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Too Bad Ladies, Prince William is Off of the Market

Prince William Kate Middleton Rumors have it that Prince William and Kate Middleton are getting hitched. The word on the street is that June 3rd and 4th are blocked out on the royal calendar and somehow that indicates that these kids are going to announce the engagement in June. If this is true it means what you think it means.

That's right ladies, Middleton wins. She just scored the most eligible bachelor in the world. I mean, now that Tom Brady is married the second in line to the British throne isn't a bad catch.

He is cute too.

Prince william

Not that Kate is a slouch. She is gorgeous, and if you can score a Prince wearing this hat I would assume you are also pretty cool to hang out with.


Plus, they have been dating for seven years and Kate is 28 years old. That is pretty much the time where you either shit or get off the pot - although I am not sure you are allowed to say that to this baby.

Princess Diana Prince Charles Prince William baby

Son of a bitch. Prince William is getting engaged? At this rate I will NEVER be the Queen of England. I mean, sure I am married and American and like 10 years older than William, but a girl can always hope.

I'm sure Catherine Parr never thought that she would get to be Queen either, but everything worked out for her.


. . . . .

Goon Squad Sarah also thinks that Queen Elizabeth will outlive Prince Charles, which actually puts William second in line. Way to go Kate!

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I have read too much Philippa Gregory to say I haven't entertained thoughts of how mothereffing insane in the membrane it would be to be the Queen of England... I would settle for Princess of Wales. How's little Harry's love life? I always like the redheads. Just don't tell my husband.


i swear i just saw some tabloid something or other where william is going to get married 2011 and then elizabeth is going to step down and pass it to william. and that that old hag camilla is all bitter and they are divorcing. granted, this was some tabloid. could all be crap.

Apryl's Antics

That hat is astonishing.


I thought he was first in line to the throne? Didn't Charles get royally disowned or some shit like that?


William is cute but Harry is cuter!

Suzy Q

I don't think the Queen could bypass Charles in favor of William even if she wanted to. Charles would have to renounce the crown first. It's all in the line of succession.

Wiliam and Kate are going to make beautiful babies!


And all I can think of when I see that last picture is how weird it still is that Diana is dead.

Weird, the passing of time and all that crap.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

@Suzy Q

I was thinking the same thing. Those babies are going to be gorgeous.

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Camilla is going to be even more bitter since she broke her leg and is in a cast for 6 weeks.


I thought he was saving himself for me!!! Gah.

Oh well. They probably have polite, british sex. *giggle*


Well, he certainly is the best-looking royal in a while. It's good to mix up that gene pool every once in a while - they get all inbred. Yuck.

She's pretty, but I wouldn't say gorgeous. If she was American she would be a solid 7. There's a different scale for English people.

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