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Hey, Remember That Kid From That Movie-Story That Never Ended? [Where Are They Now?]

Atreyu-Noah-Hathaway-Gmork-The-Neverending-Story I read your comments and the overwhelming nomination from last week for my Where Are They Now series was Atreyu from the Neverending Story. That's Die unendliche Geschichte for our German readers.  I live to give, folks.  I live to give.  Except there are limits, and that's all the German I know.  Except schweinerhünd.  But that's another story.

So, where's Atreyu now?

A little background, though, for those who aren't familiar or have long forgotten the book/movie The Atreyu-and-Artax-The-Neverending-Story Neverending Story.  Okay, so, basically this kid was getting his arse kicked on his way to school and runs into a bookstore to hide.  The bookseller is, of course, a grumpy old man.  And why would we expect otherwise?  They're all grumpy, all the time.  Thanks, Dickens.  Anyway, back to the synopsis.  So the kid goes into the bookstore and asks about a book he sees and the Grumpy Old Bookseller (if this were Dickens, his name would be something like Earl Starkweather Fuckingham III) warns him "it's not safe."  Oh, for the love of Crispin Glover.  Dude is like 80.  How does he NOT understand the fact that you tell that to a kid and you're basically sending him an intricately folded note that reads, "DO IT DO IT NOW DO IT!"

The fuck?

Anyway.  The book describes the fantasy world of Fantasia which is being threatened by a force called "The Nothing," a void of darkness that consumes everything. The creatures of Fantasia have gathered to plead for help from the Childlike Empress of Fantasia, but her attendant (Moses Gunn) reveals to the assembled crowd that she has fallen deathly ill due to the Nothing. She has summoned a warrior from the Plains People, Atreyu (Noah Hathaway), to help put an end to the Nothing. Atreyu is revealed to be a boy about Bastian's age. He is given a magical medallion called the Auryn to use as a guide. As Atreyu sets off on his quest, the Nothing summons Gmork (voiced by Alan Oppenheimer), a vicious wolf-like creature, to kill Atreyu.

And you know what?  That's as far as I'm going in the synopsis.  This shit is intricate.  The names alone sound Thenev not dissimilar to the noises one would make whilst being beat about the face and/or kicked in the belly. 

Atreyu, as noted above, is played by a young fellow named Noah Hathaway.  FINALLY, we get to the heart of the matter: Where is he now?

Noah had a decent career before he played Atreyu, especially for such a young buck.  His roles included appearances in Mork & Mindy, Eight is Enough, Laverne & Shirley and, my personal favorite, ChiPS.  And then, at the mere age of twelve,  The Neverending Story endeared him to children everywhere.  Sadly for us fans, however, his career didn't explode as it might have if he wouldn't have left acting in the mid-1980s to pursue dance instruction, teaching advanced jazz and street dance until an injury forced him to quit in 1989 at eighteen.  He reappeared for roles in Troll and a mystery film, Casebusters, both of which were released in 1986. His last major film project was To Die, To Sleep, also titled Mortal Danger, released in 1994.  He moved to Far Rockaway, New York and returned to the west coast in 1998.

Noah-Hathaway-Present-Now-Atreyu Hathaway said in 2005 he was taking acting classes again, so hopefully we'll see him in some good roles in the upcoming years.  He is set to play "Ruggero Margheriti" in the the upcoming Italian Cannibal Film set in the 70's film, Mondo Holocausto!, which is reportedly in pre-production. 

Annnnyway, during his time away from acting and dancing, he spent some of his time at the Willow Springs Raceway in Rosamond, California, competing in supersport motorcycle racing and he tended bar at several Los Angeles clubs. He began his training in martial arts and pursued it seriously his entire life (he had already earned his brown belt by the time of The Neverending Story). Hathaway would later earn black belts in Tang Soo Do and Shotokan Karate, and for a time, he actually competed as a Muay Thai boxer. He learned American Kenpo and worked as an assistant instructor on a close-quarter combat training course for flight attendants and airline pilots. A fan of designing and riding "chopper" motorcycles, he was also continuing efforts to establish his own motorcycle-customization shop in Southern California.

Hey!  As anyone not in a coma knows, there may very well be an opening on the chopper reality show front as Jesse James takes time off to continue being an infected boil on the ass of a mean pig.  (If this happens, I get 100% credit for the idea and millions in royalties.  I WILL SUE IF I HAVE TO.)

