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MamaPop Video Roundtable: Sitcoms of Yore Edition

John-ritter Sitcoms!  You like them.  Your mother likes them.  And MamaPop likes them.  Today we pause to recall, with the greatest solemnity, the sitcoms of our childhood.  They made us laugh. They made us cry.  They helped turn us into the adults whom we will probably never become we are today.  We would have done a big ceremony with burning torches, but after looking into the logistics, it turns out that fire is prohibitively hot.  The more you know, I guess.

MamaPop Video Roundtable: Our Favourite Sitcoms Edition from palinode on Vimeo.

What sitcoms do you remember from childhood? Let us know in the comments!

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Red Haired Friend

I guess the biggest question of the 80s sitcome (to an 80s pre-teen) would be Jo or Blair (or if you are freaky, Blair's Special Ed cousin)?


Jo all the way.



Jason's Dad

When my son was growing up he used to say "Someday, I wanna be President of the U.S. of A." and I would encourage him with a "yeah, ok" or "Act a little less stupid and maybe someday you can be."

Of course, he was never getting elected to anything, but I still tried to keep his options open - just in case.

All the Halloween photos of him as Princess Leia are safely under lock and key right along side the audition tape for Poison (how much bar mitzvah money did your drop on make-up for that?). And I've still never spoken publicly about the bed-wetting situation in his freshman year at college.

Well, with this video now out in the world for all to see, I am glad he has come to terms with the fact that he'll never, ever be running for public office. Ever.


I think that talking to dead 80s stars on a cell phone from the 80s/early 90s will help increase your chances to actually having them hear you. Poor Jason.

Jason's Mom

No wonder our couch always smelled like ass.


Filthy rich, Best of the West and Wizards and Warriors were the best.

your neighborhood librarian

When my dad backed into my cousin's car the other day, and then the cousin's dog got into the house and ate my Mom's taxidermied fox, just for about an hour I thought I was on Eight is Enough.


This weekend a couple of us were reminiscing about a) Small Wonder and b) Out of This World. I still daydream about stopping time like the girl in Out of This World, and how cool was Vicki the android in Small Wonder? (Except for the dress and apron. Really?!)


Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Dr. Who, IN SEARCH OF?!?!

Can Sweetney be ANY MORE PERFECT?


@norm - Thank god SOMEONE finally recognizes my perfection! snort.

Jason's turned his part of the roundtable into pure performance art, and it's making me feel inadequate. Dammit.


Great intro.

Why doesn't this shit go viral? Or maybe it does. And I don't know my viral.

Fire IS prohibitively hot.

I just have one suggestion: Who the hell are all these people?


OK, I hope that didn't sound snarky...I think I know my mamapop but those avatars are kinda small.

That was my other question: Who does these? They are awesome.

I guess that would be you?

The background music, segues, the whole thing. They're excellent--and hilarious.


@ozma - No snark taken. In fact, it's a good idea to be more clear about who's speaking. Just because we know who we are doesn't necessarily mean that our audience does.

In answer to your other question: yes, I edit the videos, dig up the clips, etc. The MamaPop writers give me great material to work with.


Aidan - Maybe we can have little name-captions for a few seconds at the bottom of these when someone new appears on the screen?


@Sweetney - Sounds good to me.


I concur with adding names, and stuff. I too have been a little bit lost with who's who.

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