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In Six Days, KFC Will Change Your Life

Kfc-double-down Or not. I don't know. It all depends on how eager you were to break free from the oppression of bread. I do know that the name of KFC's new sandwich, the Double Down, makes me think of Vince Vaughan's character in Swingers and I really wish that their ad campaign for the sandwich included some neo-lounge admonishment of consumers that they don't need bread because, "OUR BABY'S ALL GROWN UP!"

Kfc-double-downIn the grand tradition of such perversions of food as the Luther Burger (hamburger/cheeseburger with bacon and a grilled glazed doughnut in place of a bun) and whatever the hell Elvis was eating in the 70s, KFC is set to launch their new sandwich on April 12th. The Double Down replaces the bread shell of your typical sandwich with two fried chicken filets. Nestled between them is bacon, cheese, and "the Colonel's Sauce," which sounds really suspect. Though, really, at that point would it really matter if some old dude from Kentucky had added his own special ingredient?

The Double Down is such an event that KFC has a countdown on their site and immediately below the countdown clock they have helpfully provided the nutritional information. I'm actually kind of surprised that the original recipe sandwich is only 540 calories. I would have thought that it would be more. But I suppose the 32 grams of fat and the 1380 milligrams of sodium make up for that.

On one hand, I appreciate it when restaurants that do not center around healthy cuisine completely buck any trends toward healthy food and just come out with something totally obscene. On the other hand, in my experience, KFC needs to stick with the basics. All I'm saying is that I had one of their Famous Bowls and my colon never fully recovered.

The Double Down comes on the heels of another new KFC item that is easily my nomination for most brilliant marketing maneuver of the year. Their Boneless Filet is touted a "whole new way to eat chicken!" It's a fried breast in a fry box, guys. Let's be honest. However, I'm always fascinated by branding efforts such as these, so I have to give them props for this one.

Because I'm devious, I want to sneak up on Jamie Oliver with one of these just to see if he starts crying.

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That looks... like vomit. Wow.

Suzy Q

Bread is so overrated.

Fawn Amber

OMG...I cannot imagine how unhealthy that is. Well, I can actually and I can feel my arteries literally closing at the thought of eating one. No.


Now dip that "thing" in Baconnaise (yep, there's even a website), and you've got yourself a tasty meal. Eek, my gag reflex just kicked in.


I think I saw this once on ThisIsWhyYoureFat.com

Not joking, I really did.

I applaud them for throwing the whole "eat smaller, heat healthier" movement you see at some many restaurants these days, not just the fast food places. At least someone there understands that sometimes people just want greasy with bacon on top.

I'm a little embarassed to say I'll probably try this when it comes out.

However...they do need to go back to buckets of fried chicken and sides of veggies with some sort of bread. So good, why mess with the original?


Well, I guess if you're trying to avoid carbs, this isn't a bad idea...riiiiight.

I love their chicken strips...and they're on the "Eat This" page of "Eat This, Not That".


This especially amused me because of something the comedian Jim Gaffigan said in one of his routines. It was something along the lines of "know what this burger needs? A ham sandwich! And instead of the bun we'll use two doughnuts so we can have it for breakfast! We can call it the doughnut-ham-hamburger!"
Seriously, KFC's upcoming menu item doesn't seem THAT different, does it?


That looks nasty and 30Rock.

Jen O.

Well, I guess this is what the world has come to.


Oh my God I can eat that burger!!! I'm not supposed to eat wheat anymore because it tears my intestines apart, BUT THAT IS A BURGER I CAN EAT! And in July when I am in America I AM GOING TO CHOW DOWN.


Yeah, they test marketed that here in Nebraska last year, as well as somewhere in New England (I forget where, but the AV Club did a taste test of it then), so I've already been innundated with with commercials for it. Somehow, I managed to avoid the temptation of eating it. And yes, Suziannie, it was (rightly) featured on thisiswhyyourefat.com.

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