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Is Lindsay Lohan Broke? Hi Lindsay, Welcome To The Club. We Meet on Fridays.

Lindsay-lohan-drunkWe've all given Lindsay Lohan a hard time (ok, maybe not you, but me, maybe a lot - I may have done a video in where I dressed like her and cried while singing Bonnie Tyler's 'Total Eclipse Of the Heart'), but now when I hear the news that she may be running out of money, I still don't feel too badly about it.

TMZ sources report that Lohan's landlord delivered a legal notice for her to get out if she didn't pay the rent, which was 2 months behind. Lohan just settled up to the tune of $23,000.00.

I wonder if Lindsay's recent financial difficulties have anything to do with her frivolous100 million dollar lawsuit against E-Trade for the super babies making fun of her?  

Do you feel bad for her? I'm having a hard time. Yes, she suffers from partying and that is very upsetting. At what point do we say, "it's your own damn fault"? I'm pretty much there and have been.

Maybe it angers us (me) when someone who seemingly has everything destroys herself while blaming others for it. She had enough money to do nothing forever. She wasn't trapped. She could have done anything she wanted for the rest of her days, but instead, she blew it.


Sources report that people close to the Lohans are also concerned that her mother is enabling the situation with her incessant denial that anything is wrong with Lindsay. And now, it seems, with a dwindling bank account and no prospects for work because of her alcohol and drug abuse issues, Lindsay is in the soup.

For those of you who feel bad for Lindsay, she's a press conference away from turning this whole thing around. She very well may die (as is her friends' concern) and that would be sad, but it would be a result of abusing herself to death. I don't like to see it, but it happens to millions every day. People with problems infinitely more complex and heart-wrenching. The difference is, they die without fanfare and without the massive support system in place that exists for Lindsay today. My heart hurts for them more.

The American public will forgive just about anything, and Lindsay has done nothing other than abuse herself. We have a soft-spot for that behavior, because many of us can relate, whether it happened (or is happening) to one of us or a family member. This is an easy one for her to recover from (publicly speaking) and start earning again. She hasn't molested children or committed assault (sexual or otherwise), she partied her ass off and acted douchey. She didn't even go an an anti-jewish rant or anything. Her image is still squeaky clean.

What I'm saying is, her earning potential far exceeds that of mine or yours or anyone in her drug or alcohol induced state. Any time you can call Katie Couric and say "I need to talk", you're going to be fine if you choose to be.

I do wish her well provided that she stops being such an asshole. I guess I wish her well either way, because that's just how I roll. Mostly. Ok, maybe not, but it sounded cool. I don't wish her any harm is what I'm trying to say super politely.

Good luck, Lindsay. I hope you find some peace one day.


MayoPie writes nonsense all of the time on his blog.

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I don't feel bad for her financial state, but my heart still goes out to her in all her skeevy glory. Obviously her self worth is in the toilet. Feeling bad for her doesn't take away my empathy for the less fortunate. I want Lindsay to get better - I think she's interesting on film; it's a shame she can't get her shit together.


I think you've hit on something here. A good anti-Semitic rant could be exactly the thing that launches Lindsay back to the top. If it worked Mel... well, okay, it didn't really work for Mel. But there's a first time for everything, right?

Apryl's Antics

Maybe she could be like the female equivalent of Robert Downey, Jr.

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