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Gleecap - Bad Reputation

Glee-quinn  Hey everyone, it's Miss Banshee again, pinch hitting for Snarky Amber, and can I tell you that I finally, finally learned how to program my DVR to go overtime so stupid Idol wouldn't interfere with the end of Glee? I'm a smart one, I am. Anyway, this is the episode where we learn a valuable lesson about shaaaaaaaaaaame, so let's get to the good stuff!

Previously on Glee, Jesse left Vocal Adrenaline for Rachel, and we are reminded that she had also been with Puck and Finn. That Rachel is in pretty high demand for someone who's supposedly "unpopular," yes? Anyway, Schue was totes into Emma, which didn't stop him from making out with the coach from Vocal Adrenaline. And Sue still has a muy large anger problem. In other news, sky is blue, grass is green. And that's what's on the previouslies! So let me guess, we're going to learn a lesson tonight about how going around smooching on everything in sight is a Disney FastPass to SHAAAAAAAAAAAAME and Sue's gonna be pissed? Got it. 

We open in the rehearsal room, where our main players minus Rachel are watching a laptop and giggling their fool heads off. Enter Rachel, who demands to know if they're watching footage of her falling off the stage at a beauty pageant. Kurt pish-poshes this, saying "That was Carrot Top funny next to this tour-de-force." We see what's on the laptop, which is some Jazzercise action going on to Olivia Newton John's "Physical" but the woman in the video looks a little too familiar from the back. The kids laaaaaaaaaaaugh and laugh, because the 80s were OMG seven bajillion years ago, ha ha, and Jesse wikis that the video was pretty groundbreaking for its fluid sexuality back in the day. Shut up, Jesse. This show rarely makes me feel old as dirt, but this is one of those times. Everyone cackles and giggles at the video, and it's braintrust Finn who finally realizes that it's NOT Olivia Newton John in the footage, but our own Sue Sylvester! Where did you guys find this? And it's his soon-to-be stepbrother Kurt who says that he CERTAINLY didn't steal it from Sue's office when she sent him to get some hormone replacement shots (hee.) As Artie wonders in disbelief if Sue actually just did the Cabbage Patch, Rachel reminds the group that Sue could, ya know, KILL THEM DEAD for this, and Mercedes counters by saying that it's time Sue got humiliated the same way she humiliates all of them. Jesse (shut up Jesse) says it's time that Glee kids stopped being asses and start being Bad- Asses, and on to You Tube it goes, with bets going around that it goes viral by lunchtime. Humiliation is FUNNAH!

Sue stalks the hallway, where she is met with laughter and recreations of the video surround her. At first she goes with it, but soon realizes in horror that everyone has seen the video. Cut to Figgins' office, where Schue sits, bored, as Sue rails against the Glee kids, saying that they stole private property and posted it online, and as soon as she figures out the difference between slander and libel, she's throwing the book at them. Schue wonders if Sue is perhaps being a little overdramatic in all this, to which she replies that she's going to get a tiny diaper for Will's chin, because it looks like a baby's ass. Ha! Sue isn't playing around with this. 170,000 comments have popped up on the video, which Sue has taken the liberty of printing out, and Figgins reads one aloud that says "The guy in this video looks a lot like cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester." That one was particularly hurtful to Sue. Schue is poo-pooing all this, saying his kids don't do stuff like this. Sue brings out exhibit B, the "Glist" or a posted ranking of the promiscuity of the Glee kids (this really happens in high schools, which is terrifying to me.) It's all over the school, and when Schue asks how they know a Glee Club kid did it, Figgins says that it was made on a library computer with the password "gleeclub." Sue rails into Schue, saying that Glee Club is a petri dish of sexual depravity, and Schue looks at the list, horrified. Figgins recalls a similar list that went up last year listing "the 10 Ugliest Gingers" which Sue was behind, (she stands by these actions) and that he cannot stand by and let this happen. 