Noah-Hathaway-The-Neverending-Story-Atreyu Noah has a wife, Sameerah, and two stepchildren.  I haven't found absolute confirmation on this, but it is  known that he is married and likely has at least one (step)child, as it was reported that he and his wife have a tattooed wedding ring, which he later lamented that the tattoo hurt so much he would never do it again, knowing the pain it caused.

If this were a Ted Hughes poem, I think we know that this would portent something miserable.  But it's not a Ted Hughes poem!  I kind of hate Ted Hughes anyway. Team Sylvia! 

Recent photos show him looking quite happy, so that's awesome.

Noah-Hathaway-Facebook-AtreyuOddly, given his reported statement about the tattooed wedding ring, as of July 2009 he is CEO of, owns and works at Wild Child Tattoo (phone number disconnected and website has been taken down) with his wife and appears from photos to have quite a few of tattoos.  So, hey!  You can be tattooed by Noah Hathaway if you so desire!  Now that would make a nice story, although probably not a neverending story (PUN).  If you do, let us know here at MamaPop so I can take credit for this, a dream achieved for an Atreyu fan, and brag about it when I'm drunk off my face.

 Actually, that might prove a bit difficult as it appears he has moved to Amsterdam; also, it may explain why I can't find information that Wild Child Tattoo exists anymore.  (I called!)

So, Atreyu is Noah Hathaway, a former child actor who appears to have done quite a bit of good in his life, including, but not limited to, being mind-blowingly HOT.  Oh, and the family.  That's fantastic, too.  But seriously: HE IS HOT.

....aaaaaaaaannnnd scene.

Don't forget to nominate for my Where Are They Now series any child actor from television or movies, dead or alive, in the comments.  I read all of them, and will pick from comments on current and past articles in this series.

. . .

Anastacia "Jürgen Nation" Campbell is presently drooling over Mr. Hathaway's pictures and quite deftly capturing complete banality on her blog.  And likes you tremendously.

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Andrea (@shutterbitch)

And what about Bastian?


schweinerhünd = weiner dog?

i only took 6 years of deutsch. i should know this shit, but i don't really.

speaking of weiner dogs...

Welcome to the Dollhouse, anyone?
i know Heather Matarazzo is still around but what about some of the other weirdos from that movie? namely Brendan Sexton, Jr., the kid who played Dawn Weiner's bully/almost rapist/love interest?

what ever happened to him?

Sarah Lena

He still makes my girl parts SUPER happy.

Jen O.

I'd make out with him.


He's the original Jacob. You all know what I'm talking about. I don't know if that's good or bad? But I'm dizzy and said it.


Dammit, now I can't stop flashing back to the scene where Atreyu's horse dies.

...No, I'm not crying about a movie I haven't seen in over 10 years! There's just something in my eye....

Apryl's Antics

I knew he was gonna turn out to be hot.


Earl Starkweather Fuckingham III. That's so fucking awesome. I'm going to address every stranger I met, every Friday from here on out, as Earl Starkweather Fuckingham III.


Cousin Oliver from the Brady Bunch? I want to know what happened to him.

(You made me care about this guy, Stacy. You MADE ME CARE. So good job. ;))


Here is where my ubernerdness rears its ugly head.
Noah Hathaway was in the original Battlestar Galactica series. He played Boxey, the adopted son of Apollo, and had this really goofy robot dog, Daggit, I think. Because those damn Cylons blew up his real dog and his mother. And nothing soothes an orhpaned child's soul like a robot dog.


Whatever happened to that blond girl from that movie ET? You know, the one who played Elliot's little sister? She was so cute! I really thought she was gonna be big, but guess not. I wonder what she is doing these days??

(Yes, I'm totally kidding...)



i had to share.


The tattoo shop his wife worked at and her website dissappeared as quickly as it popped up because Neither of them really owned it, and from what I hear through the LA grapevine they simply couldn't pay their home OR tattoo shop rent/fee and owed several people, including bill collectors $$$ for false promises of success or 'borrowing'.
When no one would give them freebies anymore they got married (so noah could keep his Gov checks when moving to another country, which I was told have been his only real source of income for years), and he and his wife and her kids moved to amsterdam really quick.
Not bashing, but from what I've heard around, they both have unhealthy 'habits'. Bummer. :/ Hey, Amsterdams a great place for debauchery though! ;)

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