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Flashback Friday - Daria

Daria MTV logo  This week's flashback Friday is brought to you by MTV, misanthropy and stompy boots.

A spin-off character from Beavis and Butthead, Daria Morgendorffer was a role model for many smart, misanthropic teenagers attending high school in the late 90s, and I was no exception. From her acerbic wit to her combat boots, my teenage self identified with Daria even more than my more bubbly elementary school self identified with Punky Brewster


Lawndale High was a lot like my own school, middle-to-upper-middle class, predominantly white, and full of cliques like the Fashion Club (headed by Daria's vapid younger sister, Quinn).  At 16 it was easy to identify with Daria's and Jane's plights as seemingly the only intelligent beings in all of Lawndale. Like Daria, I also had a weakness for boys like Trent, Jane's ditzy older brother and Daria's unrequited crush. In fact, I still contend that, despite having only two dimensions and not even half a clue— for if he did, wouldn't he have put the moves on Daria? — Trent is still smokin' hot.

Daria was a whip-smart, satirical look into upper-middle-class suburban life through the eyes of a teenager who seemed to see through most of the bullshit. With that in mind, it's kind of shocking to me that this show was on the same network responsible for this:


and this:


Seeing these two images together makes me wonder: could it be that MTV has consciously created a string of series as compelling for their heinousness as Daria's favorite fictional show, Sick Sad World? Are these shows really just brilliant, tongue-in-cheek commentary on upper-middle-class adolescent life? I'm going to go with that. It's the only way I can reconcile the shift from series like Daria to "reality" shows like The Hills and Jersey Shore.

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Mighty Hunter

Daria was my cartoon crush. I'm not ashamed to say this. Despite the fact that I was Mr. All-American Boy in high school, I would have totally chased her. And then... probably been unable to come up with witty retorts to her sarcasm directed at me. Oh woe. Daria, I love you, dear. We will have our moment in the sun.


word on the street was that the full-series box set of Daria was to be released this January. so far, i've heard nothing more about it but lord knows i'll have mine pre-ordered as soon as it becomes available.
ps - me and my man went as Daria & Trent for Halloween in '08. somebody somewhere has got the picture proof...


I LOVED watching Daria... Really hope that "steff" is right about a boxed set coming out for her! She's long over-due!!!!!!


Trent was, without a doubt, the hottest cartoon guy EVER. For years I felt weird for thinking so, but I have recently discovered that so many of my friends thought so as well.


I still think "Freakin' Friends" by Mystik Spiral is one of the best songs EVAR. "When the dead clowns can't clown we'll still be freakin' friends."


I miss "Daria" so hard.


Amazon syas the DVD boxed set will be released May 11 -- that's less than two weeks away! Whee!!


i wish they would put daria on hulu. not so long ago i tried to find some episodes online and couldn't find any. :(


I watched Daria in what was most likely sixth grade and loved it, and it probably is the reason to this day I love wearing boots with skirts. And one of the reason I own doc martens.


Thank you for posting this! I agree that MTV has fallen, HARD, on sad times when it went from being cool and having intellegent ideas to freakin horrible reality shows. No commentary on the world or culture, just pure rot. I loved Daria even though I was a college freshman when it came out. I have been trying to get my 14 daughter to enjoy other staples of my teenage-dom (John Hughes movies for one) and Daria has come up more than once but we couldnt find the DVDs. Thanks for the info. Long live Daria. I can't believe I forgot she started out on Beavis and Butthead!


Thank you for the Daria flashback! I too loved Daria although I was *cough* in my 20s *cough* when it was out. One of my favorites. Thanks also for news on the box set- can't wait to pick that up!


next up: g string grannys on sick sad world!
i LOVED daria! that was my favorite show, next to "my so called life." i would totally buy boxed sets of both of these.

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