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Police: Photographic Evidence That Lindsay Lohan Stole Rolex

Lindsay-lohanI started feeling bad about the hell I've been giving Lindsay Lohan. I've been raking her through the coals and I started to believe I was being a little unfair, so I decided to give her a break. Then she had to go and make me not feel guilty again. It seems that in addition to alcohol and drugs, she might also be addicted to fine, Swiss craftsmanship and perpetual movement.

We all knew Lindsay was having some financial difficulties, and now she is being accused of stealing her friend's $35,000.00 Rolex. The watch was left at Lindsay's place and was never returned to its owner.

Lindsay says she doesn't know what happened to the watch, but police claim to have photographic evidence that says otherwise. Lohan insists the allegations are "completely untrue".

Alrighty then, now that we've got all the details out of the way, if this is true, what a gargantuan douchebag. I simply can't believe this person. Who pays $35,000 for a watch? Moreover, who leaves it at a known drug addict's house?  That time-piece was magically transformed into a pile of party beans as soon as you got into your Porsche, silly.

Lindsay-lohan-drunk with rolex

You know why you wouldn't forget your $35,000.00 watch at my house? Because I'd be pointing and laughing at it until you left. But that's just me. Lindsay will apparently steal that shit.

I'm not saying she did or she didn't, the police are. It's not my place to judge, yet I like to do it when I'm bored. This would be one of those times and I'm about to say some things of which I will not be proud, but I can bite my fingers no longer.

Stealing a friend's Rolex is not nice at all. I didn't want to go there, but you all were thinking it. It had to be said. Don't kill the mouthpiece of your thoughts. It's not good and if she did it, she shouldn't have. That is not how friends love one another and this is exactly the sort of thing that can shatter the very foundation of trust on which two people build their entire relationship. I think an apology is in order, and even some financial restitution.

There. I feel better now. Sorry. This subject stirs a lot of passion in me. I'm shaking now.

To add to her issues, for the second time in a week, police would visit Lindsay, but this time with her father demanding his younger daughter, Ali, claiming she was in danger while in Lindsay's care (or lack thereof).

He has delivered an ultimatum to his eldest that if she and Ali agree to sit down and speak with him, with no lawyers, that he will not try to have a judge place Lindsay under conservatorship and take over her life.

No one knows where this story will go, but many fear a tragic ending, much like we've seen too many times. I think one thing is abundantly clear: This woman needs some help. I really hope she gets it.  



MayoPie writes nonsense all of the time on his blog.

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I might also add, this woman (and her sister) need guidance from a competent adult.

Apryl's Antics

I think that Brittany Spears' dad should adopt her and Ali. In fact, he should just adopt their whole family and let them live in the guest house. You wouldn't want them in the main house where all the valuables are.

suzi o

Last month I saw on the View that Lindsay is
quite the hoarder.They need to send in the organizing police to find that Rolex. It might just be buried under her accumulation of stuff.
Just a thought...


Between the mountains of stuff in that house in the vast quantities of junk she puts into her body, I can't help but think there are a lot of times when is truly unable to tell the difference between her own belongings and things left there by others. That doesn't excuse her for anything she may have done, not at all, but I do think she could have stolen it yet truly believe she didn't.

What a mess.


I have to point out who would steal a $35K watch and then wear it out in public knowing that as a celebrity they would be photographed wearing it and therefore give police evidence of the theft? Sounds just like her "episode" with the stolen mink from a few years ago. Girl has got some sticky fingers.

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