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Tiger and Elin v. Jesse and Sandra: Dr. Drew Plays Judge

Dr. Drew Pinsky  Dr. Drew Pinsky has concluded that the Tiger Woods situation is completely different than the Jesse James situation.  Of course it is.  Tiger Woods cheated on his wife with a bajillion hookers women.  Jesse James cheated on his wife with a bajillion hookers painted ladies.  Completely different.  But that's not Dr. Drew's point; that's just mine.

Through the power of magic and telepathy, as he isn't currently treating either of them, Dr. Drew, board certified addiction specialist, agrees that Jesse is a sex addict, he also believes that Sandra Bullock is a "love addict", which apparently is a lethal combination. 

Um.  What?  I'm not sure love addiction is a real thing. I'm not an expert in anything, let alone addictions, but it doesn't really sound like a real thing.  A love addiction?  Doesn't everyone need love in some way?  Do we need to label it as an addiction?

Sandra Bullock Jesse James 2010 Oscars Anyway, because of Sandra and Jesse's combined addictions, Dr. Drew believes that she should leave him.  Shocking.  He goes on to say that because "they don't have a long life together, it's been a relatively short term relationship. There is no doubt to me that this relationship is over."  Fair enough, Doc.  Except that they've been together for 7 years.  I wouldn't call that an inconsequential, passing fling.

And the kicker is Dr. Drew's view of everyone's other favourite douche bag - Tiger Woods.  In comparing the two completely identical completely different situations, he presents this shining diamond of wisdom:

"Tiger and Elin were very much in love at some point, and that was a very genuine love. They have two children together, a family, and many, many experiences together, and many reasons to try and make their marriage work."  

They've been married for nine months longer than Jesse and Sandra. 

So, because Tiger and Elin had children together, their relationship is more ... what?  Valid?  More important?  Sure, kids change things.  They complicate situations like this.  But does their existence give reason to forgive a man's (or woman's) infidelities?  And because Jesse and Sandra do not have children together, even though Sandra is very much involved in raising Jesse's children, that means that they should give up?  I call bullshit.

Tiger should not be given a free pass just because he has children with the woman he cheated on.  The crimes are the same, so should the punishments.  The reasons to stay in a marriage after one person has cheated on another should include remorse from the guilty party, the presence of love from both sides, and the desire to repair the damage done.  Children most definitely make the decision to leave harder, but they should not be the only reason you stay.

And, certainly, not having biological children with your partner, or any children at all, does not mean the marriage is any less deserving of a second chance.

Now, let me be very, very clear about my opinion: Jesse James and Tiger Woods are both giant tool bags who don't deserve the wives who chose them.  If it were me, my husband would have a lot more to worry about than how much he'll owe me in the divorce settlement.  He would probably be looking for a good reconstructive surgeon and a nice cardboard box to live in. 

When Dr. Drew says that Tiger and Elin have reasons to make their marriage work, to me, that says that they have fewer reasons to dissolve their marriage than Jesse and Sandra.  He compared the two relationships; so shall I.  Tiger cheated.  Many times.  So did Jesse.  Many times.  In my very humble and inexpert opinion, Elin should leave and so should Sandra, and the children have nothing to do with it.

But whether or not Sandra and Elin, specifically, should leave their husbands is not my point.  That's their decision to make, not ours as the judging public.  My point is that, contrary to Dr. Drew's enlightened advice, the existence of biological children should not be reason enough to stay with someone who cheated.  A man who cheats on his wife is a man who cheats on his entire family.


. . . . .
Jen O. likes the view from her soapbox and might stay here for the remainder of the day.

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Of course there's a "love addiction" Robert Palmer sang about it in the late 80s. Where were you?! I am not only addicted to love but also to sleep...and food. Ridiculous.

I agree with your point about the kids. Shouldn't be the decider in Should I Stay or Should I Go. Ever. Such a cliche, Dr. Drew. He's off his game.

jen from boston

Dr. drew is making my head explode. He needs to zip the lip. WTF.

cindy w

I used to love Dr. Drew. Now he sort of makes my skin crawl.

Dawn K.

ARGH! Kids being the SOLE reason for trying to stay together, getting married (whoops babies), etc. makes me want to gag. As someone whose mother stayed with my father for what apparently was quite a good many years of unhappiness, only to be unfaithful to him in the end (3 years ago this month), I speak from some personal experience.

I distinctly remember telling a friend at 9 years old (I'm now 26) that I wish my parents would divorce so they wouldn't argue as much.

Dear Dr. Drew-STUFU.


A to the men! And i love your line about your husband needing a good reconstructive surgeon and a cardboard box to live in! My husband would need the same thing!


Who's that once-model that has been on both his Celebrity Rehab and Sex Rehab shows? Stunning woman with absolute no confidence, who lets mom pull her strings? Anyway - Dr. Drew also claimed that she has a love addiction.

Next Reality Show: Dr. Drew's Love Rehab. Oy.

Suzy Q

If Sandra and Jesse have been together for 7 years, and his daughter is 6 years old...well, that math ain't good.

That said, I thinkk Trump gives better advice.

Sarah P

Spot on.

I just lost some respect for Dr. Drew.

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