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Project Runway Recap: "Finale, Part II"

Project Runway  Oh my God, it's over. It's all over! And it all ended in a perfectly predictable, called-it-from-the-second-episode fashion. (Geddit? Fashion? Took me all season to work that highly-sophisticated pun into a recap, people, and now my work here is truly done.) 

I gotta say: there really isn't a whole lot to actually...recap about this finale. Like, nothing happened for awhile, Loreal and Garnier got major airtime, then there was some drama about models not showing up (Mila lost THREE, Emilio lost one, and nice-guy Seth Aaron lost zero, hmmmmmm), and then Faith Hill showed up and all the clothes went down the runway and the judges were all really nice to the finalists for a little while and then they declared the winner. The runner-up cried. The end. 

Plus, how can any puny little recap compete with the COMPLETE AND UTTER AWESOMENESS that Tom and Lorenzo have going on today? You can't see it, but I am totally pouting. Like this: *pouts* 

So. Anyway. The key difference this season was that there was no last-minute 13th look that everybody had to pretend to be surprised by. (And I'm betting everyone came counting on that, since the collections were only 10 looks to begin with.)  Obviously, if I take the time to post and critique every look from every collection, this entry won't post until sometime in June, so I'm just going to skip pretty much everything and post my favorite and least-favorite looks from each of our three finalists. 

(The reunion show? Will be covered separately on Monday. Because SERIOUSLY, DOODS, OH MY.)


Project Runway 

I admit: I've been so down on Mila for WEEKS now that I was surprised to see several looks that I really dug from her collection, and even more surprised that they weren't all retro-mod-colorblocking happy. Usually when Mila leaves her comfort zone, disaster strikes. She managed to pull it off with a couple surprisingly modern looks, like this one. I'd like to buy that shirt. (And then hack a few inches off the neckline.)

Project Runway 

That's not to say that her collection was clunker-free. This cheap-looking dress and that...thing offend my eyes and my boobs' definition of comfortable. If I had risked the spoilers and viewed all the collections before last night, I would have pegged Mila's as TOTAL DECOY in a heartbeat. Some nice moments, but otherwise completely forgettable. Tim and the judges' love for this woman continue to allude me. 


Project Runway 

Project Runway
I had a really hard time picking my favorite looks, because he sent down several really solid outfits. I agreed with the judges that his coats were especially fabulous, as was his final gown. My former career-woman self would claw someone's eyes out for his black pantsuit. This is by far the most colorful fall collection a ProjRun designer has attempted in recent seasons, and I think he did it pretty well by using the olive green to set off the bright blues and reds. 

But I also agreed that his stuff was almost distractingly commercial, and not really representative of the stuff he's shown previously. Which...MAKE UP YOUR MIND, SHOW. They pick Mila's easily-accessible stuff over Jay's more fashion-forward collection, and Nina's move to Marie Claire and many of the challenges have really pushed the show and the judging over to the "what would girls like to buy at a nice department store" side of fashion. Emilio's collection is all stuff girls would like to buy at a nice department store, this girl included. 

Project Runway 

But yeah. This is a nice-enough dress, but it's not going to win you Project Runway, nor should it. Yawn.

Seth Aaron: 

Project Runway 

As soon as Seth Aaron's crazy-legged first look walked down the runway, I thought it was clear that he'd cinched the win. And then this look came out and I hurled my body at the TV because I love it that much. The way he combines stripes and polka-dots and plaids is crazy impressive to me, because I have a hard enough time figuring out what colors go together, much less the daring to combine prints and patterns. It was also clear that Seth Aaron took Tim's advice to stretch himself to heart, because this collection went far beyond the black/zipper/punk look and was NOT the all-jacket/skinny-pant extravaganza one might have predicted.

Project Runway 

But I also agreed with the judges: This was a disappointing final look, and simply underscored the fact that SA doesn't. Do. Gowns. (Although I bet Jay is jealous of the hip-and-butt-widening silhouette.)

But Seth Aaron is our winner, because his collection was the most innovative, yet still wearable. I agreed with the judges 100%. It's always nice when that happens, though a little underwhelming. Like: Yep. That's our winner. What else is on? 

Emilio was devastated and cried backstage. I've never been able to work up much dislike for the guy, so I felt really sad watching that, even though I couldn't disagree with the decision even a little. 

On Monday, some thoughts on the bitchfacefest that was the Project Runway/Models of the Runway reunion show. 

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It's been pretty obvious all season that Seth Aaron was going to win, but Emilio's gown was really beautiful. I hope someone hires him to design something so we can see more of him.


With all the other designers who make a "collection" so that we can't predict who the final 3 are, I always wonder if Heidi, Michael & Nina ever watch the other collections & think maybe that other person deserved to be in the final 3 after all... Just a thought. I'm glad that they picked SA though and didn't go with the crazy color blocking retro loving Mila.


I told my husband "if Mila fucking wins this I am never going to watch Prorun ever ever ever again". And then my favorite goes and wins. Go figure. My powers, they are surprising to even myself.

I'm so glad I won't have to see more of Milas black and white colourblocking ripoff from the 60's no original thought crap again. THANK YOU. (Favorite part of the show: When Mr. Kors said they weren't surprised by Milas show. What were they expecting?!)

I really didn't like Emilios colours either. But props for using colours.

Seth Aaron had to win.

Now down to the serious business: Is Nina depressed? She isn't sockin it to the contestants anymore and she just seems so SAD and low. She looks like she's on the verge of tears all the time. NINA. IT'S GOING TO BE OK!

Mrs. Q.

I cheered. This season really pissed me off, left and right, but I was calmed by the final decision. And I cried when Seth Aaron's son cried. Because that's just awesome to be so proud of your dad.

My guess is that Seth Aaron spent three months chasing uppers with Red Bull because he made an entire collection, scrapped it, and still came to the final with twice the outfits? His wife either is pissed or awesome or has a lover or all of the above. I loved so much and kept exclaiming to my husband, "Oh, I'd wear that, too!" While I'm sitting there in dirty yoga pants and slippers. In another life, maybe.

I felt a little bad for Emilio when he got kicked and broke down, but meh- I still felt worse for Jay.

Suzy Q

While I really liked SA's black and white dress and the woven coat, I wasn't thrilled with the rest, especially the plaid tragedies. The capelet on the red dress reminded me of the lilac granny nightgown capelet Rachel wore the previous night on "Glee." To each her own, I guess.

Mila's look came all the way up from the 60's to...the 80s! At least, that's what it looked like to me. I did, however, like that black and white tank top and the sparkly short dress (again). Joanna Coles of Mareee Claire magazine was bonkers saying that "shadows were inspiring." Barf.

Emilio with "Color is Badd"? I gave that two eye rolls and a Ha! His was the stuff of department stores. Wearable but certainly not couture. The long gown was his best piece.

All in all, it was a season of great recaps!


"I loved so much and kept exclaiming to my husband, "Oh, I'd wear that, too!" While I'm sitting there in dirty yoga pants and slippers. In another life, maybe."

You and me both. You and me both.

Yeah, pretty much from episode 2, I thought it would come down to Emilio and Seth Aaron, so nice to see it worked out, even if it was underwhelming.


I cheered when Mila was voted off. I just watched The September Issue (if you haven't you MUST) and she basically ripped off Vogue 2007 September issue without color in the color blocking. Barf. I hate her so much and am so happy she didn't win. I didn't care after that.

I haven't seen the reunion show. Worth finding?

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