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Shia and Carey: Still Don't See It, Part Two

Shia-labeouf-435 My week has straight-up sucked and while I planned to write the best post you've ever read (seriously, it would have left you speechless), I have to save that little piece of brilliance for another time and give you this instead. Another installment in the Are You Sure You Find Him Attractive? series, except we're recycling because this post is about Shia Labeouf. Again.

I know. Some horses need a few more kicks before you let them die in peace.

But take a quick look at this picture of Shia and his girlfriend, An Education cutie Carey Mulligan.


He looks like a lion. A lion in a worn-out t-shirt. (A Lion in a Worn-out T-Shirt could make a great album name, by the way.) Now they look happy and that's nice since not all celebrity couples deem happiness as a necessary relationship check-list item. 

And she obviously gets why she's with him and that's good too. (Unless she's being brainwashed, and don't think that's not a possibility.) I'm sure what some blogger in Texas thinks isn't keeping her up at night, but I thought that perhaps sharing this picture would help all you Shia Lovers out there see the error of your ways.

Do you really want to be known as the people who find lions attractive?

I'll stop now. Can't blame a girl for trying.

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His fro kinda makes him looks like Danny Masterson when he was in That 70's Show.


Considering I spent a lot of time watching him on the Disney Channel during my Disney Channel watching years (tho I do get lured back every once in a while), it's kinda hard for me not to like him!


i am STILL a lion lover. can't help it. and believe me-- i can't figure it out either. maybe i was brainwashed... hmm.


Sorry. I still find him precious.

Sarah @ TM2TS

I'm with Sharon! That's the first thing I thought of, and I thought Hyde was HOT!! Wonder if he's got the "government is out to get you, man" mentality too!


Sarah, Hyde was totally hot! I would have jumped his bones any day. But Shia? No. I just don't see the appeal.


Admission: I am totally more attracted to Carey in that picture than Shia.

WHAT. She's adorable. And hasn't kissed Megan Fox. Nuff said.

Suzy Q

Well, he doesn't usually look like this. Maybe he got all hairy for a role?


Love him like that. But I love scruffy-looking Jewish boys, so there you go.

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