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I'm Pretty Sure Carrie Underwood and I Couldn't be Friends

Carrie Underwood Other than the whole, she's famous, I'm not thing, Carrie Underwood continually proves I probably wouldn't like her much if I ran in famous circles. Although my husband does play hockey, so we've got that in common.  (For an instructional league through work but STILL.)

See, Carrie Underwood has given me the impression over and over that being thin is the hardest (but most important) part of her job. And now another interview has morphed into an interview about her desire to stay thin on the road. Not about the awesomeness that is her life. About the trials and tribulations of staying skinny.

She said about the hardest part of her job: "It's fast food, there's aftershow food, you get pizza, whatever. . . . I don't do that. I don't eat out ever."

Uh. Fuck that. Carrie Underwood

And this wasn't an interview for Self or Shape or a weight-centric magazine. It was for US Magazine.

Sure her millions and millions of dollars probably help stock her tour bus and home fridge with plenty of restaurant-quality food but to limit yourself from ever dining out all in the name of staying thin. Yeah, I did that once. It was called an eating disorder.

(Not that she has an eating disorder, I wouldn't know, it just sounds like such a limited lifestyle.)

Although, come on, I'm 155 pounds and she clearly is not, so maybe ignore me altogether. I probably should take a page out of the Carrie Underwood diet book. Even though it kind of sounds like it's titled "How to Give Up a Social Life and Having Fun."

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In her defense... she probably has some serious body issues. When she was on Idol, she got a TON of crap for being "heavy." If you let that kind of stuff get into your head, it's hard to not let it take over your life!


hrm. it is odd to talk about not getting to eat with a frequency.

BUT, maybe she is so sick of all those skinny people pretending like they aren't on a diet and allegedly "eating whatever they want" and all that other hooey. maybe she is trying to raise awareness?

maybe she is just freaking hungry and cannot stop herself from talking about b/c it consumes her mind. (yea, that would be a sign of an eating neurosis. i am loathe to say disorders since she does eat and just avoids certain foods. which a lot of people do.)

weirdly, it makes me like her more.


You know those celebrities that you just HATE for no particular reason other than, oh I don't know, all of them? Everyone has those celebrities - and I'm not talking about Heidi Montag or Kate Gosselin. They don't count. I'm talking about people like Beyonce, Hilary Swank, and Carrie Underwood. I hate Carrie Underwood. Ever since I read an article where she says she doesn't need to write her own music or lyrics because that's not what being a musician is about I have hated her and her big head. Dear Carrie, Stop using all our oxygen. Kthankx!


Now that I think of it, I've gotten this vibe off of her interviews too...

It makes me wonder just how restrictive her eating habits are, since it's not too difficult to get healthy options at restaurants, whether you order straight of the menu or ask the kitchen for something modified. (I imagine it's even easier to make special requests if you're going going to nicer restaurants and also happen to be CARRIE UNDERWOOD.) If she won't eat anything available at restaurants, what the heck is she able to eat at home?


Doesn't anyone else think it's so sad that she struggles with trying to meet some standard of beauty when, IMHO, she is one of the most beautiful "celebrities" on the newstand? Good grief - if Carrie Underwood feels pressure to gain approval for her looks, why am I even trying?? We all lose that battle, apparently.


And this is precisely why I cringe at 16 yr olds on IDOL who are really, really good. Because I hate the thought of these young things jumping on the crazy train of celebrity so young, before they even have a hope of developing healthy brains on their own.

Fawn Amber

It doesn't sound like an unhealthy lifestyle to me. It sounds like someone who has the sense to make good decisions about what to put in her body. Maybe she's seen that Jamie Oliver fellow who's all over the TV these days, huh?

Just because someone chooses to eat well doesn't make them obsessed about their body. I respect her all the more for that. She seems to have a good head on her shoulders. You don't see her out partying, flashing her hoo-ha, shaving her head, or sleeping around. She's one of the few "starlets" I don't mind my girls looking up to.

Damn, if even Carrie Underwood is subjected to this kind of criticism, what is the world coming to? Lay off of her, ya'll.


I get the impression from that quote that she doesn't eat fast food or pizza. I don't think she meant "I don't eat at restaurants ever." Also, I have to admit that I love Carrie Underwood as a singer/performer and she seems to have a great head on her shoulders.


I think she just knows her industry and her brand. She has a limited amount of time to be hot, young, and famous, and to make all the big money she will make. It's like pro athletes -- they live a crazy lifestyle to keep their bodies and their games up, then they retire at, like 27. The hotter she is, the more money she makes. I'm glad she talks about how hard it is, and that it doesn't necessarily come naturally.


I'm with Fawn Amber. I don't eat pizza because I'm allergic to dairy and have celiac disease, and nobody can make a gluten free, dairy free pizza that tastes anything like food.

I don't eat fried chicken. I don't eat nachos. These are just some of the many foods that wreak havoc on my body and oh, hey, they aren't good for me either.

Gee, I must have an eating disorder, no? NO. I did have an eating disorder, years ago, when I was binging and puking my guts out, and I am sick and tired of celebrities being accused of having an eating disorder if they just mention they don't eat fast food, or they aren't seen chowing down at BK or McD's. We really are pro-woman here at MamaPop, aren't we, when we nitpick on female celebrities who aren't just like us?


I agree with Fawn Amber and the others. Not to mention, Carrie is quite outspoken about being an animal lover and a vegetarian. Restaurants often have total crap choices for vegetarians and I (as a vegan) almost always leave restaurants thinking I could've made something far better at home for far less.


I think the writer of this column has more issues with food and body image than Carrie U. I am not a musician or a celebrity, but I also have a job that takes requires me to be "on location", away from the office a lot. We have a lot of late night work and the food ordered for dinner is always pizza, fast food or greasy Chinese food. I never eat it either. Not just because of weight gain, but after a while that kind of food a) tastes as horrible as it looks b) causes digestive problems c) does not provide adequate nutrition. I always buy an extra salad/sandwich at lunch and put it in a cooler. And I don't even earn money by looking good. Lay off her please.


I'm troubled by your non sequitur of, "Although, come on, I'm 155 pounds and she clearly is not, so maybe ignore me altogether."

Without a context of height and activity level, a weight number is meaningless. Context in every situation is essential.

Perhaps it's worth considering that this entertainment magazine, which notoriously takes things out of context, was trying to paint a certain picture. Without the rest of the story, Carrie's declaration that she never eats out does not necessarily indicate an underlying eating disorder.

As women, we should lift others up, rather than bring down, and I'd ask you to examine your motivation for including your specific weight here in the context in which you chose; I won't share my judgments as to why I think you may have because the very thing that upsets me most about this particular post is the snap judgment it contains. But I will say my fear is that its inclusion could, sadly, instill fear in healthy, beautiful women that 155 pounds isn't acceptable.

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