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Katy Perry's Bachelorette Planned by Rihanna. Do You Think There Will Be Strippers?

Rihanna Katy Perry Bachelorette Russell BrandAs proof of how absolutely clueless I am about some celebrities, I had no idea that Rihanna and Katy Perry knew each other, much less were close enough to be planning major events -- like a bachelorette party -- for each other. I mean, I'm not so completely clueless that I have completely no idea who they are, I just didn't know they were friends.

Yet I google their names and discover they hang out. There you go, my new thing learned of the day. It's so nice to get it over with before noon time because learning can be so taxing.

Rihanna Katy Perry Bachelorette Russell Brand 

Anyhow. Apparently Katy Perry and Russell Brand are full steam ahead with this marriage business (a union which I was aware of but honestly thought was a joke) and now Katy's BFF has planned something super 'cool' for her friend. Rihanna said she needed to really plan something special since Katy and Russell plan to marry in India.

Not sure what a wedding in India entails but if they have elephants at their ceremony I'll be totally jealous. Because you know, elephants at a wedding sounds cool.

But other than a few words like 'cool' and the need to 'live up to some high standards' in an interview with Ryan Seacrest there are no other details from Rihanna on the bachelorette party. Since she has 'high standards' to live up to for Katy's last hurrah as a singleton, this probably means one of two things. It could mean 'a classy evening with all her lady friends that entails no strippers and raunchy behavior' or perhaps 'high standards' could translate to 'the tequila being used for the body shots off the tight bodies of nekkid men sure as hell better be Patron or something really expensive'. My spidey sense tells me it's closer to the latter.

Katy Perry Bachelorette Russell Brand

Honestly Katy Perry kind of freaks me out a bit, especially when she is wearing things like her Oscar outfit but based on what I know of Russell Brand they make a good pair. You know, slightly unpredictable and questionable dressers work well together. Or at least that's what my mom keeps telling me.

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A Vapid Blonde

Why bother with strippers when they can just dress like they normally do and give each other the lap dances?

katie | motherbumper

@A Vapid Blonde: Hey-OH! *snicker*

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