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Really??!! Apparently We're 'Generation Mix' Now

New-generation-mix  If I were to make a list today of the top three things I hate, in the order of how much I hate them, it would go something like this: 1. Cucumbers; 2. Hitler; 3. Consumer market research. 

That's right: I hate market research only slightly less than mass murder. Apparently, unsatisfied with the equally arbitrary categories of "Generation X" and "Millennials"  market researchers have made up a hybrid term for 24-34 year-olds: GenMix.

As much as I despise market research, however, I'm fascinated by how marketers generalize and define people within an arbitrary age range by their spending habits. For example:
  • Gen Mixers only change their consumer patterns if they lose their jobs. They’ll continue to spend, but now they’ll go into department stores such as Macy’s and bargain with sales people.

Really?!? Really. I don't know a single person on earth who thinks it is either a) acceptable, or, b) possible to HAGGLE with a retail clerk making minimum wage plus a modest commission. Craigslist? Absolutely. Macy's? Not so much.

  • Personal identity is important to Gen Mixers. While they say that brands and labels aren’t important, but when you check their closets, they do care. Though Gen Mixers don’t feel the brands they buy are a direct reflection of their identity, the study shows that the brands they buy embody their identities.

Well, I know I for one feel that my predilection for classic, Target brand clothing reflects deep insights into my personal identity rather than simply my income level and desire for clothing I can wear for at least four years without looking obviously outdated. 


  • Gen Mixers love “Celebing”. If their favorite celebrity makes a brand endorsement in an authentic way, they view it as a friend recommendation.

Oh, totally. This is how I make my shopping decisions: "Hmm. While I've always bought o.b.-brand tampons, The Kardashians just did a commercial for Kotex. *puts Kotex in shopping basket*

  • Gen Mixers love to hear about celebrity mistakes because it helps validate their own mistakes, causing them to feel better about themselves. This is why reality, celebrity TV is still so popular among Gen Mixers.



Shit. Okay, market researchers, I suppose you got me there.


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oh, fuck me. who is responsible for this madness? i want names!


I'm 34, but this is the first time I've wished I was 35 so that I could be exempted from this ridiculousness. Those are the stupidest generalizations I've ever read.*

*Though I will admit to watching reality TV and reading TMZ in order to feel superior to celebs and wanna be celebs. We all have our hobbies....


The 40-in-3-weeks lady say: HA-HA!


I'm glad that, as a 21 year old, I don't fit into the GenMix category. I can safely wear far too much american apparel without being judged by market researchers.


I'm a 36 year old Gen Xer and you can totally tell because just last month I returned a set of wedding registry measuring spoons to Macy's because it had two 1/4 tsps and no 1/2 tsp. Maybe if I were a year younger I'd have asked for $5 off.

Suzy Q

Oh, kwitcherbellyachin'. I just got my AARP card in the mail. Gah.

Amy H

um. I'm 33 so I guess I fall into this "mix" category. They would be very dissapointed to look in my closet and see no jeans that cost more than $40 and no labels that any celebrity endorses. And that isn't because we are tight with money...it's because I don't give a crap which celebrity endorses certain products. I just don't.

I do watch reality TV to mock those who are living ridiculous lives, but I don't think that is limited to my age range.

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