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WIN Kitty Kelley's Unauthorized Biography About Oprah Winfrey, Teenage Prostitute

Oprah-winfrey-headacheKitty Kelley, notorious "poison pen" biographer of celebrities and politicians, has turned her journalistic gaze upon one Oprah Winfrey, and, if I can make a guess, it's not going to be pretty. Once someone starts throwing the words "teen prostitute" into a bag with the words "Oprah Winfrey", I think we can safely say that nice just flies right out the window.

Want to win a copy of Kelley's Oprah for your very own? Read on! 

Kelley, 68, called an investigative journalist by some and a "colonoscopist to the stars" by others, has written largely unflattering and factually questionable unauthorized biographies Kitty-kelleyof the likes of Frank Sinatra, Nancy Reagan, Jackie Onassis, Elizabeth Taylor, the British Royal Family, and the Bush family. She wrote so disparagingly of Sinatra's marriages and his connections with the mob that he accused Kelley of character defamation and misrepresentation of herself as a biographer and tried to sue her for $2 million.

Kelley's latest tome about the life of Oprah Winfrey, 56, promises to be no less salacious. She apparently brings up such expected topics as Winfrey's oft-questioned possible homosexuality and her history of childhood sexual abuse, but she throws in a few zingers, as well, claiming that Winfrey doesn't know who her real father is and that Winfrey was a teenage prostitute.

I kind of like the part where Kelley says that Oprah's father called her girlfriend, Gayle King, a "dirt hog" and a "street heifer". Snicker.

Oprah-biography Kitty KelleyIn the end, though, she claims that her book is uplifting. "I can't think of a better life story. You come away being inspired." That's not how most other people would describe her books, but okay. Inspiring it is.

If you would like to read an uplifting story about questionable paternity and teenage prostitution with a side of street heifer from interviews with bitter family members, you can! For free! 

Between now and next Friday, leave a comment about pretty much anything you like, but especially if you can weave in something about dirt hogs, and FIVE of you lucky ducks, picked at random, will win a copy of Kitty Kelley's Oprah.

That's right, WE ARE GIVING AWAY FIVE COPIES OF KITTY KELLEY'S OPRAH FOR YOUR GOSSIP-HUNGRY, READING PLEASURE, which means that the odds are pretty good, which means that you are far more likely to find yourself devouring this delicious trash talk than being struck by lightning. In fact, statistically speaking, if you comment, you are almost already a winner. Look at how awesome you are.

So, have at it in the comments! We'll be here all week!

UPDATE: We have our winners! Congratulations go out to Samantha, Suzy Q, Heaven is a bookstore, Washington Cube, and Peeved Michelle! Your books will be sent to you shortly.

. . . . .
Schmutzie doesn't know if she's into Kitty Kelley, but she sure likes the dirt she dishes.

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It sounds like Kitty would be called far worse than a dirty hog by many! Will this be on Oprah's book list...probably not. I would gladly take a copy anyway!


Is it okay if I just put "Street Heifer" in the post? Gawd, I really want to read this book!


It's one of those books I'd love to read, but am hesitant to pay for because I don't know how much of it is true.
So, freebies are where it's at! :)


I'd love to win a copy. I'm loathe to financially contribute to KK's debauchery, but I still kinda really want to read this book.

Oh, and if I win, I promise to pass it on afterward, so that someone else can indulge their inner busy body at no cost.


I'm a dirt hog for salacious biographies!


I kind of wish I had such an exciting life that someone would call my girlfriend a dirthog. Sadly, this will likely never happen.


I love free stuff, and would love something to read besides Llama Llama, Red Pajama, although it is a great read.


i don't think i can use "dirt hog" in a sentence b/c i have no idea what that is supposed to mean.

but dirt hog dirt hog dirt hog!

what a way to make a living this kitty kelley has picked. wonder if she lives a happy life or a sad one?


She was the basis for Rita Skeeter, right? I mean, right?


What?! How can you trash on the love between Oprah and Gayle? That bitch!


Also, she better not hate on Stedman.

Life of a Doctor's Wife

I hope there's a whole chapter on dirthoggery so I can understand what it means.

