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LOMGST! Lost Recap(ish) - Happily Ever After

Lost Happily Ever After desmond hume charles widmore henry ian cusick alan dale Today my life unexpectedly became an explosion of unforeseen real-world roadblocks, keeping me from writing the proper recap we both deserve. And so, at the risk of disappointing y'all (sorries!), this week I'd like to open the floor up to everyone present and ask for your input about what the hell is going on with this show. Because, really, your guess is probably as good as mine at this point.

Help a brotha out, won't you?

First, a little something to whet your appetite:

Alright, brotha. A smattering of questions/thoughts to get the ball rolling:

Lost-desmond-hume-lost-happily-ever-after henry ian cusick
  • So Desmond is, like, Electromagnetic Wave Man (Anti-Electromagnetic Wave Man)? What do you think THAT superhero costume would look like?
  • Subquestion: What does the island need him for, exactly? How does he relate to keeping Faux Locke on the island (and if he doesn't, what purpose DOES he serve)?
  • Can ANYONE keep all these timelines straight at this point? SERIOUSLY. And, like me, are you starting to wonder if that isn't sort of the point -- ie, that the fluidity of multidimensional space-time is incoherent, and perhaps much of what we learn in the other timelines is really of little significance to the "real" timeline? (And correct me if I'm wrong, but it does increasingly seem -- particularly in light of this episode's machinations -- that there IS a One True Timeline, One Timeline To Rule Them All, etc.)
  • A week or so back I commented that I'd roll with any reason the producers could come up with to bring Charlie back for a cameo, but UGH. Poor Charlie. He's the archetype of Jaded, Self-Destructive Rock Star in this dimension of space-time, no? He even looked... harder somehow. Darker. There was no Charlie-esque spark in his eyes, yanno? Sad. Sad.
  • Relatedly: The One True Timeline appears to be haunting those who've sidestepped it: Desmond, Charlie, and of course my sekrit boyfriend, the delicious Daniel Faraday. It seems they're all living these ghost lives, seeing flashes of The Real only in unconscious/dream states. Interesting though that all of their glimpses of that life they should've lived center around love -- the love thwarted when they shifted over to this other track in space-time.
  • I couldn't stop thinking about that earlier episode, "The Constant", throughout this one. Anyone else feel twinges of that episode here? I actually had to stop the show (thanks, Tivo!) and watch some clips from it in some sort of vain attempt to refresh my memory regarding Desmond's relationship with Charlie and Faraday (Not that it helped much, but if you want a good cry I highly recommend watching this clip) (SNIFF.). What I *was* reminded of, however, was that Daniel Faraday wrote that if anything goes wrong, Desmond was to be his constant. Which is interesting, since The Constant appears to be love, if Desmond, Charlie, AND Faraday's experiences as they played out in this episode are anything to go on. (Huh? Yeah, I know. I have no idea either.)
  • I don't know about you, but the scene that stands out to me most in this episode is the conversation between Desmond and Eloise Widmore, who, it seems, still remembers all that Desmond has forgotten about The One True Timeline, and knows far more than that besides. When Desmond overhears one of the musicians gathered at Eloise Widmore's lavish shindig mention a "Penny," he becomes insistent about seeing the guest list. Eloise will have none of this, and pulls Desmond aside:

. . . . .

Eloise: "Stop talking, Hume.  I've heard what you have to say.  Now you listen to me.  I want you to stop."

Desmond: "Stop?  Stop what?"

Eloise: "Someone has clearly affected the way you see things.  This is a serious problem.  It is, in fact, a violation.  So whatever you're doing, whatever it is you think you're looking for... you need to stop looking for it."

Desmond: "Do you... do you know what I'm looking for, Mrs. Widmore?"

Eloise: "I don't know you're looking for anything.  You have the perfect life, on top of which you've managed to attain the thing you wanted more than anything... my husband's approval."

Desmond: "How do you know what I want?"

Eloise: "Because I bloody do!"

Desmond: "I need to see that list.  Or you need to tell me why I can't."

Eloise: "You can't because you're not ready yet, Desmond."

Desmond: "Ready?  Ready for what?"

. . . . .

You'll pardon me if I just have to say, at this point, LOMGST!!!!! And also: WTF?!?!

  • I found the ending interesting -- how did Desmond's glimpses of this alternate life change him from someone who wanted to beat the living crap out of Widmore with an IV pole to someone who actively wants to help him? Is Desmond's revelation simply that what happens on the island ripples out through space-time and so, uhh, he's gonna help stop that shit? Something else? Is Widmore on the side of "Good" (since the show seems increasingly to be operating out of these good/evil, black/white poles, I presume he's one or the other)?

Looks like next week's episode is All About Hurley, which makes me absurdly happy. Think we're gonna find out he's The One (ie, The Candidate To End All Candidates)? I mean, jesus, we're kind of getting down to the wire on this show, and I'm guessing it's time to let it all hang out, no?

Where's this all heading? What's it all about? How does the endgame look to you? HELP ME, DAMMIT!

Previously on Lost Recaps...

. . . . .

Sweetney is a writer, geek, and professional smartass from beautiful Baltimore, MD.

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My answer to "What does the island need Desmond for?"

He needs to get each person (Jack, Kate, Claire, etc) to decide which timeline they are going to subscribe. Does Jack want the island timeline where he's a recovering alcoholic and life sucks? Or does he want to live with his son in the not-so-sucky timeline?

I have no idea what's going on, but that's my best guess.


