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Conan O'Brien To Be Released From NBC's Shackles On "60 Minutes"

Team coco Conan O'Brien  Oooooh, this is gonna be good. Muzzled by his NBC contract since his untimely booting from The Tonight Show to welcome back the loathsome and unfunny Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien has been unable to talk about his show, his contract with NBC, and everything that we (I include myself in the fray) on Team Coco have been shrieking about since the outrageous ousting of the late night host. 

Well all that's about to change.

On May 1st, Conan is "allowed" to appear on television again, and on that night will be the subject of an interview on the CBS mainstay 60 Minutes. He's still not "allowed" to rip apart NBC or Leno himself, but according to the CBS interviewer Steve Kroft, he "flirts with the restrictions." Personally, I hope he tells NBC to kiss his royal Irish ass, but I have a feeling he's not "allowed" to do that.

Now, I don't weep for Conan. He made a TON of money leaving NBC instead of having his show pushed back another half-hour so Prince Jay could go back to his old time slot, but he also didn't deserve to be pushed back, and Leno's ratings haven't exactly gone through the roof since his return to 11:30, but I cannot WAIT for this ridiculous media blackout of O'Brien to be lifted. And by CBS, Letterman's station! Ah, revenge, it is so sweet.

Conan-obrien and a monkey

Since his departure from NBC, Conan has put together a stage show that is now on tour, and has struck a late-night deal with cable's TBS, and will be talking about both of those gigs on 60 Minutes. He also has grown a beard and has a preposterous number of followers on Twitter. Team Coco is legion, and even though the only people who usually watch 60 Minutes are my granny and that dude I dated in college, I have a feeling CBS is going to see some serious ratings that night. And please don't email me if you watch 60 Minutes and are neither my granny nor Sean from Emerson College Class of '99. It was exaggeration for the sake of comedy. I watch 60 Minutes too, okay?

Revenge on NBC and pot-shots at Leno's big stupid head aside, we on Team Coco just want Conan back doing what he does best: Being funny on television. The TBS gig is a go, and hopefully (are you listening, HBO?) Conan's stage show will get on teevee somehow. Either way, it's sure to sell a lot of DVDs. But the funny man will be back and his followers will flock. And there isn't a damn thing NBC can do about it. 

What they CAN do is prevent Conan from being shown on television up to May 1st, so 60 Minutes is going to have to do some clever advertising of the show, since a clip cannot be aired prior to the day of the airing. Kroft says "I think we'll just show me talking to him and have to blank his face out." That? Hilarious. So thank you, NBC, for giving Conan his first joke onscreen before he's even "allowed" back on television. You bastards. 


. . . . .
Miss Banshee refuses to acknowledge that Leno went to her alma mater.

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YEAH CONAN! This should be good.


Regarding a TV/DVD release for Conan's touring stage show, I know that they've got a crew filming it for possible use as a DVD tour documentary later, so that looks like it'll be a go. I would LOVE to see a DVD of an actual entire stage show, but I'm not quite as sanguine about that.


Can't wait! Conan is so good to skating along the line without crossing it, that the 60 Minutes interview will undoubtedly be awesome.

As a side note: I've been pretty annoyed that some of the celebs that I love (are you listening, Joel McHale??), have been on The Chin's show, since he went back to the 11:30 time slot. I have/will NOT watch said show...but it's happening. :-/


You know who else watches 60 Minutes? Amazing Race fans who are forced to because sporting events or other stupid things go long and then 60 Minutes goes long, so I turn on my DVR expecting to see handsome Phil and I'm met with Andy Rooney.

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