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The Grey's Anatomy Finale In 40 Bullets

Tag-8-pistol BAM BAM BAM! Who got shot on Grey's Anatomy? BAM BAM BAM WHO DIDN'T GET SHOT ON GREY'S ANATOMY?!? BAM BAM BAM! 

In case you missed Grey's Anatomy's Season 6 finale, here's an 8 second edited clip of the highlights:


That was too awesome to not watch again:


Hells yeah! There's a shooter in the hospital and a shooter in the hospital makes for a kickass 2 hours of drama. Ignore the haters. This was the best television finale since JR Ewing got popped.

Just like last year, the Grey's finale melted my brain and I can't formulate a coherent narrative. So what follows is 40 bullet points, each one representing a round fired inside Seattle Grace.


1). So Meredith kicked things off by talking about how hospitals are, for most people, scary and hostile - the place where bad things happen. But not for her. She grew up in a hospital because her Mom was a surgeon. The hospital is her safe place and sanctuary, etc. UNTIL TODAY...

2). Cue Gary Clark, a nut job with a gun. He's got it in his head that Shepherd, Old Chief, and Lexi killed his wife so he's back to fuck some shit up.

3). Meredith is pregnant. Hold on. Don't buy a shower gift just yet.

4). Gary Clark can't remember where Shepherd's office is. He's a very disorganized madman on the loose. He walks around asking people how to find Shepherd and scowling a lot. Again, he's super pissed about his dead wife.

5). Reed gives Gary Clark a bunch of lip so BLOW! Bullet in her head. Reed was from Mercy West so not a huge deal.

6). Alex walks in and Gary Clark fires a round just below his armpit. I doubt Alex was even surprised. His life is just one shit sandwich after another.

7). Yang asks Owen if he loves her or Teddy and Owen pauses too long. Dear Owen. When a woman asks you if you love her and you're not sure, say "Yes" and figure it out later. Yang mutters that she's done. You can't pause, Owen. You didn't survive in Iraq by pausing, dumb ass.

8). April trips over Reed and sloshes around in her blood for awhile. How did April ever survive medical school? She tells Derek and it's hospital lock down time. No one in or out. Killer on the loose.

9). Yang gets in an elevator with Gary Clark and I am shitting my pants. I got on my knees and launched into a repetitive "Don't kill Yang" mantra. Jenna said I better confess in this post to praying for Yang or she'd tell on me in the comments. I wasn't praying. I was willing Gary Clark not to kill Yang with the power of a repetitive mantra. It worked.

10). Gary Clark shoots an inconsequential black nurse.

11). My daughter wants to know why I was screaming "Don't kill Yang" and I told her to get her ass back to bed. It's a lock down.

12). Sloan and Lexi find Alex in an elevator bleeding profusely from just below the armpit.

13). Gary Clark shoots a security guard. Gary Clark is fed up with this shit.

14). Gary Clark goes into a patient's room to chill out for a minute. Killing all these people is stressing him out. He finds Percy in the bathroom and shoots him. He finds Bailey under the bed and wants to know if she's a surgeon. She lies, says she's a nurse, and he spares her. But he already killed a black nurse (see #10). Gary Clark is an inconsistent madman on the loose.

15). The hospital is on lock down with a madman on the loose and Callie and Arizona still find time to bicker about their failed love. I hope Gary Clark finds Callie. She bugs me.

16). Even though the hospital is on lock down, most of the show's cast risks it all by wandering around to go find stuff.

17). Gary Clark finally finds Shepherd but Shepherd uses his puppy dog eyes and good hair to relate to him. Gary Clark wants to drop the gun and weep and give Shepherd a big hug because Shepherd understands him and it feels good to have your feelings validated after you kill a bunch of people.

18). DOH! April busts through the door and disrupts the whole therapeutic vibe so Gary Clark shoots Shepherd. 

19). April heard on Oprah (seriously) that it's harder for a killer to kill you if he knows details about your life so she launches into her biography and Gary Clark tells her to run, hoping that she'll shut her fucking mouth.

20). Owen finds a dead doctor. He becomes suspicious.

21). Gary Clark finds Lexi but, before he can shoot her, a sniper cop shoots Gary Clark. It seems to me that the cops could've bum rushed his ass right here and I don't really get what happened. The cops just dropped the ball.

22). Gary Clark hits the pediatric unit, Callie gives him some bandages, and asks him to leave. He thanks her and leaves. Gary Clark is polite when he's not murdering people in a blind rage.

23).Yang, Meredith, and April try to save Derek's life. Yang needs Teddy because the heart surgery is far too difficult. She finds Avery instead. Avery tries to inspire Yang to believe in herself and perform the surgery. After quickly searching her soul, Yang believes in herself.

24). Alex, still bleeding from just below the armpit, starts babbling incoherently to Izzie. Lexi acts like she's Izzie to calm him down. Meanwhile, Sloan has to listen to Lexi acting like Izzie loving Alex. His heart breaks. Plus there's a madman on the loose.

