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Comedy Central Censors South Park Because Of Death Threats From Nerds Posing As Muslims

Trey-Parker_Matt-Stone South Park has a long history of insulting religions because religious people are funny when they're mad. If religious people weren't so funny when they get all frothy and sputtery, South Park wouldn't make fun of them. But that's just not going to happen. For example, South Park pissed off some Muslims who want the creators dead. Like, dead dead. Because of a fucking cartoon. Yay monotheism!

So yeah, Matt Parker and Trey Stone, the guys who make South Park, A CARTOON, depicted the prophet Muhammad in a bear costume. It looked like this.

Muhammed See how insulting that is? No? You mean you're not offended by a couple potheads drawing a stupid cartoon that makes fun of everything? 

Well there's a small group of reified literal buttholes who think Parker & Stone ought to be killed. More about these geniuses later.

So Comedy Central freaked out and censored Muhammad in a bear costume. Like this:

South-park mohammed bear This is Muhammad in a bear costume in a black censorship costume. So now everybody's mad about free speech. They're bickering about South Park's right to depict Muhammad and also about a group of loser fringe Muslims' right to threaten them. 

I'd like to contribute to the fray by defending the loser fringe Muslims' right to threaten Matt Parker and Trey Stone while also calling them a bunch of retards. I know I'm not supposed to call them retards and I even know why, but that's kind of the whole fucking point. I can say whatever the hell I want and laugh at people who get mad about it. 

If you're so right that you're pissed, check yourself. You're just a few logical steps away from killing people who disagree with you. Certainty engenders violence.

The worst part about this story is that it's a story in the first place. A very small handful of misguided losers got a ton of press and attention while Islam continues to be represented in the media by its wackiest minority. So I'm not even wasting the pixels on the name of their stupid website but here's the deal. It's like 12 dudes.

12 dudes with a blog.

So 12 outcasts who no one liked found solidarity and camaraderie in each other - misery, company, etc. - they use Islam as an excuse to vent their unbridled rage and now they're famous like Paris Hilton. Excellent. And the equally thoughtful general American public gets to keep being way righter than Muslims based on the absurdity of 12 dudes with a blog.

Just forget it. Seriously. Just forget I brought it up.

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Abso-frickin-lutely. Amen.


My husband is going to love this post so much, I almost can't believe I'm taking the time to comment instead of sending him the link.


I wouldn't have done anything to respond to these guys except for a call to the FBI. Most Internet trolls usually pipe down after their rectums (recta?) have been searched for Semtex.


And stuff like this is how Muslims get a bad name. I still can't believe that Comedy Central kowtowed to these buttwipes. Seriously? What. The. Fuck.


Like Jon said...


As a Muslim American, all I can do is?


And maybe laugh a little at Stewart.

P.S: I was upset and offended by South Park, I expressed these feelings by writing a short post on facebook to share with friends.

That was the extent of it ;)


I'm Mormon. I know being mocked by South Park. And I think it's hilarious.

Why can't people get a fucking sense of humor about themselves? I get just as annoyed when the Mormons I know rage about South Park. What makes You above reproach, above being teased? What's so terrible about having the humor of religion (which is already pretty damn obvious if you ask me) pointed out? Maybe South Park wouldn't feel the need to mock it so much if people were capable of laughing at themselves.

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