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Guy Ritchie Gets a Retro Madonna

Guy-ritchieFormer Mr. Madonna, Guy Ritchie, appears to be enjoying the single life while his children are off opening some school somewhere with their mother. In fact the tabloids have pointed out that his latest date kind of looks like Madonna, which is a wee bit creepy in my opinion. I wonder WWMD? What Would Madonna Do? (That was for the Glee fans.)

But seriously, check out Guy's date: Do you see the resemblance?

Guy Ritchie dating model Jacqui Ainsley 13 years his junior 

Mind you it could be like that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry dates the girl who looks kinda fug in a certain light. Anyway. I shouldn't say anymore because I don't want Madge to snap my neck with her scary arms (a long standing nightmare of mine.)

I wonder how the kids would react if they ever met Miss Jacqui Ainsley? 'Momma, is that you? You look...' for the children's sake, I would hope they'd stop there. The walls have ears kids, I'm sure she has spies everywhere.

Anyway. I doubt either of his children, Rocco or David, would ever get around to meeting Guy's latest girly friend as he seems to be making the rounds with the models. Apparently Guy's also been dating another young lady although I have not assessed her resemblance to Madonna yet.

If the father of my child and I divorced I'm not sure how I'd feel about him dating someone that looked like a younger version of myself. I'm thinking stabby but it also could be punchy though there is a chance that it could be totally indifference, a chance that sharply increased depending on who I was dating. I never claimed to be mature or deep, folks.


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My dad is married to a much younger (23 years younger) version of my mother. It is weird but their personailities are so so so different you only notice the physical similarities in pictures, for instance my mother is a hard working lady who kept her family financially afloat for years while my father tried to make a living whereas my step mother (who is 2 years older than me) is a spoiled money grubbing poo face (did I mention besides being a little weird there is some tension too?)

when it comes down to it every body has a type that they go for. I like tall blonde scruffy looking guys and have dated a few, my husband likes chesty brunettes (I fall into that catagory) So I am not surprised by this, what would be strange is if he had this girl wearing a corset and lace gloves with a big bow in her teased hair...then I would take notice


Yes, this girl does look like Madonna. Now. But Madonna:Then looked totally different, less cheeked out, and way better.


Hmmmm. I don't really see it. They're making similar faces and they're both blonde, but I can't really see another similarity.


Your longstanding nightmare is a definite possibility. Madonna is now the alien from "Alien."


I see the resemblance. Once caught my boss at a conference with his mistress. She looked exactly like his wife, just 15 yrs younger plus his wife had a unique look, so it was definitly creepy.

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