Cut to Rachel finding her name as last on the Glist with a -5, back to Figgins office where Sue says a week ago she would have laughed at this, but she knows the shame of public humiliation now, and the pain is indescribable. Last year at another school, the entire student body was expelled for posting a picture of the superintendent wearing women's underwear and riding a pony, and if Schue doesn't get to the bottom of this, guess what? Glee Club is over. Well, we needed that incentive, as we do every week, didn't we. Figgins will not stand for such shenanigans at his school. Sue parrots him. Schue looks like he just pooped his pants. 

Who did it? Schue demands to the Glee kids. Santana pish poshes, saying everyone knows it was Puck. because his girlfriend is tops on the list and Rachel, who refused to put out for him is last. Puck denies all of this. He OWNS his delinquency: Fires, beating up people he doesn't know, sure, but he didn't do this one. Schue says that between this and the Sue video, Glee is getting a bad reputation. Artie doesn't see how this is a problem, saying that if their street cred was a little higher, maybe people would stop flushing his glasses down the toilet. Schue knows that stuff is hard, but it's time to start finding songs with a bad rep and rehabilitate them, hopefully taking that little life lesson to heart and clean up their image. He passes out sheet music much to the chagrin of all the kids, Mercedes saying that the song is wack, and Jesse (shut up, Jesse) saying that the song should be arrested for the crime of sucking. Nay! Says Schue. It's just the victim of a bad reputation, and gosh darn it, he's gonna prove it to them. Hit it. 

The band starts Vanilla Ice's "Ice Ice Baby" and Schue shows off his moves as he raps. The good dancers join him and everyone eventually jumps in. Schue's got some decent moves for a white boy, and announces the song paroled. Everyone cheers. Ah, teenagers. So easily swayed. 

Cut to Sue entering the teacher's lounge, voiceovering that this is not happening, as we do a slow pan across the room where everyone is slow-motion pointing and laughing. Sue can't smell the fear in her coffee, and she's horrified to realize that the slow motion pointing and laughing is, in fact, happening. Enter Molly Shannon's completely superfluous character, who introduces herself as Brenda Castle, who's a new transfer teacher. Seems that she has a bit of a drug problem that included some of her students, (she also has an air quotes problem,) so she's not allowed to teach in Indiana anymore. Anyway, she is full of joy that Sue's video trumps her own embarrassment. She cackles, along with the rest of the room, at Sue. 

Cut to the hallway, wherein Rachel calls upon Artie to get her use of the AV club for her song of redemption, at the same time saying that a good rep is nothing to be proud of, and she's still super pissed about being last on the list. She's going to put together what will rival a sex tape (Artie's in!) and get the worst reputation in the school. This is a good idea, according to Rachel, and she's going to become musically promiscuous, which I'm sure is the worst possible rep to have, according to Rachel's bizarre little brain. 

Commercials! Phew. I don't know if the new Dairy Queen burger commercial makes me crave one or violently ill. Do they make one out of soy? WHAT HAVE I BECOME?!?!?!?

Kurt, in a fur collared jacket, calls a meeting of Mercedes, Tina and Artie, who weren't even ON the Glist, so C-list are they, and demands that they do something incredibly bad to get their reputations soiled as well. Something dastardly. Something terrible. Artie interrupts to ask why Brittany is there. Wisdom From Brittany explains in a monotone that she has a cold, and took all her antibiotics at once. She can't remember how to leave the room. She also needs to get higher than number four on the list. She's done everyone at this school. Boys, girls, the janitor. She wants to be in the top three, so she's in.  I love her. ANYWAY, the kids shrug this off and it's back to the plot. What's the worst thing you can do at this school, other than eat the food at the cafeteria? Chaos. Something unforgivable and unforgettable like bursting into song in the library. Oh Kurt. 

Cut to Sue having a sweet heart to heart with her sister about feeling made fun of, and she is so sorry if her sister ever felt like that. Big sis says that when people made fun of her, she and Sue would go to the animal shelter and volunteer. A lightbulb goes off in Sue's head. Someone always has it worse off. Brilliant. 

