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Giveaway! Win an Autographed Copy of Laura Bennett's Book "Didn't I Feed You Yesterday?"

Picture 115On Friday night, Laura Bennett -- Project Runway finalist, glamorously fabulous designer, all-around awesome person -- pulled two gorgeous dresses out of her bag and asked me which one she should wear to her book signing party (which was part of a big swanky fashion event at Bethesda Row, outside DC). Later, we photobombed Tinsley Mortimer together. I was holding a plate full of pigs-in-a-blanket. I am not making any of this up. 

Picture 114
(SEE? I was there. With my apparently gigantic head.)

Anyway, let me just gush: Laura is HILARIOUS. Laura is SO NICE. And she graciously agreed to sign three copies of her (VERY FUNNY) new book Didn't I Feed You Yesterday?: A Mother's Guide to Sanity in Stilettos for three of YOU, the good readers of Ye Olde Mamapop. 

Laura-bennett-didnt-i-feed-you-yesterday  THREE of you! See, you're practically a winner already, with those odds. Just leave a comment below to enter (with a valid email address, please, so we may get your address) between now and NEXT MONDAY, by 9 a.m. I'll pick three winners via one of those random number generator thingamajigs and y'all will have the perfect beach read in your hands in no time, signed by my favorite ProjRun designer off all time and the most famous person I'm friends with on Facebook. (Sorry, dude from Hoarders.) 

Go! Comment! Win!


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Amalah and Laura Bennett together - that would be the perfect happy hour for me. Hope to win this book - otherwise I will just be forced to run out and by for myself


Love, love, love, Amalah. Being a working mom myself, life in heels with all boys is certainly hectic.


Fun! I would love to read her boil!


Oooh. I liked her! I'm way behind on the currentish seasons, but she was one of my faves!


I want to wear heels again. This sounds like an awesome book. Laura was my Project Runway fave.


Um, yes please. She was so robbed that season. ROBBED.


I'd love to read it!

Gina Ivancic

I hope to win this book. Been looking for something fun to read!


I LURVE Laura. I always thought she should have won her season.

Kelly J

Oooh, that would be SO nifty!


Awesome I'd love to read this


This book sounds great!


Considering I am a VERY busy single mother of two young boys who works full time, winning this book would make my whole YEAR because really - when am I supposed to find the time to get to a bookstore?!

Heidi T

I would love to win it and be able to read something other than Hop on Pop!


This book looks so funny! Pick me!


I need, I need! I am currently insane in flip flops and I. Need. Help.


sounds fun. As a single mom of two, working in middle management for a big company, currently wearing stillettos to work. I could use a laugh.

Nichole Frank

Awesome :) Love her!!!


I can't wait to read this book! I love Laura.


Yippee - thanks for the opportunity!

Jess F.

Yes please! I need to be as fab as Laura and Amy.


That would be a lot of awesome... It looks like a great book!

Courtney D

Wait, a REAL book, with REAL words... hmmm, it may prove too much for me. But I'm a risk taker. I PLAY WITH FIRE (I mean thomas trains- but it can be fierce!)


Woo hoo! Consider me commented.


Me! Pick me! Thanks for the chance!!!

Angela Bailey

This sounds like a fun book. I'd love to read.


Oh random number generator, pick me! Mama could use a new book to perk her up after spending the summer vacation money on repairing a flood damaged basement.


Pick me! Love reading Amalah's blog and love Laura Bennett


Laura was always my favorite!


Me! Please! I need Laura's wisdom and guidance to defrump my life.


Stilettos sans kids, but would love to read her book!


I'd love to win this!


She is so awesome and you're so awesome for sharing the books with your adoring public instead of hoarding them which is what I would have done. Yeah for self-discipline.


i loved laura on project runway. and her short hair is uber-cute!


Sounds way too funny to pass up!


Gaa! I'm in heaven!


Me, in stilettos, with baby on hip: priceless, for sure!


Was a working mom in stilletos before my son came along - have found it oh so painfully practical to wear flats most days now - but do miss my stilletos!


Mmmm.... you had me at pigs-in-a-blanket!


This would make the summer just that much better!


Laura + Amalah 4 EVA.

Also. Amalah is tiny. Laura looks tinier. I feel like blogasaurus.


Ooh ooh, pick me! Pick me!!


Me me me!! Please! The year she was on PW was my favorite year!


I love her, I love this book, and I would really Love an autographed copy of it!!!


I have this thought ALMOST every night around dinner time...would love to hear the solution! Please pick me! :)


Ooh, ooh! She is so fabulous. I can read her book while I'm breastfeeding and pretend I am half as cool.


I love her! So glad she's coming out with a book.


I loved her! Can't wait to read the book.


Sounds like a great read!


Is she the woman who found out she was pregnant mid season?

Hey You

ME! Please pick me! I had to cancel my on Amazon because My sweet hubby got laid off and we have cut ALL non=necessary expenditures, and yet I am a HUGE LB fan!


Oh, I loved her on Project Runway. Pick me please! : )


Laura is fabulous and an inspiration to us full-time moms with only one kid who finds it hard to find time to brush their teeth. And she has what... six kids? Wow. She's a saint, and a stylishly dressed one at that!

And Amalah you're cool too.


Amanda Obrien

Oooh me me me me me me me me! Unless of course you get disqualified for being obnoxious in which case, please pick me. Thank you.


count me in!!!!


Me! Me!
Pick me!

I loved Laura on Project Runway!


Want! Want! Want!! And yeah, bit jealous of your night there!


I LOVED her on her season of PR. Funny and oh so stylish.


Over here, Me!


Me! pick me!


Sounds great! Thanks for the chance!


I want a copy! Yeah for giveaways!

the ambitious mrs

I actually have plans to go to a beach this summer so a beach read sounds fantastic.

Beth G

I LOVED her on Project Runway and I'm so glad to hear that she was awesome in real life. That alone makes me want to read her book.

Suzy Q

I heart Laura Bennett. I wish she would come make some clothes for me.


Someone was just telling me about this book! Sounds fun and exciting! I think I need it.


Still trying to figure out if stilettos can carry me through pregnancy... glad to hear I can at least return to them later.


This looks like a great book! Thanks!



Anna S.

Sounds like a fun read!


"Didn't I feed you yesterday?" is a common phrase around here. I think I like her philosophy.


Laura is definitely my favorite PR contestant of all time. I'm so jealous that you know her!


Looks like you guys had a great time at the party! Would love to read Laura's new book!


I'd love to win a copy. I am a huge Laura Bennett fan.


I heart Laura Bennett!


Laura was my favorite PR designer ever!


Glad you had somewhere to wear those kick-ass shoes and that you didn't leave them in the cab.


I'm sad I missed the fashion show on Friday- thanks for having this giveaway!


Sounds like a fun read!


pick me!!


I think I've said this very thing just last week. The book looks hysterical.


Gah! I love her!!

Valerie Archambeau

Please enter me into the give away for Laura's book. Thanks to you both!


ooo, I'd love to read this!


I loved the FAIL that was photographed where the discount store put a sticker over part of the name of the book. The title looked like Didn't I F You Yesterday?" That is one book I have got to read. I love Laura.

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