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Frat Party Is a Thing to Behold

Frat-party-movieSo, I know that I wrote awhile back that I had discovered the worst movie ever made in New York City Serenade, but I'm going to have to recant that claim for a new and obvious successor: Frat Party.

The husband and I just happened to catch this pile of poo the other night on Showtime. Around the same time of night that Cinemax starts showing softcore porn, Showtime parades its collection of movies that it bought in whatever is the premium cable equivalent of the $1 DVD bin at Wal-Mart.

Frat Party was written, directed, and produced by Robert Bennett, which maybe explains why the final product is what it is. Perhaps that dude stretched himself a little thin. Anyway, a frat brother, Duffy,  who had spent most of him time in college being the campus party man suddenly finds himself in love and decides to marry his sweetheart, Adriana. While his friends think this is absurd, they arrange for a bacchanalian bachelor party at their house, several hours away from the wedding site the night before the wedding...because that sounds like a perfectly good idea. Adriana's father, who is Italian and we know this because he says, "Ciao," exactly once, does not approve of the marriage and sends Stefano, a dastardly dude who is diddling Adriana's sister all while angling to marry Adriana and relishes the chance to catch Duffy doing something unacceptable so that he can get him out of the picture.

When you lay it out like that, it doesn't sound too terrible, but trust me, this movie was so absurd. The story stumbles along from scene to scene, semi famous porn stars show up in odd circumstances but at least find a reason to take their shirts off, and the characters display emotional strife about...stuff. We're not sure what.

Perhaps the best scene is the wedding itself. After being tied up in the frat house by Stefano and an ex-girlfriend-turned-dominatrix, Duffy misses his flight and has to speed across several states aided by one of his frat brothers, who hilariously falls asleep at the wheel several times. Meanwhile, Adriana incessantly calls Duffy's phone, which he left at the frat house. Assuming that this means that Duffy is standing her up and not just, you know, having his bachelor party or dead or eaten by wolves or something, Adriana lets her father and sister convince her to marry Stefano instead, since he's there and so is she and they're all dressed and everything. Duffy shows up about 10 minutes after the wedding was supposed to have begun and Adriana's like, "YOU STOOD ME UP SO I HAD TO MARRY STEFANO INSTEAD," even though Duffy is standing right there in a tux, obviously trying to get his marriage on.

At one point, I told the husband that I couldn't physically watch it anymore but I found myself transfixed and our slack-jawed viewing ended up going right through to the closing credits.

Some friends that I told about this movie tell me that there's a similar creature called The Room that has inspired Rocky-Horror-style screenings in several cities. I think Frat Party has a cult following ready to happen. You heard it here first. And please go find a way to watch this movie so I'm not the only one who has experienced it. 

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I've seen The Room- I actually started to feel physically ill while watching it, but couldn't look away... This looks similarly bad, but with more sex.


But can it be possibly as bad as either 'Mega Pirranhas' or 'Supergator'?

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