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5 More Male Celebs Who Kinda Gross Me Out

Brad Pitt A couple weeks ago, I posted about how mystified I was by Shia LeBeouf's 1) popularity and 2) ability to snag the classy Carey Mulligan. I hit publish and genuinely thought the comments would start rolling in from lots and lots of agreeable readers. A few did (kisses to you) and even Amy agreed, but there were many, many of you who admitted to (and this is tough to type) having a coughcrushcough on Shia. A CRUSH! ON THE DUDE FROM TRANSFORMERS!

Oh my.

So, it got me thinking. Who else's appeal downright baffles me. Maybe you can commiserate or, more likely, throw things in my general direction for my obvious craziness.

1. Brad Pitt. Perhaps because finding him attractive is just so overdone and unoriginal. He's like this good-looking man yardstick every other man is measured against and so maybe it's just me trying not to follow the lusting pack. Or maybe it's a residual Jennifer Aniston thing. I fear admitting that because one of you will rightfully tell me to get the hell over it.

Josh-Holloway 2. Josh Holloway. Granted, I stopped watching Lost a few seasons back (and have every intention of catching up one day, when I can clear a full month on my calendar to devote to it) but when I DID watch, I was always so damn disappointed that the hottest man on the show was....Sawyer? I think he was supposed to be the hot one? I couldn't really tell because I DO NOT GET IT. Sure, dirty and swaggerish can be hot, but he just felt so forced and cliche and...the hair does not do it for.

3. Clive Owen. I typed this one and then deleted it and then re-typed it again because I know he's kind of a big deal to a lot of you.The thing is, I'm not entirely sure I've ever seen the man smile and where smoldering absolutely has its place, I find senses of humor much sexier. Clive Owen isn't known for bringing the laughs, you know?

4. Josh Duhamel. Let's just forget all about how he might have slept with a stripper and instead pretend it's two years ago when there wasn't a thing controversial about him. He was just your average super-wealthy celebrity who couldn't really act. I still didn't find him attractive. Like at all. Perhaps because you can just tell he thinks that whole squinty-eyes thing is working for him.

5. Matthew McConaughey. I kind of saw it in A Time to Kill. And then I kind of lost sight of it in every film thereafter. Yuck.

What about you? Any supposed-to-be hot celeb whose appeal you just don't get?

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Leonardo DeCaprio...do not get. He's just funny looking.


I fully expect to MURDERED for this, but I don't get Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom. Ick.

shannon r

I, too, don't understand the appeal of Brad Pitt.

And what really irks me about McConaughey is that he talks without moving his lips a lot. That's just weird. And I don't think he's all that attractive.


I don't understand how women find Robert Pattison attractive. Orlando Bloom is weird looking too. Also, Johnny Depp wears too much jewelery. Gross.

cindy w

Ok, I was totally with you on Shia LaBeouf, but... Josh Holloway??? You don't "get" Josh Holloway? Really?? Dude, I would leave my husband for 2 hours alone with that man. (Actually, I wouldn't have to, my husband would probably understand.)

I'm with you on Brad Pitt (at least now; I do recall him making my teenage jaw drop in "Thelma & Louise"), Matthew McConaughey (I do not abide cheesy men), and Josh Duhamel (sleazebag). Clive Owen can go either way for me; sometimes I find him hot, other times not so much.

And I agree with the above commenters on Leonardo DiCaprio and Orlando Bloom. Johnny Depp is another one that can go either way, depending on the movie.


I just typed a long list of Hollywood men I find unattractive, but then I felt like a hater. Soooo I'll just say I agree with everyone so far.. & that Matthew McConaughey probably has a proud case of chronic B.O. & like most 40 something hippie dudes I've known, loves his stank. I hope I'm wrong for the sake of his pretty girlfriend and their child(ren).


I am completely baffled by the Robert Pattinson phenomenon. He's not even mildly attractive. I have literally sat staring at his photo for 10 minutes straight trying to figure out what people find lust-worthy about the guy. I also don't find Leonardo DeCaprio attractive; he's just puffy looking. I've always found him to be the poor replacement for River Phoenix (whom I adored). (now, Josh Holloway I totally get. Yum!)


My best friend hates Brad Pitt, and I think it's a backlash thing similar to what you described, but I just can't see it. I don't think he's the yardstick to measure other guys by, I just couldn't say he's unattractive without lying.