Oooh! Oooh! Also? What's the "sacrifice" Widmore is going to ask Desmond to make? Forgot about that one... HALP.


What I took from Desmond's sudden turn around is that he finally got some resolution of his feelings toward Widmore(the unresolved, never able to please daddy feelings) and once he was able to experience acceptance from widmore, he stopped seeing him as the antichrist.


also, Keli: that's kind of what I was thinking too, he can't be hurt on the island, so it's his job to go around showing the candidates their choice.


I think you've answered some of your own questions. The island needs Desmond b/c he IS the Constant. I think he has to help heal the rift between the two timelines somehow.
I took Des's peaceful demeanor at the end to be the direct result of realizing that he & Penny will be together no matter what or WHEN.


I'm just very, very happy that Daniel is back in the mix. Also, yes, this is ALL about constants. Maybe Des is everyone's constant and that's why the island needs him - he has to anchor the final candidate in the right timeline to keep the whole thing from going kablooey (again). My constant, btw, is the hotness of Jeremy Davies.


What it seems like we're looking at here: Choice or fate. In Sideways World or LA X or whatever you prefer to call it, we see situations that seem to be driven by accepting Fate. Whatever is meant to happen will happen. Sayid will go on protecting his Nadya, knowing he can't have her. Jin and Sun will go on knowing their love is NOT written in the stars, and now, neither is their child. Kate will know she is fated to always be on the run. James Ford is fated to be alone, and fated to be driven by the desire to kill Sawyer. Jack is fated to be a bad father (or is he? Some signs of defying fate, perhaps?), Locke is fated to be in a wheelchair, Etc.


Unless they are shown that there ARE choices. There ARE options. You don't NEED to accept your fate. It's Desmond's goal to show them that. There are alternatives.

The Man In Black feels like, if left up to People, they will screw it all up. He is a proponent of Fate ruling all. He has been released onto the world, with the destruction of the island (and all of the candidates + Jacob). The world leaves it all up to him.

Jacob wanted to show that there would be at least ONE person who would not side with Fate. That at least ONE person would choose to Create His Own Adventure. I think our candidates will be given choices, and they can either go with the Alternate Reality world, where life isn't the best, but at least it's a clean slate, or they will choose to make The Island, and everything that has happened on it, regardless of the pain it caused, regardless of the separation from loved ones, despite its absurdity, their path of choice.

All he needs is ONE person to sacrifice, and accept that nothing will be laid out for him. He or She must be willing to give up the life they could have had, and stay willingly, so that the others may leave. THAT is the point of the island. To see who is willing to stay for the sake of everyone else's "happiness", or Choice.

2. I believe Widmore's intentions are "good" in that he doesn't not believe Fate rules all. He believes power belongs to those who take it. Unfortunately, Widmore is too self-serving. He didn't stay on the island. He is back, I believe, to see if there's a way around it all, so that he can keep his life up to him (keep MIB out of it), and keep his family. I think he brought Desmond to the island because he wants Desmond to destroy it completely (as the sacrificial lamb). Perhaps not realizing this would mean he is falling right into the hands of fate.?

Or I could totally be wrong. What if I just let the rest of the season play out, and see where it takes me. JUST LIKE THE MAN IN BLACK WOULD HAVE ME DO! *shudder*

cindy w

Random geek moment: I noticed the limo driver was Fisher Stevens, and I was thinking that maaaaybe I'd seen him on LOST before? And oh yeah. I did.

He was the one who told Desmond the whole thing about needing a "constant" (i.e., Penny).

And yeah, I think Eloise is basically the one person who understands the whole thing, regardless of what dimension she's in. She was the one who refused to sell Desmond the engagement ring he wanted to buy for Penny, which sent him on the big sailboat race around the world that landed him on the island. So... yeah. I wonder about her.


Cindy W, I think Eloise just wants to prevent the moment where she shoots her own son (pretty traumatic, I'm sure). I think her whole purpose is driven by this. If she keeps Desmond from Penny, she keeps Desmond from succeeding in changing the outcome of Sideways LA.


Umm, you people are blowing my mind. In a good way, I mean. Please continue.

PS: I will fight all y'all for mah Faraday. Don't make me cut yoo.


Perhaps this means I am dim, but now that I've seen it, which is the One True Timeline? I'm still lost! (OH I KILL ME)


This is giving me a migraine. I can't imagine how they will possibly wrap this show up in a nice little bow in the time they have left. All I know is they better not take the Soprano's route and rocket some old fucking 80's band back into mainstream and call it a night. I will go postal.


My brain just exploded. I thought Des had a change of heart because he thinks if he helps clean up things on the island that it will become his "real" life and he'll get to be with Penny. That's all I got. I'm barely hanging on here.

Ms Thistle

Crazy idea for the heck of it: MiB wants to get off the island and go home (where, exactly, is home? Heaven? Mainland? There have been many ideas of that). He is obviously planning on killing all the candidates, it's the only way he can be freed.

Thing is, they also now exist in an alternate universe: so if he 'gets rid of' the ones on the island, then the ones in the AU will be brought together and return to the island, and the battle starts all over - and maybe Aaron takes over Jacob's role, or Jack. Crazy, I know.

I keep seeing the ending with AU Charlie, looking at all the Au Losties, just crashed on the island saying "Guys, where ah we?!"
fade to black, with the signature L O S T...

Who knows. I do think that Des is the Constant for all, and his new found dedication is all about Penny and his child.

Mama Lost

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