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Ashley Simpson is Pantsless and Undead

Ashley-Simpson-no-pants  Oh, my!  This is simultaneously frightening and fascinating.  I'm coming up with all kinds of possible scenerios for this ensemble.  I think it's just an unfortunate romper, but that's not nearly as interesting a conclusion as it could be.  Allow me to indulge myself.

First, of course, Ashley Simpson had all blood sucked out of her body by Dracula himself.  They met at a club and hit it off (just as friends, of course).  But Dracula was tired of those wussy Twilight man-boys hogging the spotlight, plus her blood look particularly delicious, so he said 'screw it' and went for itTook the opportunity to cash in on some publicity, you know?  Then he pantsed her, 'cause that's always hilarious and never inappropriate and always gets those paparazzi cameras flashing.  But the pants came all the way off and it was too late to abort, so he pushed her out into the streets, alone, left to wander the night, undead, wondering what the hell happened to her pants. 

Ashley Simpson No-Pants

I think I need a nap.

. . . . .
Jen O. thinks rompers are super cute on her 2 year old.

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This poor girl needs a nap. And a B12 shot or something.


You're correct, pantsing is always hilarious. Gotta love a good pantsing. Also, she has a full head of shiny (greasy?) hair, with a weird front braid in a lighter shade.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

I'm thinking that this was like one of those dreams where you are walking down the hall at school and you realize you totally forgot to wear pants.

Except it really happened to her.


"Has anyone seen my dignity, or my pants?"


Oh my god, Sarah... That shit happens for real. I teach high school & this trend has totally taken over this year. Somehow the girls got leggings confused for tights & took a pass on the leggings & wear see-through tights like these instead. Like with shorter shirts than Miss Ashley's. It's grotesque. And completely unacceptable.

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