Cut to Emma, of course. Sue explains that she's Emma's new therapist. And the humiliation from the video has caused Sue to start giving back, starting with Emma. Emma denies any knowledge of the video as she quakes in terror. Since the only therapist in the school system committed suicide and Sue has a degree in counselling, she's volunteering to help Emma with her raging mental illness. She almost married a gym teacher who's more gravy than man, and she's hopeless against Schue the manwhore (Sue paid Schue's landlord to slip baby monitors inside his apartment so Sue can keep tabs on him.) and it's got to stop. Sue rats out Schue for the coach from Vocal Adrenaline and having April over for the night. She then starts insulting Emma, finally EXPLAINING that she's insulting her, and to grow a pair for heaven's sake, and stand up for herself. She needs to confront Schue, in public. She needs to let him have it. 

Cut to Rachel's room, where she has cornered Puck. He wants to know if she wants to date again, but Rachel's spoken for. She CAN, however, be of assistance with his reputation. He can do this by helping Rachel with her video, which is for "Run Joey Run," an atrocious song from the 70s, where they can play parts and everything. Puck wants to know if Rachel thinks he made the Glist. He tries to be a good guy, telling himself every morning to be cool, but by second period he's got a fire extinguisher on some dweeb. Rachel nods sagely. She understands. She wants to hold her tongue in rehearsal when someone isn't perfect, and she tries to keep it in, but it always explodes out. Puck agrees that it does suck when she does that. Suddenly they're making make-out face and getting closer and closer till Rachel shuts it down, but Puck persists, saying that cheating on Jesse with him will get her on  top of the Glist, and anyway, Jesse will never know what it feels like to be a Jew. Jesse's not in this scene, but I'm sure he's somewhere being obnoxious, so I'll give him a preemptive "Shut up, Jesse" just for the hell of it. Puck goes in for the kiss again. Rachel shuts him down, saying they have to keep it professional. Help her with the project. He reluctantly agrees. We'll see if he plays along, after...

Commercials! Okay, I GET IT. Sugary drinks are FOUL. But showing globs of fat being poured into a glass and then a dude drinking it makes me seriously sick. I drink seltzer all day, okay?!?! GET OFF MY BACK. 


Sue drags Emma to the teacher's lounge to confront Will. Molly Shannon's completely superfluous character is there to get in Sue's face. Sue threatens to "kick her in the taco," HA! Molly is unshaken. Whatever, this storyline goes nowhere and really irritates me. Schue is talking seriously to an older teacher and holding her hand. Emma interrupts and causes a big ol' scene wherein she says no one is safe from Schue not even the recently widowed (that's what he was talking to the teacher about) and his man-whoring ways. Everyone watches as Emma hauls into Schue, calling him a slut about forty times, and says she's been working on her OCD so they could be together, but now that she knows about the Vocal Adrenaline coach and April Rhodes, she's done. Emma tells the older teacher that she's very sorry for her loss and stomps out of the room, leaving Schue to wallow in his own humiliation. 

The library crashers come in with full on MC Hammer outfits (I die) and Artie says he's getting cold feet. Wisdom From Brittany: "Can you even feel your feet?" Kurt, in shiny Hammer pants and a mustard-colored shoulder-padded jacket says that if they pull this off, they'll be legends at this school. They hit it. Artie raps "U Can't Touch This" and the librarian puts her fingers in her ears as the others dance wildly. At the end, the librarian thinks it was adorable and wants to talk to her pastor about the kids doing it for Sunday service. Plans? FOILED BY ADORABLENESS. 

Commercials. Mother's Day, people. Go to Kay and git yo momma some diamonds. Or, ya know, a Hallmark card. That works too. 

I'll take this commercial break to say that I'm not loving this episode. It seems forced and clumsy, and i'm just not digging it at all. Maybe I'm just in a rotten mood. But this is the very first Glee episode that I kinda don't love.

ANYWAY, Schue interrogates Finn, Mercedes, Artie, and Tina. Puck still insists he didn't do it. Brittany doesn't know how to turn on a computer. Quinn says Rachel clearly did it. She's gone behind Schue's back before, hasn't she? As Schue bellows at an unimpressed Kurt that he demands answers, Kurt asks if, perhaps, since Schue's divorce, has he been watching a lot of Law and Order? Touche. 

"We're as menacing as Muppet Babies" Kurt moans after the failed library takeover fiasco. There's only one thing left to do. Confess that they took the tape. It'll get them suspended, but it'll also show that they're badasses. 

