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Tito Ortiz Arrested For Assaulting Girlfriend, Needs To Look For A New Job

Tito-Ortiz-Jenna-Jameson Mixed martial artist Tito Ortiz was arrested Monday after allegedly abusing his retired adult film star girlfriend, Jenna Jameson, in their Huntington Beach, California, home.

This could spell major trouble for the disgruntled gorilla's future in the UFC.

The 35-year old UFC superstar was taken away in handcuffs, cleverly hidden beneath a coat, Monday morning after the police were called to their home.  The 911 call was made by Jenna's father, who called the scuffle a "disturbance".  Jenna sustained injuries to her arm, but told TMZ she's "gonna be alright," "My babies are alright ... everything's OK ... he's in jail."  Tito was taken into custody for felony domestic violence. 

Tito claimed in a press conference this morning that the incident was a direct result of Jenna's addiction to OxyContin, a prescription pain killer.  He says that he found drugs in their home, which lead to a confrontation, but that he never laid a hand on her and that he was trying to help her.

Tito OrtizTito is known as "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy", but this comes as a shock. The pair have twin boys and have done a good job at seeming happy when they've appeared in public together. 

If this nasty, unfortunate incident proves to have happened the way Jenna claims it did, it may lead to more than just legal and familial problems for Tito.  UFC President and Tito's boss, Dana White, says this could be the end of Tito's career in the UFC.  Tito's history with Dana and with the UFC has been troubled; this may be the straw that broke the camel's back.

"We're going to be fair," White says, "but we could cut him."

White will wait until the police reports are in, but could make a decision on Tito's future with the organization before any legal proceedings are complete.

"Other than going on a killing spree, being accused of domestic violence is the worst thing you can have going for you," says White.

Something like this, a violent crime committed (allegedly) by a mixed martial artist employed by the big league of mixed martial arts organizations, is exactly the kind of bad press Dana and UFC as a company tries to avoid.  Ultimate Fighting sells its fighters as being highly skilled athletes, not brutish, savage, abusers of women.

If Tito did what Jenna says Tito did, I'll be very surprised if we see this guy fight again.  For money.  On television.  But I'm sure there will be a few worthy opponents for him to spar with in prison.  And I must say, Tito, you sure do have a purdy mouth.



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Jen O. thinks men trained to break people's faces, should stick to hitting men.

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Wow. I was really shocked to see that. I'm a fan of Jenna (Ahem, because of her book not her other uhhhhhhh... work.) and I'm sad for her. I hope she isn't addicted to drugs again.


Is that really how he crosses his arms? He looks like he's going to blink and conjure a pot roast for his astronaut boyfriend.

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