEFFSTER! a bit more than Chuck.

Adam P. Knave

HAHAHAH, yeah? Well I can see that a bit. They're more in the place Chuck was, and that he seems to now have a fighting chance of getting back to. In some ways they're the goal. And the idea we just disucssed that Jeffster was a goal for anything is scary.


Fun recap for FUN FUN FUN episode! Best Chuck in a while. But I agree with you, though -- it was all leading up to this. Though there are standalone adventures, it's really serial storytelling and all. Good stuff.

Adam P. Knave

And now we take it higher!


I was totally loving this week's ep! I'm so glad Chuck finally has someone to talk to. Though I really think the team should work with Chuck on some martial arts stuff so he's not COMPLETELY helpless when he can't flash!
I'm a little concerned if Ellie and Awesome go off to Africa or something, I think they'd need to have at least some sort of protection!

Adam P. Knave

You know that is a really good point. They wanted to put Devon and Ellie into protection before but they'll let them go to AFRICA? I mean you can plaster it with "Agents will watch them from afar" but...  yeah.


Great recaps! (just catching up as I just caught up on the last 2 eps).

I was feeling so terrible for Chuck this episode and then SOOOO happy that he now has Morgan to confide in!!!!

I love the stupid things that the BuyMore crew get into and this weeks revolution was no different.

I am a bit concerned about the Casey story line. I love Casey and will be soooo sad if he turns out to be a bad guy. I love him as the kick anyone's ass, surly, but deep down teddy bear :)


Oh, and I love Devon's freak-out about Chuck's secret. We knew the Awesome Armor had to have at least one weak spot right?

Adam P. Knave

Yeah that was just a wonderful touch to make him far more rounded as a character.

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