Sue writes in her journal about her humiliation. Is this karmic retribution for everything she's done to others? As she's shrugging this off, the phone rings. And it's Olivia Newton John! Sue doesn't believe it and says her accent is ridiculous before hanging up on her. Back to the journal. She's got to start playing nice. Olivia calls back, and after Sue makes her sing to prove it's really her, Olivia says that her daughter found Sue's video on YouTube, and whatever possessed her to do such a thing? Sue matter of factly says that some people make sex tapes, she re-lives her Jazzercise days. Well, Olivia's off to a ribbon cutting function for a sanctuary for orphaned koalas (of course she is) but she botched the video the first time, so she wants to do it over. With Sue. Sue is befuddled. 

Schue walks down the hallway to greetings of "hey, manwhore" and the like as Molly Shannon's Completely Superfluous Character introduces herself as an alcoholic "and I like pills! I hear that's just your type," she offers to pork him. He declines. Figgins says he's praying for him. Coach is drowning his sorrows in thousands of calories of food. Sue calls him a slut. We go to...

Commercials! The new Mustang has full GPS and is smokin' hot. My Kia actually passed inspection this year! Beat THAT!

Kurt's ready to take one for the team and confess to Sue. "What do you want, ladyface?" she asks. He confesses to taking the tape out of her pill and syringe drawer. "So it was you," Sue says with interest. Kurt braces for a punch to his beautiful face. "I can't thank you enough," Sue grins as she keeps walking. Kurt looks like he needs new Pampers. 

The kids are back on YouTube, trying to figure out why Sue wasn't angry. They discover a remix of "Physical" with Olivia Newton John and Sue, surrounded by beefcakes. It's pretty hilarious. Sue is heavily autotuned, but it's funny as hell and Sue gets to sing again, yay! The kids chant "Again again again!!!!!" as we cut to...

Rehearsal room. Finn blatantly says to Schue that no one is going to fess up to the list, so he might as well bend over and take his punishment. Fine then. Let's go to Rachel's bad reputation video. It's a very hilarious typical AV Club project, complete with star fades and smoke machines. Puck and Rachel overact it brilliantly. Wait! Puck is replaced with Jesse! Who is then replaced by Finn! All three guys are furious in the audience that they got totally played by Rachel. Finn calls Rachel out for using the video to make it seem like Rachel has guys fawning all over her. All three are disgusted. "Is your reputation more important than your relationships?" Finn seethes. Jesse stomps out. (Shut up...Oh fine, just leave, that's better.) Rachel looks like someone just kicked her in the taco. 

Commercials! So You Think You Can Dance is back, y'all, and so is that English judge with the terrifying teeth. I will NOT be watching that, I'll tell you that much for free.

In Sue's sister's room, Sue glows over the fabulous new video. She rubbed the success in the teachers' faces and Sue's giving the proceeds that Olivia didn't scam out of her to her sister's nursing home. Aw. They settle down to read together. It's tremendously sweet.

Schue comes in with flowers for Emma. He admits that he screwed up big time and he apologizes. This man whore stuff is not what he wants to be. Emma can't do it. She can't look at him the way she used to. They're going to have to start seeing each other for the way they really are. As Schue leaves, defeated, he sees Quinn being ignored in the hallways. He realizes it was her all along. 

He knows she made the list. Quinn gets angry, saying why not get her expelled, she's lost everything else. Her popularity, her body, why not her education? Wanna know when Schue knew it was her? when he felt the same way she does. Unpopular. Bad reputation. Bad choice? You go from the top to the bottom. She's lost so much, which means she had the most to gain from the Glist. She had everything, now she's invisible. Having a bad reputation is better than no rep at all. Schue says she can get something even better than what she had before. She's going to give the baby up to a loving family and rebuild her life. She's going to be great. Quinn says he's a great teacher, even though everyone says he's a manwhore. I like seeing this side of Quinn. It's multi-faceted and so much more interesting than the Quinn of the first half of the season. 

Enter Figgins. He assumes Schue has found the culprit? Quinn looks guilty. But Schue doesn't rat on her. He tells Figgins that everyone kept their mouths shut and no one confessed. But the Glists have stopped, and Figgins should take it as a victory. He agrees, but reminds Schue that he's still praying for him. Well, that got tied up with a neat little bow, didn't it?