25). Old Chief is stuck outside but wants to help really bad so ... HE SNEAKS PAST THE POLICE. 

26). Yes. Old Chief SNUCK right by the Seattle police department.

27). Bailey tries to save Percy but the elevators are shut down and she launches into yet another Emmy worthy flip out as the emo music kicks in.


29). Percy dies. He was from Mercy West so not a huge deal.

30). Owen discovers Gary Clark holding a gun to Yang's head, demanding her to let Shepherd die. But Yang has too much integrity. She can't stop operating. She'd rather die than let a man die on her operating table. If Gary Clark kills Yang, I will find him and snap his neck with my bare hands. Fiction and reality blur. I need a pill.

31). Meredith offers her life in exchange for Derek's. Yeah. Kill Meredith. Kill Meredith!

32). Owen tries some military shit so Gary Clark shoots him.

33). Avery stages a huge fake out by unhooking Shepherd's heart monitor. It was like when Mike Brady dropped his briefcase in the courtroom and made that guy turn his head. Kind of.

34). Shepherd "dies". Meredith loses her fucking mind. Gary Clark leaves because "justice is served".

35). Yang orders Meredith to go fix Owen. Yang fixes Shepherd.

36). Meredith had a miscarriage while she fixes Owen.

37). Old Chief walks by some dead guy and comes face to face with Gary Clark, madman on the loose.

38). But Gary Clark only has one bullet left. Old Chief talks him into killing himself so he can go be with his wife. Old Chief is wily like a fox.

39). Callie decides that she doesn't need kids but Arizona decides that she wants to have kids. Lesbian kiss.

40). Owen's fine. Shepherd's fine. I think Alex is too. George remains dead.

. . . . .
BHJ is glad Yang dodged the bullet

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Saw it today. Did a lot of "NO, NOT YANG" aswell. The elevator scene was the most tense piece of tv history ever. Also when shooter was going after Dr. Bailey. Where was Dr. Baileys boyfriend? Is he dead? Is he alive, shagging a nurse in a supply closet because he thinks he is about to die? Was it his day off? Almost expected Dr. Baileys almost ex husband to be outside hospital having realised what an amazing woman she is. (Interesting. Call Yang, Yang, but call Dr. Bailey DR. Bailey. Sign of respect.)

I am thinking of starting a facebook group called "Leave Alex Karev alone!" dude CANNOT catch a break?! Kind of want Lexie and Sloan back together, now that Alex subconcious has spoken about undying love for Izzie. But then again Sloan all types of douchey for letting Lexie go.

Meredith awesome for performing surgery on Stupid-Owen whilst having miscarriage. Usually find her whiny and her face weird but see now a superhuman strength lurking below weird eyes and puffy upper lip. Baby also victim to crazy shooter. Very sad. Will she tell Derek?

Wish George would come back. It was horrible mistake - George actually been in war zone all this time! Comes back and saves lives while cheering everybody up with nuggets of wisdom.

Kind of disappointed that Arizona caved. Not every woman wants baby - but now more fuel on "but you DO want a baby. Maybe you just scared/selfish/not found right person yet" rants. But good for them, I suppose. Maybe next seasons drama is Arizona changes her mind again.

When does Grey's Anatomy start up again?


I'm sick of watching a show where only the finale has memorable episodes, yanno? Last year when George and Izzie were going to die, I was like, woohoo, this show is going to be good next season. And then it wasn't, until it was good for the finale. GRRR!

But I will keep watching. Because it used to be good. Just like Lost. STOP RUINING MY FAVOURITE SHOWS, ABC.

Stupid ABC.

Don't give Shonda a fucking emmy, she doesn't deserve it after the way she ruined the Izzie/George storyline with the adultery. Grrrr.


There was a plethora of, "Oh fuck!"-s going down in this household when the show aired.

I like your bullet list. (pun unintentional, but it works, I guess)


My partner spent the whole scene with the gun to Christina's head saying, "If they kill Yang, I'm done with this show."


I LOVE your grey's anatomy reviews! I only visit this side to read your grey's anatomy reviews, I'm waiting for it after every episode! Never stop writing them, please, no matter how crappy the show gets! Just wanted you to know you're awesome! :)

Bitchin' Amy

Loved the bullet points. And thank mantras that Christina didn't die!


How is it that nobody else has said what I'm about to say?


*WHEW* I feel better, for getting that off my chest, via my fingertips/keyboard/this site. Thanks.


You win.


"Fiction and reality blur. I need a pill.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA (that's code for brimming with awesome)


George remains dead.

sums it up right there. and i remain pissed he's dead.


Yang was COMPLETELY badass operating on Derek. Loved it!
And I completely agree with Diana about April. I hope she quits in a fit of guilt, because SERIOUSLY.
Great recap - totally cracked me up several times!


this is made of win

you made me pee my pants, and I thank you for that


Like Agnes, I too suffered a little pee leakage... I'm still giggling uncontrollably..

