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Sparklecorn 2010: A Party That Will Live In Infamy

I'm going!

Friends of MamaPop, I bring you tidings of great joy. Great sparkly, glitter-drenched joy.

Oh yeah, you know what I'm talking about.

We the people of the Sovereign State Of MamaPop again cordially invite all you fabulous betches and bestards to come get down with us at what will beyond a shadow of doubt be the most awesometastic and glitterlicious party of the year in all of Blogland: Sparklecorn 2010.

You have doubtless heard tell of the glory that was Sparklecorn 2009. Well now's your chance to experience it -- again or for the first time -- because MamaPop is throwing an even bigger and more badass party at this year's BlogHer. And  you -- yes, you! -- are invited!

. . . . .

Is Sparklecorn 2010 timez nao, y'all!

You are cordially invited to join MamaPop for an evening of cocktails, dancing, and awesome. Also, unicorns.

Dress: Poptastic casual; glitter and leotards (headbands optional); Xanaduesque; Rock-n-Roll fantasy fabulous.

How to RSVP: Go to yonder eventbrite page and get yourself all signed up propah:


Follow the instructions on that page to snag your spot, and be sure to print and bring your RSVP Confirmation with you to the party.

Please to be noting: Party-goers must have some kind of pass for the conference in order to RSVP for the parties. This can be the Party-only Pass which is still available at http://blogher10.eventbrite.com. You will be asked to provide your pass confirmation number when RSVP'ing. The single-day passes do not come with party access on all three days, only on the day of the pass. Such single-day pass holders will need to purchase a Party-only Pass to go to parties on all three days.

Once You've RSVPed , please grab the code for one of these tasty-delicious badges, as they are sparkaliscously pretty and want to be proudly displayed on your site/blog:

I'm going!

<a href="http://www.mamapop.com/mamapop/2010/04/sparklecorn-2010.html"><img  src="http://www.blogher.com/files/Sparklecorn_160x300_0.jpg" alt="I'm going!" /></a>

I'm going!

<a href="http://www.mamapop.com/mamapop/2010/04/sparklecorn-2010.html"><img  src="http://www.blogher.com/files/Sparklecorn_1252.jpg" alt="I'm going!" /></a>

We can't wait to see you there! WOOT!

Team MamaPop xoxo

. . . . .

PS: This is all first come, first served, I'm afraid. There is a strict limit of 850 total RSVPs available, and those who hesitate are lost. Let's all be careful out there, and may the force be with you, always. 

PPS: Huge, big, massive love and thanks to everyone at BlogHer conferences for helping to make this year's Sparklecorn a reality. You are the wind beneath our wings, and without you we're nothing. For reals. MWAH!

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Can't wait to see everyone! Oh, and to wear some fantabulous glitter and spandex.


Ooooo...Can't wait!

Bitchin' Amy

Can't wait!

This party was the best of BlogHer last year and not just because of the cake!

I did miss the proposed karaoke, though.... Will you please bring it on this year?? Maybe just in a side room?


Oooh, I so want to go! Glitter and unicorns and sparkle oh my!


One of my most favorite parties last year. Woot! Count me in.


So sad that I cannot party down @ Sparklecorn, I am leaving BlogHer Saturday afternoon to head to a family party =( BOO


Yay! Glitter and unicorns, two of my favorite things in life. Can't wait for my first Sparklecorn party!


Hi Y'all

Can't wait for you all to come to New Yawk.. ;)
Looking forward to this event - a great time is sure to be had by all.


RSVP'd and button posted. I can't wait!


RSVP'd and button posted. I can't wait!


RSVP'd and button posted. I can't wait!

Suzy Q

No can do. I'll just have to live vicariously through y'all.


yay, I'm in! Looking forward to it!

Katherine at Postpartum Progress

Would it help my waitlist potential if I mentioned I have a dress with sequins? And high heeled boots?

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