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Is Warner Bros Going to Re-Make The Neverending Story?


When we wrote the post about our favorite animated films, it got me thinking of one of my absolute favorites to this very day. Rock-biters, racing snails, flying bats and let's not forget the greatest flying muppet in history, Falkor the luck dragon. If I had a luck dragon, I would need nothing else.

I'm pretty sure this is the cutest muppet in history. We could fight about it, but I'm a hair-puller. Consider yourself warned.

Neverending-story-falkor luck dragon

It's been a while since any buzz of a remake by Warner Bros. who acquired the script last year and I'm always on the lookout for news of what the hell is going on here. And it seems I'm not the only one who's interested, as Snarky Amber would choose this film has her inaugural Flashback Friday post. I wonder how she would feel about a re-make? Amber?

In my opinion, this movie needs no updating. Other than the wolf, the puppetry and visual effects were pretty amazing for their time and can almost stand against today's digital animation as a great visual experience. It's a perfect children's movie today. I also find it amusing that Warner Bros is considering regurgitating a movie about the death of imagination.

Show me the child that will not be thrilled with this movie, in it's current form, and I will show you a child that can not be made happy. It should be a litmus test for children to determine whether or not they'll grow up to be hated. 

If they do re-make it, I want them to leave out the part where Atreyu's horse Artax sinks in the swamp of sadness. That will be the only way I'm okay with it. No awesome horse drowning in mud, please. A minor tweak that will make me not cry when I think about it... excuse me. (Artaaax!!! Stupid horse.)

Remember "Morla the Ancient one"? Best Giant turtle ever. Don't think so? Remember, I pull hair and I bite.


But I think the message of this movie was what stands out the most, and I'm pretty sure I know what that message is. When our imaginations die, Fantasia dies and so do luck dragons. And if you kill luck dragons, you're a huge asshole, because as we've covered, luck dragons are the shit.

I'm pretty sure it has something to do with it being good to read books and bla bla bla and maybe another important lesson we can take from this film is this:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” - Albert Einstein


Hear that? Albert Einstein is basically telling you that you're stupid if you don't believe in luck dragons and giant turtles, which yet again, puts Albert and me in total agreement on stuff. 


If Warner Bros won't listen to Einstein, I doubt they'll listen to me.



MayoPie writes nonsense all of the time on his blog.

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Sarah Lena

Here here and thensome. I could not agree with any part of this post any more than I already do without killing a luck dragon.

I'm a nut-tugger, so consider yourself warned.


My husband will be PISSED if they remake this. It's his favourite movie of all time, ever. Ever! He likes it more than Forrest Gump or Tenacious D - Pick of Destiny. He loves it as much as I love the lord of the rings documentaries. I think? Perhaps a little less because my love borders on a strange, deep obsession.


Jen O.

If they touch this movie with anything other than respectful awesomeness, I will cut a bitch.


I must run to the nearest DVD rental joint and test my kids this afternoon. Good idea. I wouldn't want to get too attached to them if they don't love this movie. I will have to FF the part where Artax is killed unnecessarily in the swamp of sadness, I'm not that cruel, and it makes me cry like a baby. I wouldn't mess with this masterpiece WB.


as much as I loved this movie, it gives me nightmares every time I watch it. Don't ask me why, because I wouldn't be able to give you a reason.

On a related note, I have a friend who can recite the end of this movie word for word "SAY MY NAME!"


The Neverending Story is among my top 5 favoritest movies ever! I introduced it to my 5 year-old a few months back and she loved it almost as much as me. We have watched it many, many times since. That and The Princess Bride are her go-to movies. I win at parenting.


Are there no B-movies from the 30's, 40, 50's and 60's even the 70's that need retelling and could possible do with a little improvement? No more original ideas out there?

Seriously I would love to see what happens the next day in most ofhte good John Hughes movies...LOVE to see them re-do Logan's Run, or put a new twist on 2001.

What happened to creativity?


Let's see if the 2nd try works:

My husband loaned my original copy of this book to a co-worker and NEVER got it back. I still give him shit about that, the fuckhead.


Who knows what other world the kid who played Atreyuu lived in?


I love this movie. I had sort of forgotten about it, but I really need to buy it for my kid before Hollywood screws it all up.


Haha, my mom taped this for me off TV when I was little and she actually cut out the Artax swamp scene for me because I would cry every time I saw it. It was so sad! I do love that movie though! No remakes necessary.


OK, I loved this movie with the white hot passion of a million suns when I was a kid. But I have to ask... when's the last time you saw it? Because I saw it a couple months ago for the first time in forever... and let's just say that if you want to remember it as a masterpiece, don't rent it now.

I agree that it doesn't need a remake solely on the grounds of effects. The visuals can stand. I liked the realness of them. But the message is worth introducing to a new generation. And if someone else wants to clean up the script, I welcome it. Seriously. Don't rent it now. I could barely sit through it, and I'm not sure how I did even when I was young. It is perplexing and finding out what I mean by renting it will ruin your memories.

Be warned.

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