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Grey's Anatomy Could've Been Saying That A Fat Guy Eating Himself Is A Good Metaphor For Consumer Madness

Miranda-bailey There was a bunch of drama on Grey's Anatomy Thursday night but the best part was this huge fat guy. I don't even know why. I can't really explain. It was just - he was so fat. It was awesome. I know we're supposed to be sensitive about freaks. But still. Freaks are pretty awesome.

The theme was skin. Or something. Meredith started the show yammering about skin being the biggest organ, it protects us, holds us together, tells us how we're feeling, etc. Then Bailey was giving a sensitivity training. It was like patients have thin skin or something so you should be nice to them. I didn't really get it. I was falling asleep.

UNTIL I SAW THAT FAT GUY! But more about him later. Let's cover a couple other subplots first.

Callie lucked into a super hot black lesbian patient who was super flirty and hot. I already said hot. But boy was she. Anyway, Callie flirted back a little but she was just goofing because Callie's heart belongs to Arizona. Or does it? Before the super hot black lesbian was discharged, she wrote her number on Callie's hand. When Callie went home, she showed Arizona the number and told her not to worry, that she didn't want to call her BUT... she couldn't help wondering if the super hot black lesbian wanted a baby. Even though it was tender and sweet - they kissed and cried and declared their love - Arizona essentially said "Enough of this baby bullshit. I'm getting my things and moving out." They broke up. Good for Arizona. Callie's clearly insane. Like, I can see her in the finale breaking into the maternity ward and STEALING a baby. She's THAT crazy. God, shut up about the flipping baby already. 

Then there was this lady who had a heart attack and her poor daughter had to hang with Yang, the last person you'd want your daughter with when you died. Or is she? As it turned out, Yang's Dad was killed in a car accident when she was little and she formed a sensitive connection with the little girl, assuring her that her Mom's death was not her fault. Then Yang fell to pieces in Owen's arms, crying, missing her Dad. This enraged me because Owen's so torn between Yang & Teddy and it's clear that Yang's a delicate flower who deserves so much better than that redheaded PTSD nutcase. FUCK YOU OWEN!

Derek's a crappy Chief. I'm not even going into it his ridiculous subplot. But what he needs to do is man up, say "I suck at being Chief", and give Old Chief his job back. FUCK YOU DEREK! If I were writing this show, Derek and Owen would get killed in the finale by some monkey virus unleashed on the hospital by Libyan terrorists. Do we still hate Libya? (Call me, Shonda.)

Anyway, show stealer. This guy:

Fat-guy First & foremost, it was just the spectacle of the guy. He was massive. 678 pounds. The kind of thing that makes you call your Mom and say "Did you see that fat guy on Grey's Anatomy?" and she says "Yeah." and you say "Yeah. Man!"

Remember Ripley's Believe It Or Not? Yeah, like that. You just go "Holy shit that dude is fat!" It was totally worth enduring Owen & Derek just to see this fat guy. I don't know why. Who can fathom the twists & kinks of human curiosity? Not me. I'm just its hapless victim.

Anyway, he needed surgery because he had a bad infection buried in one of his fat folds. The fat was necrotic and the infection was actually EATING THROUGH HIS SKIN! Grey's Anatomy dropped the ball here by dwelling on the tired old theme about being sensitive to the feelings of fat people. I mean. The dude, after eating everything in sight, STARTED EATING HIMSELF! This is a perfect metaphor for the logical end of our insatiable consumption of the earth's resources. For after we devour the earth, what will be left to stuff our faces with?

Nodding my head solemnly.

But no. Grey's Anatomy's lesson was all "Be nice to fat people. It's a disease." Whatever, Grey's Anatomy. If you're 678 pounds, the only disease you have is a treadmill allergy. If you're 678 pounds, people are going to stare at you no matter how many credit hours they have in sensitivity. If you're 678 pounds, you're a metaphor for the ceaseless consumption that's destroying the planet.

But good news. They saved him. He needs a lifestyle change, though. So do we.

. . . . .
B HOCKEY J is outside, running around in the yard with his kids.

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Fawn Amber

Sandra Oh had me sobbing, and I'm not usually a fan (sorry, I know you love her).


Yeah. Sandra Oh is so good at falling apart and making me want to pick up her pieces and glue her together on a beach where we make out while the sun sets.


I have a side cramp, not because I'm fat, because I'm 5'10" and weigh a hefty buck thirty-five, but because this recap was so damn hilarious I cannot. stop. laughing.

I knew I subscribed to MamaPop for a reason. You, sir, are the reason.


I love Yang. And I love Owen. (Sorry, Kevin McKidd is so hot.) But I don't love them together.

Unrelated, I'm getting so used to seeing Lexie as a blonde that I've forgotten that she wasn't always blonde. First time we saw her last episode, I thought, "Huh, she's gone back to being blonde, I guess." Totally forgetting that she's actually a brunette. I guess that means it's working for her.


Dude. I never fucking watch that show or any show that stresses me out for that matter but I happened to be laying on the couch with my wife and she was watching it. Holy shit! I turned my head like a little bitch when that dude took a dive. I will avoid this show like the plague from here on out. It's horrifying. I still haven't been able to watch a hospital drama since St. Elsewhere. Blah!


Derek may be annoying and a crappy chief but he is nice to look at.....*sigh*


I don't want to sound any alarms, but I have a feeling Derek's going to crumble under the stress while the real Chief will return to his position and once again awe us with his wisdom and logic. Then Derek's going to sleep with that intern who has a crush on him. *fingers crossed*


I've always felt a connection with Yang because of the whole 'dead dad' thing. She completely SHATTERED me in the episode where Georges (Oh, George, will I ever get over your death?) dad died and she went to him and said "Welcome to the deads dad club. You can't be in it until you are in it. I am sorry you had to join" and I was all OMFG SOBSOBSOB. And falling apart into hysteric sobs and saying "I miss my dad" is something I do so often that for a moment I thought me and Yang were the same person. If Owen screws her over I will cut him. I will cut him with a ceiling fan and make all his worst nightmares come true.

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