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Facebook Group Pushes For Gay TV Couple To Kiss On ABC's 'Modern Family'

Modern-family Men kissing? Each other? On Television? What?! This can't be! It's the end, I tell you. The next thing you know, our male senators will be soliciting blow jobs in airport restrooms.

You know I don't like to mire myself (or you) in details (that's where the devil is and why I avoid them), but a Facebook Group is now trying to push ABC to let some 'mano y mano' action take place on their network.

 "Let Cam & Mitchell kiss on Modern Family!" was launched to get Cameron (Eric Stonestreet) and Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) to get face-busy right in front of our very eyes. They say Claire (Julie Bowen) and her hubby Phil (Ty Burrell) kiss, so what gives ABC? All the cool couples are doing it. Why not Cam and Mitch?


First of all, women kiss on television every day and most seem to enjoy watching it. I know I do. And while kissing another man isn't necessarily my cup of tea or something I would personally do, allow me to list the things I watch on television that I don't find personally appealing:

Fear Factor - Eating raw bull penis.

Survivorman- Eating raw squirrel penis.

Justified- Shooting people or getting shot in the chest.

Breaking Bad- Manufacturing crystal meth and warring with Mexican drug cartels (and getting shot in the chest, knees or face).

Dexter - Serial killing or being chopped up, put in plastic and scattered about the ocean floor.

I'll put it this way. What bothers you more? Dudes kissing or this?


I could go on and on at the things I watch that I don't find appealing, but it doesn't mean I can't watch it or don't watch it. 

However, that's not the real problem here. The problem is the crazies that will hate ABC for this and assault them with angry e-mails, letters and phone calls. That will accuse them of trying to make their children gay for daring to show this side of our society, because they want to teach their children that being gay is wrong, thereby actually teaching them that if they are gay to just "shut up, find a nice girl, suck it up like a Senator and get it privately in public bathrooms."

Someone's going to have to make this okay and usher in a new era of man-love. Does ABC have the balls? (Yes, that was a challenge. You might also recognize, "Chicken?")

For me, as long as you don't stick your penis in anything unwilling or something of mine (like my coffee cup), I don't care. I don't care what you put in your mouth or what you kiss. I don't care if you do it on television and I don't care if you do it at a restaurant. I just don't fucking care. It's none of my business.

Many argue television shapes society, while others argue television is a reflection of society. I say both are right. But this is no case of the "chicken and the egg". Gay men have been around since a caveman discovered fire and served his boyfriend medium-rare mammoth with a light lemon sauce over a discreet candlelight dinner. Television does not make people gay (except me for my Timothy Olyphant), parents do (just kidding).

Greys-anatomy-lesbian-kiss Keep in mind, this is the same network with Grey's Anatomy, a show that features a lesbian couple who regularly kiss. It's fantastic. And most of us accept it because it's super hot, but no less or more "morally" wrong or right. But for some reason, It doesn't make most men or women squeamish to see. Some even get wildly turned on and strip their clothes off while panting wildly and cheering like some kind of sex-crazed mental patient. People can be weird.

On the other hand, I've seen several women see two men kiss and say, "eeeewwwww..." and I get that. I really do. But when I'm watching Survivor and I see someone eat a rotten duck fetus, I realize I would suck ten penises in a row to not have to eat that thing. 

My point is, everything I see on television doesn't have to give me an erection (even though I would really like it to). And I just don't see the big deal when other prime-time shows regularly cover such topics as rape, murder, theft, lying and every other sin you can think of. But for some reason, "gay" is the one we separate from all of the other "sins" as "taboo". It's... insane? Yep. That's the word.

Anyway, I have a Facebook Group to join. I want to see dudes kiss, dammit. And I want to see it yesterday.


MayoPie writes nonsense all of the time on his blog.

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Washington "That's A Spicy  Meatball" Cube

How thoroughly modern Millie of them. Cripes. They give tongue on SNL.

I saw this disgusting sea creature on tv last night. A geoduck. The chef was cutting off it's foreskin.


You want tv scandal and frisson and decadence? Suck on THAT!


Ugly Betty had Justin and his boyfriend kissing on several episodes this last season. On ABC no less. I don't know why this is such an issue...if you don't like it, change the freakin' channel.


That was the funniest article I have ever read! "I realize I would suck ten penises in a row to not have to eat that thing" hahaha


Is it because of the time? Because Kevin and Scotty are kissing all the time on Brothers & Sisters...


Uhm, and there is also a gay couple on one of their (abc) soaps. One Life To Live, i think...

Fawn Amber

DianaCLT beat me to the punch. Kevin and Scotty kiss ALL THE TIME. No, I'm not a gay guy, but I love the show and I don't freak out when it happens. Nor do I tell my son, if he's watching, to avert his eyes or that it's something shameful. He accepts it for what it is. I occasionally might hear an "Ew Gross," but that's just as likely to be a man and woman kissing as it is two men. He's just a regular kid. And he accepts this as part of life.


This is awesome.


It's funny that you brought this up. I was watching last night. When Cam touched Mitchell's leg last night it occurred to me that is the most action I've seen between these two. The seem more like a comedy team than romantic partners.

ABC could make some cash off this kiss. When Will and Jack kissed on Will & Grace it was highly publicized and a big deal.

Bring it, ABC.

Suzy Q

Until you brought this up, I thought they already HAD kissed on the show. Wishful thinking, perhaps?


It really didn't hit me until that airport scene that the Facebook group screen-capped. Straight couple gets to kiss while the guys...hug? What?

I wonder how much of the no-kissing thing has to do with the fact that Cam and Mitchell don't look like all those other ABC soap stars? Super-hot gays and lesbians = okay for straight people to watch, but gays and lesbians who look like Real, Actual People = omg gross?

I adore Modern Family. I adore Cam and Mitchell. Make this happen, ABC.


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The gay couple on Brothers and Sisters kiss all the time. It's adorable. And it's on ABC.


With Cam & Mitchell I kind of thought maybe it was because they are kind of awkward people (not an "awkward couple"). Mitchell is very straight laced (while not being "straight") and kind of seems awkward with PDA while Cameron is very touchy feely and extremely demonstrative. I've never seen it as a conscious decision to not let the gay men kiss.

But what do I know, I'm not a gay man. (or a man at all). PDA or no, this show is hilarious which is the main thing.

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