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I Have A Beef With Dancing With the Stars

Dancing-with-the-stars  I have long held silent on this, but after this last season finale I will hold my tongue no longer.

I have long held that the attraction of Dancing with the Stars is the opportunity to watch "stars" who have absolutely no business dancing as they either fall on their faces or slowly evolve into fantastic ballroom dancers.I also must admit that I enjoy watching D-list celebrities compete against each other for basically anything, so that's probably part of it, too. What it comes down to is that I don't watch for good dancing. If I wanted to see good dancers, I'd watch So You Think You Can Dance or I'd rent Strictly Ballroom for the fortieth time.

However, what makes any competition less than fun is a ringer, and DWTS has increasingly sprinkled its playing field with celebs that have an unfair advantage. While sometimes this ends up serving certain interests—for example, I am cool with any opportunity to see Tom DeLay humiliated—it does make for a disappointing finale. So Nicole Scherzinger won, huh? Wow, isn't she, like, a professional dancer already? So, basically, she won a dance competition against a bunch of people who didn't have her years of training and natural talent? Awesome, what's on next, that horse race where you watch a champion thoroughbred race a bunch of mentally challenged donkeys? 


Last season wasn't nearly as bad, yet it was hardly fair, in my opinion. Donny Osmond took the title leaving runner-up Mya and second runner up Kelly Osbourne. The thing is, the only competition there was between Donny and Mya. Donny has a stage career spanning several decades and Mya has been dancing since she could crawl. How did Kelly even stand a chance? The fact that she often was better than either Mya or Donny despite being a complete noob is reason enough why she should have won. 

So I ask you, when will we demand that DWTS level the playing field a little? When is it time to say, "look, Nicole, we know ballroom dancing is a little different from the burlesque/pole dancing you're famous for, but you still have a clear advantage over, say, Kate Gosselin."

Let's have dancers like Nicole compete in a round wherein only celebs with accomplished dancing (or figure skating) careers compete against each other. Otherwise, can we please restrict the competition to people who are famous despite having no talent?

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Mighty Hunter

I want to see the following in DWTS: Hulk Hogan, Brandon Fraser, Kathy Griffin (THAT'S RIGHT I SAID IT), Christiane Amanpour, Carrot Top, and Matt Hasselbeck.


Mighty Hunter

I need a few more women in my Dream Lineup®. Help?


All the women who competed on Rock of Love.

Fairly Odd Mother

I want Kelly Bensimone and all the women of Real Housewives of NJ on this.


I was confused about why it was on so long. Shouldn't they have just handed her the trophy the first week?

Papa Bradstein

Did you seriously compare Pamela Anderson to mentally challenged donkeys?

That is *so* unfair to those innocent donkeys.


Oh man, if DWTS was on NBC then we could totally have a real housewives dance-off - can you just see Atlanta vs NJ and NY vs OC?


I'm totally in agreement with this post. I can remember when they announced who was going to be on the show this season and when they said Nilcole's name, I thought, well...I guess we know who's winning that "competition"! Enough with the professional football players, (unless it's Tom Brady)and dancer/singers!

Fawn Amber

I want to see Kelly Ripa vs. Regis. Cage match style. THAT would rock.

Katie L.

I cannot believe there have been 10 seasons already. This crap been on TV for ten years? America, what's up? (I've never seen it, but I agree with your post.)

Katie L.

*has been* ooopsy.


Add to the unfair advantage list the Olympic skaters - Evan & Kristi. Part of skating is dance and brings an unfair advantage as well.

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