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Michael Jackson Inspired Cirque du Soliel Show, Joe Jackson Takes A Pass

Joe-Jackson Cirque du Soliel has signed a deal to take Michael Jackson's songs and dance moves, freak them up a bit, and turn the whole she-bang into a travelling circus and Las Vegas show. 

Joe Jackson, as usual, frowned his grumpy old man face and said "I won't see it."

The show, which is intended to be a tribute to M.J., the artist, is costing Cirque upwards of $80 million dollars to develop and produce.  John Branca, co-executive of Jackson's estate, says the goal is to "create the biggest live show of all time."  "We want to go somewhere else," he said; Jackson "wanted to innovate."

And innovate they will, in his honor.   According to Branca, they want to use holograms, 3D technology and motion simulation to bring Michael to the fans, as opposed to using impersonators and look-a-likes.  Some of the technology they plan on using hasn't even been invented yet.  Cirque is already in talks with two or three companies who are developing technologies which can be used in the shows.    

The shows will also reimagine his songs by way of remixes and mashups, to give the fans a new perspective on Michael's music.  It will not be a retrospective of Jackson's life.  Instead, it will "go somewhere else."  I don't know exactly what that means, other than there will probably be no dance numbers set to songs about child molestation allegations and botched plastic surgery.  Instead, they'll probably just focus on his music and creativity.  Good idea.


Cirque du Soliel has combined forces with the Beatles and the Elvis estates to produce themed shows in the past, which were successful and well received.  The Michael Jackson shows promise to be even bigger and better.  Guy Laliberté, founder of Cirque, says that this project, creatively, "is the ultimate."

Michael's mom, Katherine, commented in a press release that "Our family is thrilled that Cirque du Soliel will pay tribute to my son in such an important way."  Cirque and the Michael Jackson estate will be sharing the cost of the production, as well as the profits from the shows, equally.  So of course she's thrilled.  A sensible lady knows a potentially lucrative business opportunity when she sees one, as well as a fantastic way to honor her son's talent.

The senior Mr. Jackson doesn't exactly see things that way.  But, then again, when was Joe ever a voice of sense and sensibility?  When asked what he thought about his feelings on a circus inspired by his son's career, Joe answered "That's something else, isn't it?  I won't be seeing it."

Huh.  Not surprising.  He wasn't exactly a pillar of parental support during the years that his son was actually alive, why would he chose to start now?



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Jen O. is more like a beauty queen from a movie scene.

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Washington "S. Clay Wilson Fan " Cube

Why is it in every picture of Joe Jackson, he looks like a hissing demon from Hell?


For once, I agree with Joe. I won't be seeing it. I don't support anything pedophile-related.

Jen O.

@Cube - That's because he is? Maybe? Allegedly.

@DianaCLT - I don't know if I'll see it, either. Probably not. Too expensive, I imagine. But the tiny thing is is that MJ is dead, so profits wouldn't be supporting him. They would be supporting his estate, which includes his children, which now have to live the rest of their life living in the shadow of alleged pedophelia and overall weirdness that their father left for them. Michael is dead and his dark past is his alone. We can enjoy his music and creativity without it benefitting him because of the whole "him not being alive anymore" thing.


As a said before it's perfect. Circus for a circus freak!


Jen O., I appreciate your theory...but I think the majority of the world has somehow forgotten/dismissed the pedophile and somehow launched him to God status. Living or dead, I can't support/appreciate him. NOT that I ever wished him dead. I don't need that kind of bad mojo.

Jen O.

@DianeCLT - Fair enough! And I do see what you're saying about people forgetting.


Michael wasn't a paeodophile. Seriously kids, give it a rest. He was aquited.

Washington "Eternal Flame'  Cube

Give it a rest? Heck. I'll give it a "rest in peace" Badda and BING


OJ was acquitted. MJ settled. For 20+ million each. My friend's stepdad was one of the prosecuting attorneys the first time around and said the evidence was overwhelming...hence the settling.

And really - does anyone really believe OJ was innocent?

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