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Brendan Fraser's New Movie, Furry Vengeance: What Say You?

Brendan-fraser-furry-vengeance Next Friday, April 30, Brendan Fraser's new movie, Furry Vengeance, premieres. If your first thought upon hearing this news was, "I don't know that America is ready for anthropomorphic lovin' and fightin'. Especially not if Brendan Fraser is sporting a fuzzy tail," you're not alone. 

Furry Vengeance is actually a family comedy in which Fraser plays Dan Sanders, a real estate developer in charge of a huge suburb and shopping mall development project that will wipe out a huge portion of forests. The animals, led by a devious raccoon, go to great lengths to sabotage Dan's efforts. The treatment for this movie undoubtedly included the words, "hijinks," "slapstick," "uproarious," "no cussing," "fun for the whole family," and, "kind of like Home Alone meets Over the Hedge meets Encino Man."

I was watching School Ties the other night and remembering that heady time in the early 90s when Brendan Fraser was poised to become the next Serious Business Young Actor and how I wanted to do very bad things to him. While he never went on to real Oscar fodder, he's had pretty steady work, a lot of which is fluffy, but peppered with a respectable number of serious roles. So, watching this trailer, I'm inclined to groan, but it looks like a decent paycheck, so really, who am I to talk shit.

Furry Vengeance is also very issue-driven, despite its guffaw-bait. The movies official website has links to information about endangered species and other issues surrounding suburban sprawl and ways that you can take action.

So what do you think? Are you going to see this?

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Fawn Amber

13 years ago, when Brendan Fraser was still hot, I named my son Brendan.

I don't think he'll ever forgive me. Movies like this do not help.


"You named me after George of the Jungle? Mooooooommmmm!!!"


I have a seven-year-old boy. Who has seen the trailer and thinks this looks HILARIOUS. So at least one of the adults in the house will be seeing this. Unless we can convince the grandparents it would be a fun weekend activity.


I expect Brendan Frasier to make movies like this, but I am disturbed the Brooke Shields has sunk so low. Then again, maybe the toothpaste and eyelash-grower hawking really isn't enough to pay the bills.

Washington "Me Not Jane " Cube

Yanno...:::settling in with tall glass of Crystal Lite ice tea:::

...the other night it was late and I couldn't sleep (see: ice tea) and "The Changeling" was on. I had never seen it before, so I thought "Why the heck not. You've got cloche hats, coats with fur colors and Angelina Jolie playing some noble I will hunt you down and kill you while on roller skates something or other."

So I'm watching, and they get to the part with the giggling serial killer who's chopping kids up, and I thought, "Holy moly. Brendan Fraser is playing a serial killer? No way!" Well...it was "no way." It was an actor called (and I had to IMDb him) Jason Butler Harner (who's done a ton of Law and Order, but then who hasn't. My next door neighbor did two.)

So where was I? Oh yeah. Brendan Fraser. So it was kinda weird because I decided, once I realized it wasn't Brendan Fraser with the ax chasing little boys in the barn, that it was more interesting to think it was Brendan Fraser.

Such a strange film. The bad guys, including the cops, were super bad, and the women, mothers and whores, were all sufferin' and noble like. Eastwood had that same problem with "El Torino," and the most interesting thing in "that" movie was the car, and the cars looked purdy darn good in "The Changeling" as well.

I've lost my thread. Brendan Fraser...OH YEAH. Early Brendan Fraser and his serious role movies and "the next hot thing" and now him doing this, and me thinking, "Yeah, but he could have been a giggling serial killer in the barn," so maybe it's not so bad.


We'll be seeing it. The kids think the previews are absolutely hi-larious...and I like the idea of a movie that exposes them to the destruction of the earth in the name of another mini-mall. They might understand this movie better than the many times their mom rants about another hilltop being leveled for more upper-class tract housing.


Well. I used to want my husband to look like Brendan Fraser. Now, he does, but it's not because my husband got buff.


we first saw the preview while waiting for Alice In Wonderland to start, and I think I laughed harder then the kids did. I love comedy where people get hurt. Love it. And there is one scene where he gets stuck in a port-a-potty and the thing flips over. I laughed until I teared up, and then Eight Crazy Nights popped into my head with that port-a-potty scene and I lost it. I really think my kids wanted to get up and move. LOL...
I'll be there, even if I have to go alone. hahaha!


I will never stop loving Brendan Fraser. Ever. Monkeybone! Way funnier than it had any right to be.


I have a soft spot for Brendan Fraser. We love the first two Mummy movies here, especially the scene in the second one where Rick rescues his son from the rampaging pygmy mummies, and then says, through exhausted gasping, "You know...it's not easy...being a dad." And his son says, "Yeah, but you do okay." HA. We also loved Journey to the Center of the Earth. "Schist!" "WHAT?" "Schist. It's a common rock formation." "Oooh, we're in deep schist!"

But this one? Yeah, probably not going to see it.


Yeah...No. Not going to see it.
What are the serious movies that he is in? Too lazy to imdb it.
Brendan Fraser just... just no.

The View

He was just on The View which prompted me to google ...Brendon Fraser on drugs... He was a mess and definately acting like he was on something.

I have been a fan of his but this interview has me turned off and worried for him.

The View

Karen he's been in over 50 movies

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