And I was totally ready to be like, Clive Owen? Really?, but your reasoning makes sense :D

As for Johnny Depp I have to agree with Cindy W. Same with Vagiunta about Robert Pattison. Mainly because of the Twilight movies (and I love the books).

Life of a Doctor's Wife

I totally agree with all of these - except Brad Pitt.

I also don't get Orlando Bloom, Taylor Laudner, or Robert Pattinson. Or Ewan McGregor.

Blech blech blechety blech.


Brad & Matt in the 90s= yes. Now= NONONO.


Gerard Butler. To quote the 80's; gag me with a spoon.

Anjie B.

I agree with every single one on your list! And I, like other's who have commented before me, think Robert Pattinson was so much cuter in Harry Potter, but now is just, ick. I don't get him.


I don't get Clive Owen or Gerald Butler. I'm actually mystified by them, because I do not see it at all.

I had a crush on Leo when I was in high school, and I had TERRIBLE taste in boys in high school, so he's creeped me out ever since.


haaaa. i love this list. i really do. and i agree with most of the other commenters. somehow most of these guys have ended up looking weird or dirty. odd.


Robert Pattinson and Orlando Bloom. I like a brooder, but Pattinson just takes it way too far and Bloom is just way too pretty. Maybe when he's older and looks more like a man.


I do not get Matthe McConaughey. He is completely skeevy.

But Josh Duhamel? Yummmmmm. He can be a not-very-good actor with me any day.


I don't get the Robert Pattinson thing, either. He's just too.... angular and sharp for me. His hair always looks like it would leave my hands all gross and goopy if I touched it.


Wait, how can Ewan McGregor and Gerard Butler be on this list in the comments? If loving them is wrong, I dont wanna be right.


I will totally get tar and feathered for this but George Clooney. I don't see it.

Although, I did met him in person once and thought he was much more attractive in person than on screen. But, he plays the same role in EVERY MOVIE.


I definitely don't get Leo DiCaprio, but Ewan McGregor and Gerard Butler? Heck yes. (more so the latter.) I love me some singing Scotsmen lol.


I hate to tell ya'll this, but Sawyer is NOT the "hot" one on Lost! Sayid is the hot one. Oh my heavenly hell, that man makes my loins quiver! I'm pregnant with my third child, and during every single pregnancy, I have had the steamiest, most earth-shattering sex dreams about that man. Yum!


I saw Clive Owen on a talk show and he seemed very nice and has one of those goofy smiles in real life, kind of Jerry Seinfeld.

Josh Duhamel went up a bit in my estimation when I found out he does a voice on Fanboy and Chum Chum.

Nothing tops Ethan Hawke for yuckiness.


I have *never* understood Brad Pitt. Not even in Thelma & Louise or True Romance or...ever. I don't think he's a yardstick, I just think he's boring. I agree with you & everyone on most of the picks, actually. Although I have always had a thing for Johnny Depp, and I love Matthew McConaughey in Dazed & Confused.

And, helenel, you are so right that nothing can beat Etahn Hawke for yuckiness. eeewwwww.


Oh, Holly and Helenel, how could I have forgotten the unshowered disgustingness (it could be a word) that is Ethan Hawke? So repugnant -- it's almost as if you can tell how bad he smells just by looking at him on film. Yech.


With you on Brad Pitt. Although, he does look tasty in the Oceans films. Other than that, no. With lots of you on Orlando Bloom too. Don't get it. And don't hate me, but I don't get the Hugh Jackman fascination. He seems charming but attractive? Not feeling it. I have to really disagree with those of you who don't find Robert Pattinson attractive though. And no, it's not just because he plays Edward. I actually think he looks more attractive in Remember Me than he does as Edward. Did any of you see his Vanity Fair spread? Because wow! Amazing. Beautiful.

Rebecca (Bearca)

I agree with you on all of these. Also add: Gerard Butler. DO NOT GET APPEAL. Ugh.


That picture of Sawyer makes him look like a molester.


I agree that Sayid is the hot one on LOST.


i think it's all those reports about how matthew mc. doesn't believe in deodorant... but any time i see him i think "oooh. he smells bad. i feel so bad for kate hudson." or whoever is starring opposite. because she has to breathe there, too. and that's a hostile work environment.

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