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Brendan Fraser Has a Lot of Integrity

Brendan-fraser The actor is prepared to walk away from a hefty payday because of a dispute with the studio over who should direct -- he'd rather not make the film at all if it means compromising his artistic vision.

This all sounds fantastic until you find out just what movie and directors we're talking about here.

The movie: Journey to the Center of the Earth 2.

Fraser's choice of director: Eric Brevig, who directed the first craptastic craphole of crap CGI movie. (Yeah. I saw it. You wanna fight about it?) He also directed some episodes of Xena: Warrior Princess.

The insurmountable problem: The movie studio wants a 2011 release, which would be impossible with Brevig because he's currently too busy directing the full-length feature film of Yogi Bear.

So the studio wants to hand the reigns over to some dude named Brad Peyton, who just finished directing Cats & Dogs 2: The Revenge of Kitty Galore.

Fraser, the star of such films as Encino Man, George of the Jungle, Blast From the Past, and Looney Tunes Back in Action, is having none of that. He's holding out for a 2012 release with Brevig because he just knows the studio wouldn't attempt to release the sequel without him, Brendan Fraser, the star of such films as Dudley Do-Right, Monkeybone and G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

(I swear to God, these are all actual people making actual movies that make actual money. Now, don't you have a student film from college you'd like to apologize to?)

It looks like a game of chicken between Fraser and New Line/Walden Media execs and there are risks on each side. Fraser is prepared to give up a fat sequel salary, after recently starring in the flop Furry Vengeance.  New Line/Walden faces the prospect of making a pricey 3D film and opening it without a proven star in Hutcherson (Ed. I think they mean Fraser, but I can see how the phrase "proven star" tripped them up). The original grossed $242 million worldwide. Fraser went through a similar situation on the third installment of The Mummy, but ultimately returned as the studio met his demands and the film did over $400 million, without Rachel Weisz. That global crowd still likes to see its stars reprise in sequels.

I admit I have a soft spot for Fraser. He seems like a nice enough guy. Plus, there's some leftover goodwill for School Ties and the first Mummy movie. Bedazzled has some great guilty pleasure moments (110 PERCENT!). But I cannot resist the urge to report on a story where Journey to the Center of the Earth 2 + Cats & Dogs 2: The Revenge of Kitty Galore - Yogi Bear = The Dude From Furry Vengeance leaving a board room somewhere in a flounce-y, artistic-vision huff. 

Mostly because it means I get to post this:

(Seriously, though. I have kids. Kids who like movies. You know what movies mentioned in this entry that I will be taking them to see? NONE OF THEM. I didn't take them to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua or Shrek Part Oh God Why Why Make It Stop, either. My husband put that goddamn thing about the secret agent guinea pigs on the other day and I'm like, "Dude. Seriously. Just because it's rated G doesn't mean we have to let them watch it. We can hold out for actually decent family movies. BREAK THE CYCLE, MAN."


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samantha jo campen

If I didn't know better I'd SWEAR this was an article from The Onion.



Have to put in a plug for Monkeybone. Yes, it was monstrously bad, BUT Chris Kattan as a dead athlete organ donor who has his broken neck fixed by duct tape is maybe the funniest physical comedy I can ever remember seeing.


My husband and I were recently lamenting the downward spiral of kid-friendly movie quality over the years and hoping that our son grows up to have better taste than some of the kids we know. Although, if his father gets his way, he'll be skipping right over the G-rated stuff and cutting his movie teeth on Die Hard.


Thank you for writing that. Just because it's a "kid" movie does NOT mean we have to watch it! Amen.

Apryl's Antics

I actually liked him in "Mrs. Winterbourne", but nobody remembers that movie because of Ricki Lake.


I'm going to have to be the voice of reason here. G-Force? Is. Awesome. Guinea pigs? Saving the world? What's not to love?

Okay, mostly I like it because my kids love it and I can get shit done while they sit there and laugh hysterically. Don't watch it unless you want to hear "Poop in his hand! Poop in his hand!" over and over.

That's quality, right there.


I don't care how many crappy movies he has done, I love me some Brendan Fraser. Also, if you liked his version of Bedazzled at all, you must see the original (with Dudley Moore and Peter Cook).

However, I do completely agree with you on the guinea pig spy movie. I was lucky enough to sleep through most of it.


A big NO to Marmaduke as well!


HUGE crush on Brendan Frasier here. Wish he's do something...oh I don't know....better?


Um. Okay, so we have a copy of Journey to the Center of the Earth and we all (my husband and kids and myself) adore that movie. I can forgive Brendan Fraser for Furry Vengeance because of the first two Mummy movies, and Journey. My husband even bought Inkheart on a whim--total impulse purchase--because "It has Brendan Fraser in it!" His exact words.

He's just (most of the time) fun to watch.

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

You know, I used to like that dude, but he lost me.


I can't have much sympathy for Brendan Fraser. I used to have serious hots for him (because why ELSE would a self-respecting woman sit through George of the Jungle, if not to watch him parade around and crash into trees...in nothing but a loincloth?), but the way he's whored himself out for the stupid-movie paycheck makes me kinda sick. If you don't think this guy is capable of better fare, check him out in the awesome 'Gods and Monsters', with Ian McKellan. The boy had some chops...at least then. But he left me behind with all the idiotic choices he's made. He coulda been a contendah!!! Unfortunately now, he's just a joke.


Eh. If Brendan Fraser is a whore for not sticking to Oscar-quality pictures, I'm a cheap dirty crack whore for working at Walmart one summer. We've all gotta pay the bills. :-)


Monkeybone - yes. But mostly for Thomas Haden Church. Mrs. Winterbourne - yes, but mostly for the tango scene.

Brendan has a crazy track record. He's capable of so much, yet, his choices....are questionable. I don't know if he has the whole Eddie-Murphy-making-movies-for-my-kids thing or what.

I had a lot of hope for his movie with Harrison Ford, as well as for Inkheart but...they just didn't work.

It's a shame, really. He seems like a nice enough guy, tho a little manic. His work on "Scrubs" was great, tho.

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