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So, What Ever Happened to That Kid in That One Movie? [Where Are They Now?]

The-Shining-Danny-Torrance-Danny-LloydHey, remember that kid that said "Redrum" a lot in 1980's family comedy, The Shining?  What ever happened to him, anyway?

Let's take a look, shall we?

The character Danny Torrance in The Shining was played by Danny Lloyd, then six at the time of filming.  He was reportedly chosen for the role based on his ability to maintain his concentration for extended periods of time.  Obviously they were pleased to find that the youngster could ride the fuck out of a big wheel, too.  That kid was a master on the big wheel.  Stanley Kubrick, who directed the film, closely guarded the tot and was able to film all of Lloyd's scenes without knowing that it was a horror movie.

Which is a good thing, because, seriously?  That movie is gloriously wicked and crazy and I cannot imagine any six year old being able to withstand such horrifying imagery.

So where is he now?

Danny-Lloyd-The-Shining-Then-and-now Despite his performance in the film, little was seen or heard from Lloyd after the movie was released and Lloyd was reportedly not interested in pursuing a career as an actor.  Upon investigation I found very little information on Lloyd's life.  The most recent information on Lloyd is from 2007; Lloyd is said to be a professor of biology at a community college in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.  One of his students said of him, "[Danny Lloyd is] a wonderful instructor, and has a great love of teaching -- although we dare not ask him about his Shining experience. He doesn't like to talk about it." 

I would have a ton of questions for this guy.  He showed such great talent in the movie, but as a lover of science myself, I applaud him for choosing academics over fame and the spoiled life of an actor.

If you've got any suggestions for future "Where Are They Now" stories, leave a comment and let me know.  I shall enjoy digging. 

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Love this idea. Can I nominate "Newt" from Aliens as another potential candidate?


Not shabby looking either.


Thanks, TwoBusy! And yes, please do nominate candidates! Is that a real person/kid? I've never seen Aliens. *ducking* In some circles that admission could get me shot in the face.

JellyBean, not shabby indeed. And a teacher of the hard sciences to boot. MEOW. There's a dirty joke in there somewhere.

Jen O.

I nominate Atreyu from The Neverending Story. I don't know why.

Apryl's Antics

Atreyu. For sure. I bet he's kind of hot now. RAWR.


CRAZY you guys! before reading the comments i was all "well the only person i can really think of that i'd want to know what they look like now was that hot piece Atreyu..."
kid you not...


I remember Atreyu more for being on Battlestar Galactica as Boxy. Yes, what happened to him?


The kid who did the "Truffle Shuffle" from The Goonies????

Or that one kid from "The Lost Boys" - you know the one that ran around with Star???

This is a neat series!


Great idea for a series and I love that this kid got a chance at a normal life.


Can I nominate people from TV or just movies?

My favorite was Allistair (sp?) from that old show You Can't Do That on Television (the original slime show, remember that?). Whatever happened to him?


okay...this is wayyyy late, sorry, but we just watched Fatal Attraction last night--can you believe my fiance had never seen it? Anyway, what happened to the cute, rabbit-loving little girl, Ellen? I thought she did such a good job in every scene, especially the one where she wanders up and cries while they're arguing. Where did she go?

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