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Friday Night Lights: Tough Times in Dillon [Three Minute Recap]

Friday night lights This weeks episode of Friday Night Lights was fraught with hard truths and realizations.

Oh, man, this week's episode, "A Sort of Homecoming" was a killer.  It started with Matt getting his heart stomped on by Julie when she blithely announced that her final list of college choices were Brown, UC Berkeley, UCSB, Amherst and UT in Austin *dripping with sarcasm* "Hook 'em horns!" You see Matt's face drop as he realizes that he gave up Chicago's Art Institute to stay in Dillon for a girlfriend who clearly has no intention of even staying in Texas for him. 

The trouble continues as Vince and Luke Cafferty (thanks for the correction last week, Erin.) get into a fist fight in the locker over a missing wallet. Vince totally took it, but nobody's talking so Coach sends them off to run the stairs in the gym. Have fun boys!

Tami-taylor-frustrated Tami's taking lumps left and right over Luke's move to East Dillon. First she finds out from the school administrator that he's not going to give West Dillon the money that was earmarked for work on their library because of lost sports department revenues, then her car gets vandalized with "PANTHER HATER," then she becomes everyone's favorite punching bag on the radio station in town that is always talking about high school football. I wonder how it is that so many people listen to this station? And call in! Do stations like this exist for real in Texas?? 

Julie goes out to Dillon's only gay bar with a curious and sexually stymied Devin. While there she sees her dad's asst. football coach! Somehow, I was more surprised to find out that Devin is into really cute chicks that look eerily similar to herself. 

Coach Taylor tries to organize some support from former Lions to help out with a pep rally for the team. Once again he is met with a lot of walls, until Tami steps in and offers to make dinner for them... The ex-players agree to come over, but the party is looking pretty grim until, who should walk in the door, but Buddy Garrity! Turns out Buddy can schmooze the East Dillon alumnae just as easily as the West Dillon contingency, and with no Panther Pride left in his system he is all for turning his considerable enthusiasm to the Lions. Score one for the Taylors.  That will be their only score, along with the ensuing successful pep rally that takes place at Jess' dad's BBQ joint.

Vince-luke-jail Luke is still hanging out with Douchebag Jr., I mean J.D. McCoy, and is provoked into jumping Vince when they spot him walking along the road.  Guess who drives off in a cloud of dust when the cops arrive? Class act, that kid is. *eyeroll* Vince and Luke get hauled off to the pokey and you-know-who gets the call. Coach hightails it to the station and somehow manages to get both of them out, though they really, really, really wanted to send Vince to juvie because he's "used up all his chances."  Coach gives his word, though, and vouches for his character.  I have a feeling those boys will pay on the field later, don't you? First, though, Vince hands Luke his wallet and they kind of make up.

Meanwhile, Matt has gone off on a hunting trip with the suddenly emotionally-there-for-you Tim Riggins. The same Riggins that helped Becky, his landlord's daughter, find the perfect dress when she's ditched by her mom. Yes, you read that correctly. Matt and he share a moment over beers and girlfriend stories.

Matts-family-bad-news Back in Dillon, as Riggins and Matt make their way home, Landry makes a move on Jess and plants a  pretty good one on her, she doesn't look sure if this is a good thing or not.  Matt's mom and grandmother are then paid a visit by two men in uniform and the news doesn't look good.  Matt arrives at Julie's and she tells him the news that his dad is dead.  At which point I completely dissolved into tears and wonder what else life can possibly throw at this poor young man. 

Maybe next week they'll just play some ball and my heartstrings won't be so artfully yanked.  Of course this is Dillon, Texas that we're talking about. There'll be more hardships to come, you can count on it, but there will also be people surprising you at every turn with how resilient and persevering they can be.

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