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Dates for New Batman Film Announced

Christian-bale-batman After much speculation, Warner Bros announced that the third Christopher Nolan Batman movie will be released on July 20th, 2012. Good thing they have a while. Because that's all they've said.

No start date for filming, no title, no cast announcements. Now, yes, July 2012 is like two years away but with Nolan still in post-production of another film it isn't really that long. What is it with studios just announcing exact release dates this early in the game? I guess they feel pressure to show something, to give people some nugget of … something to talk about.

We're talking about it, aren't we?

So there you go. In two years there will be another Batman movie. The last one, Dark Knight, made more money than Bruce Wayne has so that's something. But now they have to live up to it.  At one point the studio had supposedly been pressuring Nolan to include Robin, but Nolan kept refusing.

Will this be the film we get Robin in? Two-Face is dead, they can't reuse the Joker due to Heath Ledger's death - where do we go from here? Catwoman? Riddler? Who knows!

Hopefully it isn't the return of this:

What do you hope we see in the next Batman movie?

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Jen O.

That picture makes me shudder. Everything about it gives me nightmares.

Sarah Lena

I saw a fabulous poster of NPH (you know, THE NPH) as The Riddler. We can only hope.


I love that its an exact date. Like I am anywhere near thinking that far ahead. Gee, I think I'll aim for the 8PM showing after grabbing dinner at Fuddruckers.

Washington "Water+Celery=Catsuit" Cube

Well, they could do something with Mr. Freeze. I'm more interested in the oddball people like the butler, Alfred.

There are so many people tied to Batman:

Simon Dark – A mysterious vigilante active in Gotham City, Simon Dark is a patchwork man constructed from the bodies of several dead children by a medical genius and a dark cult.

Ragman - A similarly vengeful vigilante hero operating in Gotham, Ragman wears a mystical suit of living rags that functions as a kind of golem.

Sasha Bordeaux, Bruce Wayne's former bodyguard. She is now Black Queen of the government organization called Checkmate as well as a partial OMAC cyborg.

The Outsiders – Becoming fed up with the politics and practices of the Justice League, Batman formed the Outsiders to have his own unit to perform on his terms. Drifting through various incarnations, Batman restarted the team and operated as its leader until his disappearance in Final Crisis. In the wake of his death, he charged Alfred with assembling and maintaining a new team of Outsiders in an attempt to replace all of the individual skills of Batman through the various members.

If you go to the Batman wiki page, there are a TON of sidebar characters that could be drawn out and upon to use in the next film. I wish they would do this and use their imaginations instead of the obvious like, "Oh! Let's make Jim Carrey "The Joker." Actually, if they used Jim Carrey as "The Tweets" that could get VERY crazed and dark and insane.

Appropos of nothing :::settling in:::

The other night I was watching Breaking Bad on AMC and one of the bad guys goes back to his truck to get a chrome plated ax to do someone in. The shot is running underneath car bodies so you hear and see the ax scrapping the asphalt. Very creepy. So just now I was thinking about Christian Bale in American Psycho and his chrome plated tools of destruction, and I guess if someone approaches you bearing a chrome plated anything, you'd better believe they mean worms in their brain crazy business and vamos andale!

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