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Flight of the Conchords Star in Negotiations for Men in Black 3 Role

Jemaine-clement So, it looks like Jemaine Clement, the sublimely daffy New Zealand native who played one half of the starring duo in HBO's Flight of the Conchords, will play a villain in the apparently necessary third installment of the Men in Black franchise.

It doesn't look like official word has been handed down on this yet, but sources are reporting him as being in final negotiations, so that sounds pretty promising.

From the information available so far, most of MIB 3 will take place in 1969. Josh Brolin plays a young Agent K (Tommy Lee Jones). I'm not sure how Will Smith will fit into all of this, though he is officially on board. Clements is slated to play a villain named Borris, described as "charming and creepy." This sounds much different than his Flight of the Conchords persona.

I think it's kind of weird that I actually really like Men in Black II. I mean, who loves sequels to big budget popcorn fests? But it had a really good cast (Johnny Knoxville notwithstanding) and plenty of clever comedic moments. And I'm tentatively optimistic about this third MIB movie also because the screenwriter is Etan Cohen, who has Idiocracy and Tropic Thunder on his resume. Not bad.

My son doesn't know Clement but loves pretty much anything having to do with space or aliens, and likes the first two MIB movies, so it's kind of a given that we'll be seeing this. I'm willing to bet that it will be in 3D (which is honestly getting kind of tiresome at this point). I'm beginning to wonder if all of the recent "part 3s" that have come out were already in the pipeline, but waited a few years until they could be "Such-and-Such Movie Part 3D!"

Anyway, here is my absolute favorite scene from Men in Black II. It's my favorite because I am a 10-year-old boy, apparently, and find toilet jokes (and Will Smith's bit at the end) hilarious.


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