Suzy Q

Dirt hogs is pretty good once you clean 'em up, butcher 'em, and smoke 'em. Goes great with asparagus and a nice chablis.


ooohhh! this is right up my alley!


Love Oprah, but would love to read the dirt, anyway.

Nina Vintage

Sounds like a very interesting book to read.


Don't really like Oprah - maybe because when I worked as a grocery checker I always had to stare at her cold, dead eyes on the cover of her own magazine. Because she always puts herself on the cover! Talk about a dirt hog. Tee hee. That's a pretty fun name.
Anyway, I would read about the dirt. Hog.


My mother in law LOVES Oprah, or "O-frah" as she likes to jokingly call her. I'm pretty sure after reading this book, she'll think that KK is a dirt hog. IF I let her borrow my free copy.

Me, I like Ellen.


I haven't watched Oprah since she started bitching about her thyroid again. I would, however, enjoy a quasi-factual snarkfest involving teenage prostitution and dirt hogs...but only if there's an inspirational ending.

Inspirational endings are key.

Oh, and please? Thank you.


Me, me, me! I'm betting this turns into Oprah's new most humiliating moment in her life. What say you, dirt hog?


I'm not an Oprah fan so if it is in the end "uplifting" you can pass me by. But if it juicy and salacious than count me in!


I'm all for questionable biographies!

Heaven is a bookstore

I would LOVE to read this book. One of my gf just picked it up. Gasp, what a dirty hog! (lol) A free book and a good juicy one at that! Crossing my fingers.


Although I feel like a dirt hog for admitting it, I would love to read this book.


My brother calls her "Ofrah" too - I wonder where that comes from. She lost me when she started pushing The Secret. But yes, I am intrigued by her dirty, hoggy past!


This street heifer would be a total dirt hog if I didn't admit that I'm all about reading a free copy of the probably-not-half-true biography of Oprah! I too promise to pass along all the juicy hogginess should I be blessed with such a wonderful prize!

Washington  "D.C.'s Dirty French Laundress"  Cube

I have exactly one, no make it two, Kitty Kelley stories. The first time I saw her she was standing mid-aisle in the then Borders (which is now an Anthropologie) on Rockville Pike in Maryland. She was blabbing away to someone...gossiping, which is exactly what you would expect Kitty Kelley to be doing, but I digress...

She had a big book clutched to her chest (not one of hers.) This was just before she became famous for writing...let me google it...the Jackie Oh book. She had for hair, (and has,) what I think of as "The Georgetown Helmet" which has since evolved into "The Georgetown Layered Helmet"...but I digress.

Growing up in Washington you see the oddest things, like Nixon buying cottage cheese in a Safeway or something. Kelley put me in mind of the time I saw another Washington blabbermouth, Martha Mitchell, standing outside the Watergate with a lamp, running her mouth on a Saturday morning, but I....yeah.

What interesting youthful memories. One would think Washington was a city of yapping women. Those nervous little dogs, not hogs, that shiver if you try to lay a hand on them, and bark at shadows. My neighbor has one of those dogs. I think it's a mutated mottled French bulldog. Nora. Nora who will bark for hours at absolutely nothing, much like Kitty and Martha et al.

The other Kelley story isn't as interesting. She had the same woman who did the Clinton White House in that garrish Neo-Empire Jewel Stripe thing do the heavily layered fringed curtains in her own manse. Read: taste overkill. Read: Nouveaux Cochon,n'est Cochon Sale. Which reminds me...we used to have a charming little boite in Georgetown called Pied du Cochon. Pig's Foot.

Dirt hogs? Well. Hmmm? I used to know a member of the Pagans named Hoopie. Does that count? Come to think of it, in all of her years on television, has Oprah ever interviewed a member of a motorcycle gang like the Pagans or Hell's Angels? I imagine many would consider Oprah part of the 1%'er's, but not like I'm thinking as in "Berdoo" Chapter.

I do vaguely remember one of her early shows that featured men who like to suck on pacifiers and wear diapers, but that's back when she was still climbing to the top. But I ....

Peeved Michelle

I want it.

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