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The Insane Clown Posse Ponders Some Science and S#*t

Insane-clown-posse In September 2009, the Insane Clown Posse released their eleventh studio album, entitled Bang! Pow! Boom! Recently, they released a music video for the single "Miracles." And, folks, it's EPIC.

Here's a few things that I want to say about ICP before we go any further. I get that their fan base is largely comprised of people who describe themselves as misfits and who find a sense of community with their fellow Juggalos and Juggalettes. Considering that the bonding experiences that some misguided youth seek can sometimes lead them to some really bad people, ICP fans aren't too bad. If being a Juggalo helps you get through life without harming yourself or others, then great. I'm happy for you.

I also want to commend ICP for their savvy business sense and thriving without the support of a major label. They found their niche and have been steadily successful since the mid 1980s. Not many musical acts can claim that.

Now, let's watch the video. The language is NSFW and the song itself isn't safe for...anything, really.

A buddy of mine alerted me to this video's existence last night and we then spent the better part of an hour exchanging snippets of lyrics.

Fucking magnets. How do they work?

Magic everywhere in this bitch.

Scientists gettin' me pissed.

A pelican tried to eat my cell phone.


Pet cats and dogs.

My kids look just like me.

Really, it's a gold mine. We should probably thank ICP for dropping these deep thoughts on us. It's just that...


Anyway, with all of this wisdom and questioning and existential what-the-fucking going on, the fine folks at cracked.com condensed this motherfucking pondering into a textbook called Learn Your Fuckin' Science with the Insane Clown Posse by Fuck Scientists.

Contributing author/editor and cracked.com columnist Daniel O'Brien is responsible for this nugget of awesome that totally made my night. One of my favorite pages is Wacktivities.

Mainly because...TREES. I see juggalatrees outside right this motherfucking second! Fucking science! Miracles. Up in this bitch.


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I guess props to them for having a positive song for their unhappy fans? The tune itself is pretty catchy and the lyrics made me smile because they are RIDONK.


Oh god. The funneh. MAGNETS, MAN.


at one time long long ago..LOOOONG ago I had every single ICP cd and this entry made me call my husband over and we both laughed our behinds off at this and remembering our more questionable music choices


Holy. Shit. That was definitely epic. Rather reminds me of my first experience listening to The Future disc from Frank Sinatra's Trilogy.


@G.G.R., what's "positive" about telling people that scientists are "liars"...then right after, wondering how magnets work????

It's funny to laugh at, and the beat is somewhat "catchy" supposing you don't mind it not matching up with the rest of the music in most places. But this is really just a bunchy of horrible ignorance setting mankind back to pre-biblical times.

Even if these guys were musical geniuses and retarded on every other front, I still don't think that would save this ignorance. But they have zero talent and clearly no interest in learning any truth about the world around them. I feel bad for their clown-makeup'ed kids :/

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