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Mischa Barton Needs Help, Clearly

Mischa-Barton-bad-pants The first person to point out one single part of this ensemble that isn't horrendous gets a prize.  It's an imaginary prize, but you get it.  And because it's imaginary, it can be whatever you want, but I'm guessing no one will win the prize, because nothing is ok with Mischa Barton's outfit.  Right? 

Between the Wizard of Oz ruby red slippers, the Daisy Duke midriff-baring granny top, and the translucent, too-tight, zipper-ankle, mom jeans, Mischa Barton appears to have gotten dressed drunk, in the dark, with her hands tied behind her back.  The overall package makes her look a little in need of professional help.  What brand?  I'm not sure.  Probably styling, but beggars can't be choosers.  Point is, the girl who's famous for being famous for something once upon a time, needs help.

Mischa Barton high pantsMischa, call me.  I'll do it for real cheap.


. . . . .
Jen O. would like you to stop staring at her ripped t-shirt and track pants.

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That may be the worst outfit, followed by the worst picture. Now she's far from overweight, but let the Hollywood hounds loose on that and she'll be the next "Jessica Simpson fat in mom jeans" victim. Get a mirror woman.


I think she already is doing it for real cheap.


She doesn't have VPL? Do I get a prize?

That shiznit is HEINOUS.


Those jeans, they flatter no one.


I love the top! Cropped tops are totally in. Geez it's really pathetic how everyone collectively tears her down. STOP criticizing her! I'm sure she's far more beautiful than all the ugly fat lards reading this. No one deserves this scrutiny on their appearance. She looks great.


That pic could post on "People of Walmart" and fit right in.


Her bag kicks ass. that is all.


I don't know, it might have looked cute on her 15 or 20 pounds ago. Girl has porked up. What happened to her??

Fawn Amber



Well, she did like to say in interviews and such that she was thin but not really in shape because she never works out. Maybe the metabolism is just beginning to go? Eh. Happens to us all.

For the record though, I think her clutch is pretty rad. :)


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