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MamaPop Video Roundtable: No One Said Funyuns Edition

Junk-food Junk food.  Chips, pop, cake, fries, Doritos.  All of it made from a combination of space-age materials and corn.  It's not food - it's material!  And our official MamaPop position on junk food is: we love it. We grew up on it. Craved it as children, resented our parents for not letting us have every bag of corn chips or gummi worms or scarlet licorice twist we wanted.  Robbed convenience stores for those fake strawberry things (What the hell were those things anyway?)  And now that we're all grown-up, I figure at least 30% of our DNA is candy.

This week, MamaPop confesses to our love of junk food.

MamaPop Video Roundtable: No One Said Funyuns Edition from palinode on Vimeo.

What's your favourite junk food? Tell us in the comments!

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That was almost as good as Chips Ahoy! And Jen O's "man-hands"? Classic.

Jen O.

They were distracting me.


Swedish Fish!!!!! Sixlets are awesome too, way better than M&M's. If you've been out drinking, White Castle's are just the ticket, but only after the bars close.

Suzy Q

I'm Miss Banshee's favorite! Hee.

THANK YOU for putting names to the MamaPop faces, Palinode. It's sometimes hard for an old fart like me to keep y'all straight.

Such cute kids, ON, and that's quite the Cookie-Eating System you've worked out.

I like those oatmeal cookie-pie things with the two soft cookies with white stuff inside. I would refer to the white stuff as "frosting," but I don't think it quite qualifies. That white stuff is in a (lower) class of its own.


"I don't like it...but I eat it anyway"
Classic, Jen!
The jelly ones are pretty gross. I've recently discovered the deliciousness of chocolate dipped doughnuts....mmmm... And I totally know what you mean about the round sprinkles, what are those?? Itty bitty gumballs? Not good.


While not Funyuns, no, I must occasionally have Munchos. And no, I would not classify them as a food in that they are primarily comprised of salt, hydrogenated vegetable oil, air and regret. They should be illegal for their unnatural texture alone - they are like the Pop Rocks of processed potato products. Still, I become obsessed with the idea of them usually about once a month and have to have them, always with a ginger ale or Diet Coke. They are also a required road trip snack. 7-11 is the only place I buy them.

As for sweet things, mostly Nerds, which are basically sugar pellets, and therefore lack any redeeming value, but I have trouble caring, mostly.


Just love the video roundtables! You MamaPop kids are fantastic and adorable and I am totally not stalking you at all.

Also...Cheetos. The compact, crunchy kind, not those puffed up, petrified slug-looking ones.


Can someone explain the chanukkah shirt to me? In April?

sweetsalty kate

I won't mention him by name but there is a participant in this video who is a BLASPHEMER and he is teaching his daughters to also be BLASPHEMERS.

Soggy cookies? Shuddering.

But the dazzlingly jewish t-shirt... it confuses me. It makes me wonder about sogginess. It's some kind of plot.


Outnumbered's daughters are totally adorable!

BHJ didn't mention another excellent pink junk food - the Hostess Snoball!

My absolute favorite junk food combo is regular Doritos dipped in sour cream. YUM.

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