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Robert Downey Jr. To Star In The Wizard Of Oz Prequel - My Brain Might Explode

Wizard-of-Oz Production Weekly leaked some pretty significant news through Twitter yesterday:

'Sam Mendes is the front runner to direct "Oz The Great And Powerful" by Mitchell Kapner, with Robert Downey, Jr. circling to play the Wizard'

My computer nearly had a seizure, it was so excited. 

Here's how it told me the news:

My Computer: Hey, Jen O.

Me: Hi, computer.  What do you have for me today?

My Computer: Let's play a game.  A game where, in the end, your head explodes from awesomeness.

Me: I'm not sure I like the sounds of this, but let's do it anyway.  My head hasn't done anything for me lately.

My Computer: Wicked!  Let's start.  Who is your favourite director?

Me: Uh...I've never really thought about it.  Pass?

My Computer: Sam Mendes.  For the purposes of this game, that's your answer.

Me: Fine.

My Computer: Now, who's your favourite actor?

Me: Hmm...maybe Matt Damon?

My Computer: No it isn't.  It's Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr

Me:  Ok.  He's good, too.

My Computer: Damn right he is.  Now, what's your all time favourite movie ever?

Me: This one's easy.  The Wizard of Oz.

My Computer: HELL YES IT'S THE WIZARD OF OZ.  Good answer.  All good answers.  So, here's the part of the game where your head literally explodes with awesomeness.  Waaaaiiiit for iiiiit...

Me: I'm waiting, but Glee's about to start, so I'm not waiting for too long.

My Computer: Sam Mendes is directing a prequel to The Wizard of Oz called Oz: The Great and Powerful starring Robert Downey Jr. (allegedly)!!!  Right?  Awesome, right?  About how Professor Marvel went from being a con man in Kansas to the GODDAMN WIZARD OF OZ, FOOL.  So.  Much.  Awesome.  Can't speak.  Dying from awesome...

Me: ...

My Computer: Why isn't your head exploding?

Me: Because I've seen The Wizard of Oz about a thousand times.  It's Daughter #1's favourite movie.  I sing Somewhere Over The Rainbow to Daughter #2 every night. I've seen Return to Oz, The Wiz, and Tin Man.  I've seen the Muppets' The Wizard of Oz.  I've seen Wicked.  I have the soundtrack to the original cast recording of both the broadway play and the original film in my car.  What I'm saying is - really?  They're doing it again?  They found something to do with The Wizard of Oz that hasn't already been done a million times before?

My Computer: ...

Me: Are you ... crying?

My Computer: :(

Me: Ok, I'll give you that it has the potential to be awesome.  I certainly hope they've found some untapped well of The Wizard of Oz that is filled with original material.  And if they have, and they don't dick it up like they've done so many times before with so many good movies that should have just been left alone, then my head will explode, m'kay?

My Computer: :)

Me: But it better not be in 3D.


I suppose I am sort of mostly psyched about this, but very, very cautiously psyched.  Because does the world really need more of the Wiz?  Probably.  But the potential for messing this up is epic.

Oh, I hope they don't mess this up.


. . . . .
Jen O. is just speakin' the vernacular of the peasantry.

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Washington "Melting Your Troubles Like Lemon Drops" Cube

You know I was thinking about Robert Downey, Jr. the other day. Why, one might ask?

Well. Cameron Douglas was sentenced to the hoose gow, and I was remembering when RD,J. did time for drugs and when he got out he was interviewed, and they asked him about jail rape and he refused to answer, but the reporter mentioned that RD, J. looked "rattled," and since then not once in all of his confessionary modes of redemption re: addictions has he ever discussed this particular issue, and me wondering, "...and what's going to happen to poor lil Cameron Douglas and will his teeth get knocked out on Day One so he can be someone's boy bitch?

The Wizard of Oz you say? Listen. I once wrote a blog piece about the fried chicken in The Wizard of Oz. There is fried chicken in Wizard, you ask? Indeedy there is. I thought I knew all, been all, seen all about The Wizard, then one evening I was watching it, and Auntie Em comes into the barn yard bearing a plate of fried chicken for the men folk. Dorothy snatches a drum stick. This is right before the "Rainbow" sequence, by the way, so I was henceforth fascinated with the idea of Dorothy wandering over to the haystack and wagon wheel :::cue to orchestra:::and her waving around a fried drumstick while wishing for her rainbow and happiness.

The Beatles sang "Happiness Is A Warm Gun." Dorothy "could have" sang "Happiness Is A Warm Drumstick."

I need to get a can of White Rock Star for a chaser. This coffee isn't kicking in.

cindy w

Um, that wasn't fried chicken in the beginning of Wizard of Oz. It was a cruller. Auntie Em said so when she handed them off to the guys.

I have no idea what to think about this new movie. I'm a little worried they're going to eff it up royally.


Wait-you didn't mention reading the other OZ books! They are magnificent children's literature, and to my mine The Wizard of Oz was probably the weakest book in the bunch. Return to Oz was sort of a mishmash of two of the books, but there is still so, so much Oz material out there that came straight from the mind of L. Frank Baum. I hope they tap that well, rather than start from scratch.

Washington "Melting Your Troubles Like Lemon Drops" Cube

A crueller? Holy rooster! I like the idea of chicken better, but crueller goes better with coffee and that caffeine jolt I still lack.

Like everyone else, I always wanted my own flying attack monkeys.

...and to get back to the original thought...early Wizard as travelling tinker and con man is a fascinating point to explore.


Well you said the only three things I needed to hear before decided whether I would go see it or not.

That would be:
1. Robert
2. Downey
3. Jr.

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