Brilliant stuff.. you just brightened my day and for that I thank you too.


I don't like this show but that was a good recap! Love the Brady Bunch reference!

Kerri Anne

1) I LOVED this finale, though I had actual (all caps!) ANXIETY the entire time I was watching it.

2) I wanted to punch Gary Clark in the face. I told him so multiple times. And maybe repeatedly after he shot Reed, who I LIKED, and honestly, that scene alone? Set the stage for the entire episode. I mean, she was from Mercy West, yes, but she was also a regular, and they had been developing a potential love triangle between her and Alex and Lexie and Mark, and, yeah. I just really didn't see that coming. Especially not the point-blank-in-the-head, there's-no-way-she-survived sort of shot. I might have stopped breathing for a second there.

3) WHY could he not have shot April? I CANNOT STAND APRIL.

4) I totally thought Chandra Wilson overacted that entire "Oh, no! No elevators!" scene. She was annoying the expletives out of me. I think at one point I actually said, "OH, SHUT UP. YOU ARE BAILEY! Why are you wasting your time sobbing right now?" Because clearly she could totally hear me.

4) I miss George.

5) I cringed when Alex said Izzie's name. I don't miss Izzie.

6) I think you might enjoy this interview with Shonda Rhimes, re: the finale. http://is.gd/cnQB5 Apparently, sending only five SWAT members is standard protocol when dealing with armed madmen who feel like shooting every surgeon (and random nurse) they see. Which, really? Sucks to be you, Ginormous Hospital Filled With Lots Of Rooms To Search.

A Vapid Blonde

I totally need to come back here and read the bullets more carefully, just as soon as I find out where you got that video of one of my stalkers who when he thinks about me...shoots his load in 8 seconds.


you are made of glitter and awesome.
I want to have sex with this recap.
it will be sex with lots of laughing, but don;t take that the wrong way, recap. it's good laughter.
REALLLY hated Reed and monobrow dude, So glad they both kicked it.
Although, why could Bailey not have taken the stairs down to get help to come up, or get the elevators turned the fuck on?
I live in a high rise though and next time the elevator's not working, I'm gonna fucking LOSE MY SHIT and hope i get an emmy.


Holy crap - this recap could not be more perfect. I can't choose my favorite thinking 11 or 30 Though I'd totally join "Leave Alex Karev alone!" shit sandwich group. Also / I'm pretty sure I just want to go with what momtrolfreak said.


Lmao this was aweson to read!
But if they give Chandra Wilson an Emmy I'll call the crazy gunman so he comes and shoots me! She really knows how OVERACT, and she has been almost missing all season. Everyone else was great though.
But Callie and Arizona's talking this episode was just plain ridiculous, really terrible writting... "she has such a great smile, she makes the los smile". Cheesy!


Totally with you on Item 21. WTHell, snipers? Apparently the writers weren't ready for madman on the loose time to be over, but I propose that the better way to save Lexi but have the spree go on for a little bit would have been if she shoved that cart full of blood at him and ran. I don't care how mad you are, if you are covered in a cart full of other people's blood it's going to distract you just long enough to let someone escape.


LOVED this recap! Also peed my pants a little.

#21...seriously. "Ok, guys, we got him in the shoulder. Guess he'll probably be done now, right? Let's all go home." Also, thought maybe SWAT team would have had better aim.

Though Callie is not my favorite, I was thoroughly disgusted at her lack of badass-ness when Gary Clark held out his OPEN PALM WITH THE GUN ON IT, and she handed him some bandages. I know, I know...the children. Gotta keep it safe for the children...but still.

Most tense moments of my LIFE when Yang was in the elevator with Gary Clark. I believe my exact words (while staring wide-eyed at the screen in disbelief and feeling my pulse start to race) were, "Oh. no. you. will. NOT! I will take you OUT shooter-man!"


wow. I just discovered this blog and reading it has totally altered my world view. I didn't think any straight guys watched Grey's Anatomy. Now I know that they do and some of them have feelings about it(!?&?) and nothing makes sense anymore. *sigh* Anyhoo- I read several of the recaps, so this less a response to the finale and more a general pondering. Is it bad for Grey's Anatomy that I don't hate the character Owen, but rather that I hate the writers making him act like a jerk? It feels like they took the character and made him do things the character would never do and I don't believe that the character I love would do these terrible jerk ass things. It was like the writers had a gun to Owen's head forcing him to operate like a jerk, and unlike Yang, he had to do what the gun wielders said because that's what fictional characters being played by actors do when they get paid money. Poor Kevin McKidd. Is Owen really an ass or is he just being forced to act like an ass by some insurmountable outside force? . . . and I just summed up the debate all women carry on in their heads about the men in their lives. And yet I'm writing it about a fictional character. and now I'm sad. *sigh* Anyhoo- love your recaps! See you next season.

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