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16 and Pregnant Preview: Leah and Corey

16_and_pregnant Having one baby at any age is a mind-bender. Having one baby when you're a teenager can be a real hardship. But can you imagine having twins when you're a teenager? 

Leah, the mom featured on tonight's 16 and Pregnant has twins with her boyfriend, Corey. Twins run in my family and during the early stages of my pregnancy, I was TERRIFIED at the possibility of having two kids before I was ready to have one. Two sets of diapers, two feedings, two babies up all night. Then, of course, there are the bigger and even scarier prospects: two birthdays, two college education, two people who you have to guide trough life.

Not surprisingly, the birth of their daughters strains Leah and Corey's relationship to the point of breaking.

MTV's 16 and Pregnant - MTV Shows

Relationships can be hard to fix. Judging from this snippet, it seems like Leah and Corey are genuinely crushed at the thought of breaking up, but are so stressed and exhausted that there doesn't seem to be another option. If nothing else, they seem to communicate pretty well with each other when they're calm and honest.

If you've had twins, how scary was it to find out that you had two on the way? (Read: when the ultrasound technician told you the good news and you passed out, did you hit your head?) Did it put extra strain on your relationship?

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That clip really broke my heart. It brought back for me all that stress and sleep deprivation that comes with the early days of having twins. I was 28, married for 6 years with with two older children when our twins were born and we almost didn't make it either. The insanity of the whole situation makes it too difficult to communicate without defensiveness. I think they have a lot of love for each other and a good shot at making it work, but it takes some serious digging deep and buckling down.


Oh boy. I'm pregnant with twins now, and totally NOT clicking that link! I'm still trying to maintain my la-la-land mentality that it will all be ok.

Thank goodness my husband and I do have a solid relationship, because while I'm pretending it's going to all be fine, I know it's going to be really hard. Hell, our ONE was hard! And now having two, along with the one... ACK!

Finding my happy place now.


We were both 34, had a 3 y/o and had just bought a house at the high end of our price limit when we found out we were having twins. My husband literally fell on the floor - his knees gave out. Thank goodness I was laying down or I'd have been down there with him.

It was REALLY hard the first year, even now at the end of the 2nd year, there is stress from it all, we argue. But we have a deep love so I really believe we'll make it through it all. I can't imagine finding out about 1 baby, let alone 2 at such a young age or when I was in a position where our earnings were low/non-existent with limited resources. Twins were a financial blow to us. It's really hard to juggle because we weren't exactly prepared. But we figure it out as we go along and we have everything we need and plenty enough of what we want.

Amy H

@Angela--I saw the preview to this show last week on MTV and it is much more than twins that is hurting this relationship. Apparently she was in a long term relationship with someone else that she loved. They broke up and she was with this guy for 1 month when she found out she was pregnant. In the preview, she said that she was caught in between the two guys and ended up with two babies.
I feel so bad for her because it seemed that she really was in love with guy 1 and now has these children with guy 2, her rebound guy. I hope this is a real eye-opener for the kids watching.

Amy H

@Angela--ooops. forgot to say...so I hope that makes you feel better about your happily married self. :-)


My husband almost passed out (he was holding the portable ultrasound machine) and the midwife flipped out too--she had never "diagnosed" twins before. I just kept saying "oh my god, oh my god."

It was funny though, after the initial shock, my husband took it much better than I did. I think because I realized the enormity of the situation in terms of the day to day, whereas my husband was like "oh, two kids, we wanted two kids anyway...good times"

another cindy

I was scared to death when we found out we were expecting twins. Scared about the pregnancy, scared about the birth, scared about taking care of two babies, all of it. My husband was more shocked but thought it was cool (probably because he didn't have to carry the pregnancy and give birth!). The first year was VERY difficult, even with my husband and I both having stable jobs and taking care of the babies as a team. I can't imagine going through all that as a teenager.

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