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Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy Announce Breakup on Twitter

Jim-Carrey-Jenny-McCarthyLove is a beautiful and timeless thing -- except in the hearts of onetime bigtime film star Jim Carrey and his now ex-paramour/former Playboy bunny/occasional comedic actress/anti-vaccine zealot Jenny McCarthy, who announced yesterday via the magic of Twitter that the roaring passion that once existed between them has, alas, been snuffed out.

I have to admit some disappointment in this news. Not in the fact that they broke up, but in the fact that I initially misread the headline to mean that they actually broke up ON Twitter. Which would have been spectacular.

Jim-carrey-twitter jenny mcarthy twitter breakup Jenny-mcarthy-twitter breakup jim carrey

We've all probably experienced - either first or second-hand - a breakup over the phone, and we've all heard horror stories about breakups that happen over email or via fax (remember when people faxed? When was the last time you had a good fax?)... but using Twitter as a breakup tool? That right there is an evolutionary leap in social cruelty, and while Jim "Remember when I used to be funny and make movies that people went to see? That was awesome" Carrey and Jenny "You should take my word that your kids shouldn't take vaccines because I'm a scientist, except for the being a scientist part" McCarthy may not have been the first to make it happen, I think it's pretty clear they're blazing a bold new path that others will inevitably follow.

All of which leads to the question: how should they have handled the breakup in 140 characters or less? We at MamaPop - who live to serve the public interest - would like to offer the following as a hypothetical scenario:Jenny-McCarthy-Jim-Carrey

JimCarrey@JennyfromMTV So... the thing is that you're cute and blonde and bubbly, but I need somebody hotter so I can be relevant again.

JennyfromMTV@JimCarrey Tee hee

JimCarrey@JennyfromMTV No, I'm serious. And I don't just mean hotter as in better-looking and bigger boobs. I mean, People magazine cover-warranting hot.

JennyfromMTV@JimCarrey But... my boobs are enhanced by technology.

JimCarrey@JennyfromTV I think we're done here.

So happy trails, JimJenny. We wish you nothing but the best in finding love and success in the future. As a wise man once said, there is a lid for every pot: here's hoping you both find someone soon who provides you with a nice, tight seal and never, ever, ever lets you out.

. . . . .
TwoBusy believes in a thing called love.

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Jen O.

Wow. Jenny is really digging her nails into Jim's arm in that picture. I mean, probably causing real damage. No wonder he broke up with her. Unless she broke up with him because he's so damn annoying in the face. Either way. Justified.


this news DOES make me kind of sad. i thought they were kinda 'cool' together.
ah, well, i'll get over it.
this entire post was hysterical btw.
my favorite part?

"(remember when people faxed? When was the last time you had a good fax?)..."



"here's hoping you both find someone soon who provides you with a nice, tight seal..."

bwahahahahaha... now I hope someone I knows ends a relationship soon just so I can use that line... or not, 'cause that would be cruel. But WITTY.


What the hell is wrong with Jim's face in that first picture? He has too much extra....face.


I faxed just this morning! (Doctor folks fax all the time.)
Interested to see if Jim Carrey stays on with the whole Anti-vaccine BS bandwagon.
Cause it is. BS.

Suzy Q

They've always been a kind of an avante garde couple, so this announcement just fits in with the type of people they are. At least it's not acrimonious and doesn't involve lawsuits or a golf club to the SUV at midnight.


This actually does make me sad. Because he really loves her very autistic son, and her son feels close to and loves Jim Carrey a lot (as per both of their comments in past interviews). I hope this doesn't mess with the kid too badly.


@DianaCLT I agree with you entirely insofar as her son Evan is concerned. All snark aside, whenever something like this happens and kids are involved... you can't help but feel for them, and for how they're peripheral but very real victims when things fall apart. The fact that he's a spectrum kid adds different (and potentially even more complex) dimensions to it, and I can only hope that whatever happened/happens between them, they both see clear to doing right by him.

That said... I'm entirely in EB's court in that while I have all the sympathies in the world for anyone dealing with the challenges of life with an ASD kid, Jenny McCarthy's "let's pretend we never learned that the one study that validates my entire 'autism is caused by vaccines and therefore all vaccines are bad' crusade was publicly and repeatedly repudiated -- to the point that the US Court of Federal Claims said it had no validity" efforts kind of rub me the wrong way. In case that wasn't clear.

And with that, we now return you to our regularly scheduled pop culture snark.


I thought her son was "cured" of autism. Anyway if this means that we hear less from Jenny and anti-vax then I'm all for it. Call me a bitch, I care way more for the kids not getting their vaccines then I do for this couples break-up.

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