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Insane Clown Posse Responds to "Miracles" Buzz; Offers Meal Suggestions

Insane-clown-posse A few weeks ago, I alerted you to the latest most amazing thing travelling around the tubes of the internet: Insane Clown Posse's epic video for their single, "Miracles." The little, goofy video that could has been making the rounds, inspiring blog-length dissertations and disses.

It was even honored with a spoof on Saturday Night Live.

The confused and tentative reaction by the audience indicates to me that SNL viewers don't peruse the internet as much as SNL writers do, which is unfortunate because if SNL could mine viral stuff more often, the show might have a shot at being more consistently funny.

Anyway, Violent J of ICP released a statement the other day reacting to all of the attention, both positive and negative, that the video and song has attracted.

He touches on most of the major issues that people have had with they lyrics, particularly the line in which the duo dismiss scientists with a hearty, "fuck you." Many have pointed out that a lot of the things that they ponder in "Miracles" can, in fact, be mostly explained by science, to which Violent J retorts:

Yes, most of the miracles we mention can easily be explained away by science, that’s why we say the line “fuck scientists.” Their factual findings sometimes explain away the Earth’s cool mysteries. Part of me wishes they were lying. Part of me doesn't want to know how they really make crop circles. My imagination wants to believe it’s aliens or somethin’. If people can’t relate to that, then that’s their loss. I mean, seriously, it must truly suck to have no imagination about these things. Us Juggalos have deep imaginations, and an awesome sense of humor.

Juggalo Insane Clown Posse Faygo

And as for the infamous line, "Fucking magnets: how do they work?"

Magnets were like magic to me as a kid. You could move things across the table without actually touching them! I found that shit amazing and I still do. If you don’t like that, have a dick for dinner.

Violent J goes on to praise and defend ICP's fans, which I fully support. Like I mentioned in my previous post on this subject, if people can find a group that lets them feel like they belong and they're not actively harming themselves or others as members, then I think that's awesome. And ICP's loyal fan base is business genius. A flash of mainstream success is really nothing compared to a small but steady market. But knowing that the fan base is so loyal, I just wish he wouldn't outright discourage scientific curiosity or a desire for education and facts. One can be a juggalo and have a degree, right? Besides, I find scientific explanations just as mystifying and mind-blowing as anything. Astronomy blows my brains.

Hatchet Herald

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Not that this is really the point, but I think it's a philosophical problem. Just like the Christian Right who believe that science is evil because it doesn't always agree with the Bible. The problem is in the phrase, "explain away the miracle." If we take a moment to ingest the full and amazing miracle of the science, it's often much more amazing than "magic" or "poof, there's a person." Just my 2 cents, though.


The problem I have with all this is that they're (angrily) glorifying ignorance. We cannot afford that playground pick-on-the-smart-kids thing any more. Look what it's done for us in terms of government.

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