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Justified: Is Timothy Olyphant The Best TV Cop Ever?

Justified-timothy-olyphantOk, it seems that Timothy Olyphant is making tremendous headway in his bid to make me gay (not that there's anything wrong with that). At this point, I'm pretty much only man-sex away from completing the transformation.

Make no mistake about it, Olyphant is electrifying as Marshall Raylan Givens and continues to impress with his cool demeanor and tight-fitting jeans. (Forget I said that last part... must... fight... the gayness...)

We're 5 episodes in and 4 have been excellent. The bad one may have been due to my lofty expectations, but batting 800 out of the gate is pretty okay.

Last night's episode would introduce us to Raylan's no-good daddy, a professional con-man who would finally tangle with the wrong guy.

His and Raylan's tale would be re-ignited when Raylan would be interrupted with a phone call while sharing a post-coital smoke with Ava Crowder, childhood friend, husband murderer and  former sister in-law to Boyd Crowder, evil born again neo-nazi and awesome character.


Anyway, on the phone was Raylan's step-mom asking if Raylan could get his dad out of jail. It seems that Arlo Givens (Raylan's dad) would break into a house he was renting to someone and destroy everything inside, claiming he did so because the rent was unpaid.

However, he actually broke in to steal the $75,000 worth of Oxycontin the renter was hiding, probably for Rush Limbaugh (though they didn't specify).

When the renter showed up with his "nephews"  to Arlo's house to get his drugs back, Raylan's step mom was the only one home. She unsuccessfully tried to stab him and his hired muscle threw her to the ground.

Well, this really pissed Arlo off. So he went to the diner where the renter and his nephews were and proceeded to beat the shit out of all of them, then had a heart attack (allegedly had a heart attack).

While Arlo was in the hospital, he would ask his wife where she'd been. She said, "I was out in the parking lot trading blow jobs for cash." Arlo said, "Were you paying them or were they paying you?" And then I laughed really hard because that was a great comeback to what I thought was a well-tuned and classy response.


Eventually Givens would uncover the entire scam. You see, his father knew that the renter couldn't report the theft of the drugs. He also knew that by having Raylan bail him out, he would become involved, uncover the drug ring and put Arlo's enemies in jail. Meanwhile, he would sell the drugs and act like he's just a crazy old man. There you have it.

In the end, we learned that Raylan's father is a genuine asshole. That helps us to peel-off some additional layers to the role of Givens and hopefully gives us a new character that brings depth to this show. I just love it so much it makes me want to cuddle with it and watch "The Notebook" (the gay is clearly coming through now).

In addition to top-notch acting and intriguing story lines, there's plenty of comedy to be had. The blow job comeback is just one of many one-liners that have literally made me cackle. I love when that happens.

If you haven't watched this show, watch this show. Along with Breaking Bad, this is one of the more unique TV dramas to come in a long time. If it can make me gay, then it has to be good. I don't become gay very easily.

MayoPie writes nonsense all of the time on his blog.

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Huh. So I guess the TV studios have latched onto the "Breaking Bad" / "Sons of Anarchy" formula with a side of "Big Love." Welp, I won't be watching anyway.


Huh. I wasn't aware that was a formula and I've seen all those shows. I'm having trouble seeing how their product is this show, but considering you haven't seen it, I guess you really wouldn't know. Thanks for stopping by. I'll let the producers know norm is out.


Seriously, Boyd Crowder is the best character name on TV. Genius. Even his hair is bat-shit crazy!

The show is sublime. Olyphant is perfection and pulls me in to every episode. It's gritty, funny, and doesn't take itself too seriously. I think it's just great all the way around.

I just wish he'd beat the crap out of a nazi every ep. sigh.

MayoPie - your recaps are hilarious but now I'm going to have dreams about Rush and Sarah Palin's bangs and old lady hands. (shudder)

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