In the hallway, Rachel asks Jesse if he's still mad at her. Before he transferred schools to be her boyfriend, he asked around about her. And there was one thing that stood out, not her animal sweaters, but that she could be trusted. He can't see past what she did. She broke his heart. Don't talk to him in ballet. He stomps off. 

Okay, they're really trying to make me like this episode, because Rachel starts singing "Total Eclipse of the Heart" which is one of my secret loves. We cut to the three guys accompanying her but no one is forgiving her. We get a ballet class with Jesse who does some very impressive lifts with Rachel, but won't take the scowl off his face. We end in the rehearsal room, with everyone leaving Rachel alone in the room, and cut to black as Jesse sings "turn around, bright eyes" as he leaves. Rachel's alone, with her bad reputation. 

And that's it. I didn't love this episode, as I said. I didn't hate it, and the scenes with Sue and her sister are always awesome, as is any excuse to get Sue singing. However, Molly Shannon was COMPLETELY useless and I get that a lot of celebs want to guest star on the show, but that character was totally unneeded. It was blatant stunt casting, and that grates. I give this episode a solid "Meh," which makes me sad, cause I love this show. 

Anyway, Snarky Amber will be back next week. Thanks for letting me play along, guys!

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Fawn Amber

I thought it was a GREAT episode. Olivia Newton-John?? LOVE. Brittany is fast becoming my favorite character - and the girl can dance, too. Nice.

The "kick in the taco" line had me ROHHH LINNNNG.

Loved the recap, as usual.


This episode gave me PTSD or something, because I totally was Rachel Berry in high school. Why are high school guys such douchenozzles? How come they're allowed to talk smack and act out but the girls are not? And how come girls like Quinn, who are pretty and sneaky and know how to cry on command, get a free pass on all their crap? Why is everybody so stupid? Even Rachel's so-called friends walked out on her in this episode, and Schue looked like he smelled devilled-egg fart the whole time. Seriously, this one had me in tears. I ... have issues.

(This is why I couldn't watch "My So-Called Life," BTW. Can't separate the reality from the fiction, because I identify with both. No wonder my therapist has a beach house AND a boat.)


Fawn Amber - Heather Morris, the girl who plays Brittany, auditioned for So You Think You Can Dance and just missed the cut for the top 20. She went on to be a backup dancer for Beyonce - if you look up on YouTube for the Single Ladies dance from the AMA's you can see Heather on Beyonce's left/audience right.


I'm glad I'm not the only one out here hating Jesse. I'm going to go to Cafe Press and make "Shut Up Jesse" t-shirts.

Suzy Q

Your recap was better than a kick in the taco, I can tell you that. Some of the music choices were odd (Ice Ice Baby? SRSLY?) but the Sue/Olivia video was awesome.

Also, just to be a bit nit-picky, it's an assisted living facility, not a nursing home, that Sue's sister lives in. There IS a difference.

Fawn Amber

Ah Mah Gah.
I want my own shirt too, but something about a Kick in the Taco.

Off to find my new fave on YouTube - thanks Angela!!

Miss Banshee

@Suzy Q I know there's a difference. Sue referred to it as a nursing home. I was simply going off the script. I nitpick too. :)


Dude, I think this post makes me lurve Glee even more. And it's so reassuring to know I'm not the only one with an embarrassing love of Total Eclipse of the Heart. :-)

You know what would be rad? If you recapped So You Think You Can Dance. Think about it - you've already got experience recapping crappy dancing shows that feature colossal tools. Just sayin'.


Brittany is now my favorite character and she rocks! I feel bad for Rachel and Jesse is a douche. I still kinda want Rachel and Finn together...anyone else?


Brittany is now my favorite character and she rocks! I feel bad for Rachel and Jesse is a douche. I still kinda want Rachel and Finn together...anyone else?


@Rockle- we should go to therapy together. complete with Jazz hands. I adore Rachel and the scene where she admitted to the need to be the center of attention was so dead on.

I'm in for "Mr Shue- I Hit That" tees. :)

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